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Pull up my wife!

Whats up?


I started research on how to do the front lever and the one-arm pull-up because a lot

of you want to see me do it.

Then I realized the prerequisite for doing the front lever seems to be weighted pull-up

with an extra 70~80 percent of bodyweight.

I also saw multiple guys on YouTube who can do a front lever showcasing themselves pulling

up their girlfriends, so I wondered whether I can do the same thing.

I decided to head to a park with my wife, who weighs around 75 percent to 80 percent

of my body weight, to try it out.


Pull up my wife.


Ah man.

Pull up my wife.


Ahhh, man you gotta be kidding me.

Starting from today, I will train myself until I can pull up my wife for one rep.

The first thing I did is find out how much extra weight exactly I can add to do a pull-up.


Not that bad.

Make it a little bit heavier.



Oh ho, half bodyweight.


There you go.

Half bodyweight.


Ok, 80.

Ok, man.


Ok, 75.

Ok, so 75 and 80.


My starting point is at 75 lbs, which is around 54 percent of extra bodyweight since I weigh

around 140 lbs.

I came up with a training plan for myself after watching a bunch of videos on YouTube

and browsing Reddit bodyweight fitness, which is 3 reps of around 85 percent of my current

one rep max for a set.

After I did the math, it comes down to an extra 45 lbs.

I then did 4 sets in total.

I rested around 2 minutes in between sets, and I did this 3 times a week for 2 weeks.

At the end of the week, I re-tested my one rep max, and this happened:

So first I start with 80.


And then I tried 85.


Why not try 90.


Gotta give 95 a try.


So 15 lbs of improvement over 3 weeks.

Pretty crazy, right?

Looks like my training program works, so after doing the math with my new one-rep max, I

continued to train with the same format but with an extra 55 lbs.

I trained and trained and trained.

2 weeks later, this happened.

Ho, 95.


A 5-lb improvement that barely counts because of my triple kip.

Needless to say, I failed miserably on the attempt to pull 100 lbs.

At this point, I was super disappointed, and my body felt super beat-up.

I was not even sure anymore if what I felt on my muscles and joints was soreness or pain.

I decided to take a step back and do more research to figure out what was wrong.

The first thing I discovered is a concept calleddeload”.

It basically means after a period of intense training, significantly reducing the amount

of training for a short period of time.

My first reaction was- how can I not lose mygainsif I do this?

This sounded like a bad idea.

But I decided to trust the experts on YouTube since my training method then was not working


The second thing I did is set my ego aside and watch pull-up tutorials.

Obviously, I climb and can do muscle-ups, so why do I ever need to click on pull-up

tutorials, right?

But after watching a few of them, I realized theres a lot of room for improvement for

my form and technique.

I discovered that I should be looking up at the bar instead of looking forward.

I discovered that I should keep my legs together and squeeze my core and glutes really tight

on the way up instead of being loose for the lower body.

I discovered that I should pump my chest out and engage my lats as much as I could instead

of mainly pulling with my forearms.

I deloaded for 2 weeks, so no weighted pull-ups and just climbing during the time.

After that, I start training with an extra 55 lbs again.

I was shocked by how effortless it felt when I did it with better technique and a fresh


I trained and trained and trained.

After two weeks, I felt really good and decided to shoot for the moon.

I went back to the park with my wife, and this happened.


That has to be it.




I know some of you might say, “l am not sure if your chin is really over the bar dude.”

Fortunately, I had another camera set up in another angle, so watch this, dude.

Looks like I have the baseline strength to learn the front lever right now so definitely

stay tuned for that.

Thank you so much for watching, make sure to like and subscribe.

See you in the next video.

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