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Imagine you can spend 100.000,- Euro on a sportscar

You can think of a second hand Porsche 911, or maybe a Ferrari.

You can also take a look at what the British has to offer

I am now in the V8 Vantage and I am going to show you that this car has way more emotion than a Porsche 911

This sportshift automatic gearbox, with 6 gears, can be driven in automatic mode

But it also has two shifting paddles behind the steering wheel. The gear changes are a bit more aggressive

But I really like it! I am now in first gear, 2500 rpm.. Paddle to the metal!

Shifting at 6500 rpm, towards 7000 rpm

150km/h... In 4th gear, 7000 rpm

And I have to break again. The breaks are not the best..

You have to push it very hard.. But you can also slow down by shifting down

I goes like a rocket, and that sound.. lovely!

A few weeks I have driven the Fisker Karma; a sportscar, electrish, pretty fast.. But it doesn't produce any sound

And now am I driving this car, with a amazingly good sound.. I am now in 3th gear, shifting back to 2nd..

You can hear the exhaust pop.. The car invites you to drive fast all the time

It is so enjoyable to hear that V8 engine I only want to shift manual!

Ofcourse it isn't it a pure hardcore car. It is also very good for daily use

A cold or a hot engine is a real difference with this car. When it is cold, it is a bit shocking

But when it is getting hot, the gear changes are smoother

The sportshift automatic is not a full automatic gearbox It is a semi-automatic

And you notice that; when you are driving slow, you feel the car shock

And again; when the engine is getting hot, everything is much smoother

But I really enjoy the aggressive side of this car, if everything is too smooth it is not fun to drive

But this isn't the best sportscar ever build. The car has his weight in the front, thanks to the engine. And you will notice that when you are taking some turns

But I don't think this is a track car

But it is a fantastic car, for an enjoyable cruise, and which is also pretty fast

I often hear people say that the V8 Vantage is under-powered. But 420hp...

Aren't we a bit spoiled if we think that 420hp isn't enough?

It is much more fun than a 911. The 8 cilinder engine, the sound, that's the car. I am in love!

Did you notice that the doors open in a certain angle?

Because the car is low to the ground, the doors open in an angel

Now you will never hit a curb

When we take a look at the interiour, you will see leather and alcantara. And the blue and beige colors are a good combination

The design and the finishing are perfect

This car is extremely good looking. This two-door coupe is much prettier than the Roadster

I you want a brand new V8 Vantage, you have to bring 176.000,- Euro (in the Netherlands!)

But this one; only 4 years old, driven 24.000km...

83.945,- Euro! That interesting! The most depreciation is already been done

And now it won't anymore, and I think because it is such a pretty car!

Carwash employee: Wow this is a really nice car.. Just sold or is it new?

Pieter: it's new, we have to sell it now..

Carwash employee: and what is the price? Pieter: 84.000,- EUro

Pieter: for that amount of money we can visit the carwash very often! Carwash employee: yes, you can

Pieter: do you have a nice joke for us? Carwash employee: yes ofcourse!

Two gay men are in bed, the one says to the other: ''I have to fart''. The other says: ''If you wait a second, I can inhale it''

Carwash employee: Okayy... Did you bring you carwash card? Pieter: No...

I go for the ''Basis Wash'', good enough for this Aston Martin. 2,-, 4,-, 6,-, 8,- Euro, keep the change!

Jorrik: Let's roar that engine..

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