Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stamps' Humanitarian History

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As my mother always says, the "philately fairy" must have bent over my cradle and kissed

my forehead when I was a baby

I have always been immersed in the stamp culture

We are specialized in classic stamps from around the world

They include all French stamps and all the worlds rarities including those

from America, England, and the old colonies

They can teach us so much, which is indeed why people are passionate about postal stamps

The importance of stamps comes from their common usage for mailing letters

From the beginnings of human history, the stamp has been witness to it all

It has bared witness to all governmental changes,

all disasters and all wars that it has been around for

It isnt just any scrap of paper stuck on a letter, but also a true witness of history

First of all, there is the historical standpoint

being that since 1840, countries have evolved, as have their stamps

including the way they were published

There is also the geographic angle

Some of these countries no longer even exist but we can still collect their stamps

There is also a cultural aspect

We have now been working with Catawiki for over a year

This has permitted us access to a new

and much more internet centred audience

People are looking for a well described stamp

that has been well appraised and that has certificates

All of our stamps are evaluated by our experts,

in order to supply dealers

with the best possible quality offer for collectors

This expertise really adds value

to our clients purchases

The Description of Stamps' Humanitarian History