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Three. Two. One!


NARRATOR: What more could a teen celebrity ask for,

than to be given the run of Disney land for her own private birthday party?

I'm happy, my parents shut down Disney Land for me, so I'm done for a while.

NARRATOR: Although there were still two months to go before Miley Cyrus turned 16,

Disney wanted to reward its biggest star with a birthday bash in October 2008,

that would beat the annual holiday crush

and fit in with Miley's hectic schedule.

As well as as sharing the special occasion with 500 fans

who paid 250 dollars each,

for Hannah Montana's star, got a rare day off to hang out with her family,

as well as good friends like Emily Osment.

I think Miley does an awesome job, I think she, because of who she is,

a lot of people tend to gang up on her and it's really not fair but I think she,

if you ever get to know her, she's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, so,

I mean, uh, she totally deserves this party, she works so hard.

NARRATOR: Surrounded by celebrities like Tyra Banks,

Steve Carell and Cindy Crawford,

it was a great moment for Miley to take time out,

and look back over the two short years that transformed her

from an ordinary school girl

to the world's number one teen queen.

CROWD: Miley, Miley.

NARRATOR: Miley Cyrus shot to stardom in March 2006

in the title role of Hannah Montana on the Disney channel.


The unexpected success of this series along with soundtrack albums,

and the accompanying concerts,

transformed Miley into an overnight teen pop sensation.

Surrounded by a close-knit family and brought up on wholesome Christian values

her career has been steered by a father who has plenty of first hand experience

of the highs and lows of show business.

He always said that Hollywood's a heartbreak ready to happen, so,

and I think that's totally true. So, I think you'd be really de-stressing yourself out

with people that will keep you aware of that, is awesome.

We all make mistakes, but life is about living from your heart,

being real, doing what you love. You know, when you make a mistake, you...

adjust and pick yourself up and it's, you know, it's never too late

to do the right thing.

NARRATOR: With a loving family and a good mentor by her side,

Miley seems well placed to survive the giddiness of the media circus,

and the traps of Tinseltown.

But is she capable of staying on the straight and narrow,

as her star continues to rise?

Or, will she succumb to the pitfalls of so many teen queens before her?


NARRATOR: Miley was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1992,

to Billy Ray Cyrus and "The Tisha" Tish Fin Lee.

She grew up on a 500 acre farm, along with her siblings,

half sister Brandy, half brother Trace,

younger brother Brayson, and younger sister Noah.

I'm so excited to be here, but I've never seen an episode.

NARRATOR: She was originally named, Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Because her parents had a premonition that she would achieve great things.

Hey sunny temperament earned her the nickname, Smiley Miley,

and the name stuck.

Having already fulfilled her parent's prophecy, she officially changed her name

to Miley in Januray 2008.

As a child, Miley seemed all set to embark on a career in music.

She learned to sing, play the guitar, and write songs,

all by the time she was 11.

It's not an easy process, I mean,

for me, some people would think it's hard, I mean it just

depends how you do it.

NARRATOR: Living so close to Nashville, The Mecca of Country music,

she found herself surrounded by a roll call of the industry's living legends.

The list included her father, Billy Ray, who became a One Hit Wonder

with the release of the number one selling single, Achey Breaky Heart.

His albums, Some gave all, went platinum, by selling over 20 million copies worldwide.

The single, Achey Breaky Heart, spawned a 1990's craze in line dancing,

and the resurgence of the mullet hairstyle.

Miley's godmother is Dolly Parton,

the voluptuous and flamboyant queen of Country

with a bubbly soprano voice.

Beneath Dolly's cleverly crafted blond Bimbo image,

lies an astute business woman and an acclaimed songwriter

who's published more than 600 songs over her 40-year career.

One of her most famous hits, was the number one single, I will always love you,

made famous by Whitney Houston.

Dolly has also made a name for herself as an actress,

starring in films like Steel Magnolias and Nine to Five,

for which she wrote and performed the theme song.

Despite her Nashville connections,

Miley wasn't interested in pursuing a career in Country music.

She caught the acting bug at the age of nine

when the family moved briefly to Toronto in Canada.

She got some early experience as a guest star on her dad's TV Series, Doc,

and in the Tim Burton film, Big Fish.

Although her dad tried to encourage her

to stick at her school work and cheer-leading

and turn out to be a normal kid,

she was determined to persevere with the acting.

And by the time she was 13, Miley had scored the lead in the Disney TV series,

Hannah Montana, about the double life of a young country music star.

Miley Stewart is just a normal girl who wants to keep her life, you know,

on the down low and doesn't want, you know,

her life to be different than any other normal teenager, so she...

decides to get a disguise and be Hannah Montana,

uh, by night and do concerts and the shows and things like that,

and then, by day, just be a normal girl and go to school

and chill with her family and friends.

NARRATOR: Within months of the show going to air in March 2006,

she'd already become as famous as Billy Ray.

Following in the footsteps of Disney's hit show, Lizzy McGuire,

which catapulted Hillary Duff into the spotlight,

Hannah Montana became Disney's fastest growing series ever.

It premiered with 5.5 million viewers.

And became the most popular series on basic cable for its age group

within its first seven weeks on air.

Six 14 year olds just couldn't get enough of Miley Cyrus.

I like her singing, and she's really pretty and a really good actress.

Well, I love the program because it's got a great sense of humor,

and the characters are all really good, and I feel like I can relate to the story lines.

I love Hannah and Miley because they're fantastic singers and have great personalities.

NARRATOR: Although she'd made it look easy,

landing the part of Hannah Montana had proved

to be a great lesson in persistence for Miley.

She was only 12 when she turned up for her first audition for a supporting role.

The Disney studio executives were so impressed with her confidence,

her musical ability, and her unusual husky singing voice

that they asked her to audition for the lead.

They believed that Miley had the everyday relatability

of Disney teen idol, Hillary Duff,

and the stage presence of Canadian Country pop super star, Shania Twain.


Big praise indeed, if you consider that Shania Twain's album

Come On Over was not only the biggest selling record of all time

by a female musician, it was also the best selling album

in the history of Country music.

The Hannah Montana producers were also impressed with Miley's Natural comic timing

which reminded them of a young Lucille Ball,

from a classic TV comedy, I love Lucy.

They also got the impression that Miley having grown up with a father in show business,

really understood the world of the lead character, Miley Stewart,

who leads a double life as a pop star.

However, Miley, a self-confessed bean pole at the age of 12,

was considered too small and too young to carry the leading role in the series.

Disney also had their doubts about her Southern draw.

It would take nearly two years and a number of call backs

from Miley to finally clinch the role from a thousand other hopefuls.

In the end, Disney decided to let Miley keep her accent for the part.

I lover her show, it's so, like, inspiring and everything, and she's like

close our age, sort of, so then, I love her songs and everything.

Starring alongside Miley in the hit show

and playing her father, Robbie and Hannah's Manager,

is her dad, Billy Ray.

In fact, he was invited to audition for the part before the lead role

of Hannah Montana was cast.

But he only agreed to do so after his daughter got the part.

After Hannah Montana aired,

Billy Ray lost his status as the big star in the family,

these days, it's his little girl who gets asked for autographs,

while he's known simply as Miley's dad.

Another of Miley's co-stars, is rising teen sensation, Emily Osment.

Emily plays Lily in the series, and she and Miley have become

good friends through the show.

They amuse themselves by text messaging each other

as they wait around between takes.

In a case of life echoing art,

Miley has become a real life Hannah Montana,

playing to packed houses at her concerts,

hosting glamorous award ceremonies surrounded by celebrities,

accepting awards herself,

and starring in her own movie.

Miley agrees that her life these days is a lot like Hannah's.

Well, I think I'm a lot like both because being Hannah when I'm on stage

I kind of see a totally different person come out, and then when I'm in...

normal life, it's just me hanging out with my family and friends, so I think

my life is very much like the Hannah Montana storyline.

NARRATOR: Having two personas to choose from, can be useful.

I'm like, am I gonna be Hannah today or Miley today?

'Cause I really don't want to put the wig on.

You know it's like, I'm not really in the mood today, but some days, I'm like,

I don't wanna get up and don't wanna wash my hair, so I'm like,

I wanna be Hannah, it's so much easier.

I love Hannah Montana, ever since I saw her on the show,

I wanted to just get off and sing.

And, um, yeah.

It's really exciting for me when I get to meet fans,

especially in other places because I can ask them what they like about the show,

what they wanna see, and all the different people want

different things with the characters

and so, I like putting that into certain episodes, so that they can keep,

you know, being into it, by seeing what they, they've been wanting to see.

NARRATOR: Just as Hillary Duff used her fame from the Lizzy Macguire franchise

to launch her music career, Miley has used

her Hannah Montana fame to kick start her pop persona.

The weekly episodes of Hannah Montana showcase Miley's singing abilities,

but more importantly, the show's soundtrack albums

offered Miley the chance to develop her skills in songwriting and recording.

The first album, simply titled "Hannah Montana",

features Miley singing eight tracks as her television character,

including the theme song to the series, Best of Both Worlds.

Miley also sings a duet as herself with her father on the record.

The album debuted at number one on the US billboard 200.

And it was the eighth biggest selling album for 2006.

Not bad for a 13 year old.

Miley subsequently signed a four album deal with Hollywood Records.


Miley kicked off her solo career in June 2007,

with the release of Meet Miley Cyrus.

A bonus album released with a second Hannah Montana soundtrack.

It's a cool change because it's kind of like a Meet Miley record, you kind of

get to know who I am, and hear my thoughts, things like that, I think that's really cool.

Getting to see the different things, and getting to see, you know, Hannah,

and getting to know what she's all about and getting to meet the person

underneath the wig and the make up and everything.

Following in godmother, Dolly's footsteps,

Miley co-wrote eight of the ten songs on the album.

It's not an easy process, I mean, for me,

I thought, some people would think it's hard

I mean, it just depends the way you do it.

Um, I mean, I'll make sometimes the melody on my guitar

and put lyrics to it, have an idea and have lyrics, and try to work it out, I mean

it just all kind of depends, I think, to have inspiration is the most important part of it.


NARRATOR: The album didn't take long to go triple platinum.

And the song, See You Again, was her first single to enter the top ten

on the Billboard top one hundred.

Her Hannah Montana co-star, Jason Earles, became an instant fan.

She's cool, like if there's, I don't know, there must be some formula to it because

the songs get stuck in your head and you just can't get them out, you know?

There's something very addictive about that stuff.


NARRATOR: Overnight, it seemed young girls everywhere

had found a new idol in Miley Cyrus.

Uh, she likes singing and she's really good,

um, loves making her friends have lots of fun.

And she's just the person that you'd really really would like to meet.

She caused a sensation when she turned up at an HMV store in London in March 2007,

to sign copies of her DVD, Hannah Montana , behind the spotlight.

She was greeted on Oxford street by hundreds of young fans hoping to meet her.

But, I just love her, and, she's the best girl in town and,

not town, just, in the world.

ALL: ♪ You get the best Of both worlds

Chillin' out, take it slow Then you rock out the show

You get the best Of both worlds

Mix it all together and you Know that It's the best of Both worlds


Never one to play the shrinking violet, Miley lapped up all the adulation.

I do, I definitely have a lot of screaming fans,

They're giving me the opportunity to get my own stinkin' premiere.

It's like, I love them.

[LAUGHS] Bow down.

While she was over in the UK, Miley did a showcase concert

performing songs from her Hannah Montana album.

She also took a private tour in an open top bus

meeting fans along the way.

Back in the US, Miley's popularity soared to even greater heights

as she recorded another series of Hannah Montana.

And her Best of Both Worlds concert shows sold out in record time.

Originally scheduled for 54 dates across the US and Canada,

the tour was extended to take in 69 cities.

It was standing room only to see Miley strut her stuff, both as herself

and in character as Hannah Montana.

The tour show was directed by Kenny Ortega who directed

the hugely successful films, High School Musical 1, 2 and 3.

Kenny originally became famous as a choreographer on the film, Dirty Dancing,

and on the music video, Material Girl , for Madonna,

as well as the Michael Jackson Dangerous World tour, and the History World tour.

Having worked with Miley Cyrus, Kenny describes her as a born performer.

And likens her to one particular famous movie star of old.

Miley, you know, it's like the old expression "Born In a Trunk".

You know, the daughter of Billy Ray, her mom, Tish, it's just so wonderful.

Great parenting, but she reminds me of what it might have been like to know

Julie Garland at 13, 14 years old.

She just has the magic.

You know, she's one in a million, she's a remarkably gifted, grounded, super person.


A Hannah Montana CD concert film was released following the tour.

Predictably it boomed at the box office on its opening release

taking 31 million dollars in its first weekend,

and Miley was its biggest fan.

This is like better than front row, you get to reach out,

yo can feel like you can touch my hand, you can see me right there,

um, and right there, right in front of me, we're just so far and also, um,

just to get to see behind the scenes, which I think

was the most clever part of anything.

I mean, just getting to see

what all goes into this 'cause they can walk around you know, knowing

what real hard work it is, not only, I mean I think I have the easiest job.

NARRATOR: The film gave Miley a unique opportunity to sit in the audience for a change.

I think it's getting to, um,

getting up in there and really see what the hardwork was all for,

in the six months in my life has driven toward, so that's,

that's the most exciting thing, I think, it's to see what I finally worked for.

I think it's the first time I'll be able to, probably the only time, I'll be able to see myself

really right there. I feel like I'm at my own show.

NARRATOR: But straight after the screening, the busy young star was on the road again.

I am leaving the venue right now to go to my bus and I'm driving

like a...crazy long hours to get to...

I'm pretty sure, Salt Lake city which, my sister's meeting me there.

NARRATOR: In March 2008, an excited Miley was both guest

and performer at the Nickelodeon kids choice awards in LA.

Surrounded by her peers and her fans, she was in her element.

Oh I think it's just so fun because, not only it's a lot like

on Hannah Montana, we're all like a big family, so coming here, it's like

just joining in, I love that, I think it's so cool.

Looking glamorous from a more orange than red carpet,

Miley wasn't taking any chances with her designer frock.

I did it, I'm not getting inside, I know I'm not, I promise you I won't be.

But, my dress is Stella McCartney and, um, I just basically picked

the sparkliest thing on the rack as usual.

NARRATOR: After performing at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards,

she flew back to Tennessee in April

to begin shooting Hannah Montana , the movie.

In the film, Hannah feels overwhelmed by her popularity,

and returns to her home town to reflect on her life.

Once again, there we plenty of parallels with her own life.

Desperately in need of a break from the roller coaster ride of stardom,

Miley was relieved to escape her lair for a few months to complete filming.

She got to ride horses, go to a carnival, and attend regular school.

Or, be it in front of the movie cameras.

She also got to catch up with her godmother, Dolly,

who plays her aunt in the film and who performs in the concert sequence.

Reports appeared suggesting that Miley may have taken over from Britney Spears

as the new teen queen in the eyes of the paparazzi.

I don't know, I get followed around a lot, but I try to, you know,

keep my space and live my life, you gotta do that.

NARRATOR: In fact, her meteoric rise to stardom had many showbiz reporters

expressing fears

that she might go the way of Britney Spears who went from bonafide pop phenomenon

to tabloid joke,

after throwing her name away with racy magazine shots,

even racier videos,

and a string of drug and alcohol-related incidents.

Then there was the example of fellow Disney child star, Lindsay Lohan,

who hit the LA party scene and ended up facing arrest charges

for drug possession and driving under the influence of alcohol.

She admitted to a drug and alcohol dependency in 2007,

and has been in and out of rehabilitation facilities.

However, Miley tries to distance herself from these fallen teen queens

and is confident that she can avoid the same fate.

That doesn't have nothing to do with me either, so, you just have your own heart

and your own soul to kind of help you through life.

NARRATOR: Thankfully, for Miley, she also has her dad to help her through.

To borrow a line from Miley's song, nobody's perfect, you know. Uh,

I don't point a finger at anyone and neither does Miley.

Nobody's perfect in this world.

NARRATOR: And according to Miley's fans,

their idol isn't about to go off the rails.

She's not gonna turn into one of those bad people like Britney Spears and everybody,

and she's like a really good role model and stuff, she's really nice.

NARRATOR: Taking her role model responsibility to her millions of young fans seriously,

Miley believes she has the right attitude to withstand

the pressures of life in the public eye.

My number one thing that would be on my mind is

you came to a positive life with a negative mind.

At the same time, the girl still wants to have fun.

Not only with that, and not only with the show, but I mean with every amusement,

and everything you begin to see, you can really see all that I am and...

and all that I wanna be, so I think that's what, I mean just

not being too, um, not being too conservative where it's like,

you know, "She doesn't have any spice", "She doesn't have an fun within her",

but I think, so,

you know, you can be cool, and you can be crazy, and fun and loud,

and do what you wanna do but also you just gotta do it

where you're still being responsible.

NARRATOR: However, Miley is all too painfully aware that no matter how carefully

she conducts herself, the tabloids will never miss an opportunity to dish the dirt,

even if none of it is true.

For a while there at least, she managed to keep her image squeaky clean.

But it didn't take the gossip columnist long to get stuck in

by claiming she had numerous boyfriends.

I just like, one thing like that comes out, there's so many different things like,

in all the teen magazines, it's like Miley has 15 boyfriends,

you know what I mean, it's like all these different people, so,

it's just really random, but, I'm single.

And, um, there's just a lot of crazy things that...

come around but I think it's all kind of, it's fun to read.

NARRATOR: Then the rumors began circulating on the Internet,

a fake article on an online teen magazine speculated that Miley was pregnant

and the story spread like wildfire.

Miley's representatives came out quickly with a denial.

And Miley was confronted about the rumors at her next red carpet appearance.

I think they're trying to put me in the category that I don't belong in,

'cause I'm in the good girl category and I wanna stay there.

Miley is determined to style herself on wholesome teen idols,

such as Hillary Duff and Beyonce.

The sober church going totally focused showbiz machines

who managed to steer clear of tabloid muck raking.

Beyonce is here, my mom is always telling me "What would Beyonce do?", so,

I'm excited to meet her tonight.

But despite all of her attempts of maintaining that good girl image,

she managed to put many parents of her young fans offside in 2008,

when photos of her in Vanity Fair magazine taken by Annie Leibovitz,

appeared to show the young star topless.

The Vanity Fair photos of Miley Cyrus

showed her with her bare back exposed.

Even though her front was covered with a bed sheet,

it was all too much for many conservative parents.

They were appalled by her apparent nakedness.

Miley's parents tried to diffuse the situation

by confirming that they had supervised the shoot.

Annie Leibovitz defended the photos as did many of her fellow celebrities.

If the question is, you know, but she's 15 years old, should she have done that?

It's like most 15 year olds don't have their own show, or, aren't like rock stars,

I mean, you can't compare it. And really, if she's gonna do that,

she did it with the most amazing woman, with Annie Leibovitz,

I mean, I kind of think it's all good.

But not all of her peers were so effusive.

I think you have to live with what you do,

you have to stand up for it, or not, you know, I think it's always hard

for an outsider to say that's right or that's wrong.

I think you have to look in the mirror and you have to like

what you've done.

NARRATOR: Reporters went as far as to claim the photos amounted to well calculated titillation.

Although Miley originally thought the photos were cool and artsy,

she was forced to do a back flip

when the negative publicity began to threaten

the Walt Disney company's billion dollar

Hannah Montana franchise.

Miley quickly issued an apology,

saying that she felt embarrassed for what had happened,

and that she was truly sorry for having disappointed her fans

who she cares so deeply about.

Journalists were quick to hit on former wholesome teen queen, Hillary Duff, for comment.

Perhaps they were hoping that she would tow the Disney line

and condemn Miley's actions.

I kind of just heard about it, uh,

this, um, I guess when I was at Regis and Kelly, but, yeah,

I don't really know how I feel about it, she, um,

I'll feel bad if she regrets it, that's never a good feeling to have, you know.

NARRATOR: When Miley appeared at the Disney games in Florida

after having being besieged by the press,

she was not quite her usual exuberant self.

I really wanted to be here to compete but, um, I've been in Nashville,

Tennessee, which is my hometown,

filming my movie Hannah Montana, so, I haven't been able to compete, but, um,

first, I wanna say, we're all winners here because we helped support

four great charities this week.

NARRATOR: It was rumor that Miley used her filming schedule as an excuse

not to take part in the games because she felt under too much pressure from the press.

Given that Miley is such a huge star for Disney and a fan of the annual games in Florida,

her absence from the event appeared to speak volumes.

Whatever the truth, it was clear that Miley was grateful for the ongoing support

and prayers from her fans.

I think she was getting put under too much pressure,

it was just something she did and she regrets and admitted she regrets it, so,

I think they should all drop it.

While the paparazzi set about haranguing Miley,

her fans stayed loyal.

At the 2008 kids choice awards,

Miley got the best of both worlds, receiving honors

for favorite female singer and favorite TV actress.

Not bad, given that all up there were 88 million votes cast by young viewers

to determine the winners.

In July, Miley released her next record breakout,

it was her first truly solo release,

that drew no connection to her Hannah Montana character.

And it finally gave her the chance to express her own style

and personality.

I think this is really gonna kind of help the confusion,

I think, this is gonna kind of really set me apart.

Hopefully, people after the breakout record, I feel like it's appropriately titled,

'cause I hope this does break me out as...

more of a songwriter, more than just a pop singer.

NARRATOR: She ended up co-writing eight of the songs on the record,

including the hit single Seven Things,

which peaked at number nine on the Billboard singles chart.

This time around however,

she admitted that the songwriting had been a hard slog

particularly in the lead up to the album.

It was long, you know, writing them all out, I would be like,

falling asleep during that, saying to myself like, gotta finish,

I guess just staying up and writing music no matter what,

'cause you not never off the clock when you're doing an album.

NARRATOR: Part of the process involved detaching herself from outside influences.

Um, my favorite groups are the Killers and Coldplay, but I definitely want to, uh,

I normally,

like people inspire my records, I like to inspire my records,

my fans inspire my records, so, I never sound like anyone else,

I really try not to listen to any other music, but, when I'm writing,

so I don't sound like anyone else.

NARRATOR: The album debuted number one on the US Billboard charts,

and the song, Seven Things , became Miley's highest charting single.

A mix of pop and Avril Lavigne's style themed rock,

the record was aimed at an older audience than her TV series.

As I've gotten older, so have my fans,

the people that did start out as 12, 13, and other 16 years old as I was, and you know now,

the ones that were 16 years old are now 18 and...

As I wanna embrace my older fans, I think this is kind of like a breakout record

for my older age, and that demographic.

NARRATOR: In August 2008,

Miley prepared to throw herself into the spotlight again

to host the teen choice awards in front of a huge LA crowd.

Miley Cyrus, she's gonna do a great job presenting today, I really like her,

she's so confident, she really just, she knows what she wants, she's a good choice, I think.

NARRATOR: It was a big build up, but she didn't disappoint.

She kicked off the ceremony with a performance of her single, Seven Things,

then picked up three teen choice awards for TV comedy actress,

female music artist, and TV comedy for Hannah Montana.

While it's clear that Miley loves being adored by her fans

and laps up the media attention,

she's managed to resist the inevitable pressure about her image

on what she should, or should not look like.

I think, somehow, of course, you're surrounded by people if you see them and say, well,

she looks like that, or, she's wearing that, I feel like everyone feels

a little bit pressure, but then also I think it has to be,

"Okay, do I really want that, who am I really,

"what's gonna show my personality?"

So, everything that I do, I think kind of shows a little bit of me through that, so,

you know, you set your own trend, now that people are gonna want to follow you,

which is the coolest.

NARRATOR: And she admits that she does sometimes miss not having a normal life.

I do sometime, but then again, it's fun and it's been really,

nice because having my uncle as my bodyguard and my...

mom with me, and my dad working with him, my family wants the best for me,

so they really find a way to make sure I can still go hang out with my friends,

and also have a normal life of my own.


NARRATOR: Throughout her rise to super stardom,

Miley has managed to remain very close to her family, particularly to Billy Ray,

who is both her business manager and her mentor.

Her easy going dad is also the one she chooses

to confide in when she needs to talk.

Miley's mum, Tish, on the other hand, is more strict,

but, she's the person that Miley says she most looks up to.

Tish encourages Miley to keep a close circle of friends,

and if Tish gets a bad vibe about someone in Miley's life,

she tends to hang close to keep her daughter safe.

I just think, surround yourself with good family and friends,

'cause that's what I've done, without that I think I'd...

be going a little crazy myself, because if you know how someone pulls you aside

and tell you that they love you, and they see way beyond what other people just,

they see you out in the public eye and...

don't really get to know you, so, I think that we have people that really get to know you

and love you for that, that's what'll really keep your grounded.

NARRATOR: Miley is close to her siblings too,

particularly the younger ones, Noah and Brayson.

Having spent days and weeks together in cramped quarters

on the road during Billy Ray's tours,

the Cyrus kids have learned to get along.

And, now that it's Miley's turn in the spotlight,

the family are happy to cram into their state of the art tour buses

and follow her from city to city.

Having grown up on a farm in a tight church going community,

Christianity is also a big part of Miley's life.

She believes that she is in Hollywood because it's Gods will,

and that whatever happens in her career,

she will have faith to fall back on.

She trusts that her parents' traditional values and her family's emphasis

on God will help her keep on the straight and narrow.

Along side good mates, Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana,

Miley has struck up friendships with the Disney star couple, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

of High school Musical fame.

Zac, Vanessa and Miley crossed paths at various Disney events,

and often competed together in the Disney games in Florida.

Miley also had a brief cameo in High School Musical 2,

dancing at the end of the credits in front of the pool.

So, the trio got to hangout together at the film's premiere.

Responding to speculation on the Internet that she would like to date Zac,

Miley dismissed the idea confirming that not only was Zac not her type,

he's going out with her friend, and you don't date your best friend's boy friend.

Another young star who clearly was Miley's type, was Nick Jonas,

the youngest of the Jonas brothers who opened for Miley

on her Best of Both Worlds concert tour.

They had just released their self-titled second album

and had guest-starred in an episode

of Hannah Montana.

Touring together gave Miley plenty of time to hang out with the boys.

The story goes that she immediately fell for the charismatic Nick,

who exuded the Jonas brothers' charm that has captivated fans and show business peers alike.

They're really really nice guys. The Jonas's are so sweet,

I'd like, I've read something online

people are like, "Oh, they have egos and they are full of themselves," and I'm like,

"No, no, no, like, they're so nice".

They walk into a room, you're just like, "Okay, those are rockstars",

not to mention, I mean, obviously, they're talented

and obviously, they're good looking

but it's the way they present themselves, they're gentlemen.

With a lot of time to kill on the tour traveling from one town to another,

Miley's and Nick's friendship developed.

While Miley was a veteran of touring at the age of 15, it was all new to Nick.

It's funny, like, uh, you really...

You really have to sit back sometime and take it all in,

whenever you play a show in front of a lot of people and...

That you dreamed about playing one time.

Sit back and go like, "Man, like, this is actually happening."

Like, and, um,

it's, it's really crazy.

Uh, it kinda also that thing where at the end of the day, you play a big show

you come back into the hotel room and it's just you and nobody else,

it's like polar opposites, so it's like a weird feeling.

And, uh those are the kind of things you got to get used to on the road.

NARRATOR: Romance blossomed for Miley and Nick who not only shared a mutual love

of singing and songwriting,

but also a commitment to Christianity.

Nick and his brothers come from a much more conservative family than Miley, however,

and as evangelists, all three Jonas boys wear purity rings,

given to them by their parents

to symbolize their commitment to no pre-marital sex,

they also abstain from alcohol,

tobacco and drugs.

Miley's parents were no doubt delighted with Miley's choice of first boy friend.

Other celebrity parents agreed.

I think, I think, you know, anybody that has strong parents

and obviously those that know

these young men and their mom and dad are both terrific people that are really,

uh, watching out for them, and, staying with them every step of the way,

that's important, it just goes to show that you can have great success, do good stuff and...

uh, still be somebody that's a role model.

NARRATOR: Even with the intense glare of the spotlight trained upon her,

Miley managed to keep her two year relationship with Nick Jonas under wraps,

until they split in 2007.

It may've been the pressure of the media, or the relationship may simply have run its course.

Miley told a teen magazine that she bawled her eyes out after the breakup,

and dyed her hair black to distance herself from the person she'd been with Nick.

NARRATOR: Rumors abound that Miley's hit single, 7 Things, is about the breakup.

The song chronicles seven things that she hates about her ex,

and seven things that she likes about him.

Miley won't be drawn into confirming this, but says she still loves Nick,

although she's no longer in love with him. Nick agrees.

She's a great friend.

NARRATOR: Although everything appeared amicable on the surface,

there were reports that Miley had engaged in a feud with fellow star, Celina Gomez,

who started dating Nick soon after the split.

The rumors of a feud spread after Miley uploaded a video

to the Internet movie site, YouTube,

that spoofed a clip that Celina had posted.

Miley quickly diffused the situation by publicly apologizing in an interview.

And Celina confirmed that she had no beef with Miley

and she was not looking to unseat the superstar

as the next wholesome teen role model.

Mandy Jiroux and Miley also became close friends while on tour,

and the two are now regular fixtures on YouTube.

They frequently post videos that they have shot and edited themselves,

under the title, the Miley and Mandy show.

The videos are mainly filmed at Miley's house,

and the two friends tell jokes, answer questions from fans,

sing along to songs on the radio,

and mug for the camera.

There are also clips of Miley and Mandy backstage at the teen choice awards,

preparing for the dance off with M&M crew.

Having conquered television, film, the music industry and the Internet,

it comes as no surprise that Miley Cyrus now has her own wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds.

She is one of the youngest people ever to be immortalized in wax

and her likeness joins 200 of the world's most popular wax figures,

including Beyonce, Leonardo Di Caprio, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt,

and Johnny Depp.

The PR manager at Madame Tussauds revealed that they were inundated

with requests for a wax figure of Miley.

For the last few months, it's been a deluge of requests, we've had phone calls,

we've had emails from fans and major, major Disney shows.

And it would just make sense

that we were getting so many requests to have the Miley Cyrus figure in the attraction

that we listened, we got to work with the sculptures

and here she is now, we're very pleased.

NARRATOR: The sculpture which appears at both the New York and London wax museums

was unveiled in 2008 amidst crowds of giddy teenagers and young children,

and their ever patient parents.

I saw her, um, I just got really excited and I got a little bit nervous,

'cause I thought it was actually her first, 'cause it's really realistic.

Oh, when I walked in, I was so excited, I've seen every episode of hers, and,

she has so much personality and it was, I mean, that statue looks so much like her.

It's almost a splitting image of her and it's so exciting.

When I walked in, my chin dropped to the floor,

because just to see something like this, is amazing.

With annual earnings of 3.5 million US dollars in 2007,

Miley was recently ranked amongst the Forbes top 20 earners under the age of 25.

But far from becoming a spoiled brat, she proved at her sixteenth birthday bash

that she still treasures the simple things in life.

I got a dog today, so I couldn't be happier, a little doggie named Sophie.

I started crying my eyes out, I was so dorky, but, I don't know, I love it.

She was also listed among the artists and entertainers in Time magazine's

100 most influential people in the world in 2008.

So, what could possibly be next for this teen high achiever?

I wanna do a lot of things, you know, hopefully, I don't get stuck to the same routine.

I wanna travel a little bit more and...

I'd love to go on other tours, so, hopefully, I keep doing what I'm doing

and finding new ways to make it work.

NARRATOR: Miley has already started filming the third series of Hannah Montana,

and has announced plans to write a book about her life.

Disney Hyperion is set to publish it in 2009.

The movie spinoff of Hannah Montana has already finished filming

and will also be released in 2009.

Like Hillary Duff before her, Miley has established her own cottage industry.

And as long as she can preserve her untarnished image,

Disney is certain to keep the work flowing.

Whether Miley can carve out a career for herself beyond the Disney stable,

is yet to be seen. But, for now, she's making hay while the sun shines.

I think, as long as they'll keep me around, I'll keep doing what I'm doing,

I love it, they keep you really safe and they really care about you and love you, so...

I think as long as I can be with the Disney channel,

I'll stay as long as they'll keep me.


The Description of The World According to Miley Cyrus