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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 이달의소녀탐구 #565 (LOONA TV #565)

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Asia Artist Awards!

We are attending in Asia Artist Awards!

I thought that I've always wanted to attend here at one time or another

And we had an opportunity to attend here, and I am so happy!

Oh my!

Look alikes?

Three look-alikes in LOONA!

We may look alike but actually we are all different!


I'm the one who looks kind of mad!

Choerry is the one who who is smiling!

And HyunJin is in the middle!

Yes it is

Gradient of emotions!

Sometimes our fans can't recognize us all...

Our hairstyle is all different!

Yes we are so different!

I'm straight hair!

I'm wavy hair

The reason why you three have different hairstyle?

To tell apart easily!

Right! To tell easily! By looking at our face

You guys can tell apart later~

Bye~ We will be back with our performance~


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