Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Grand gagnant 100 000€ sur BIG49 !

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Lilian won 100.000

Hi Lilian!

When did you begin to play on BIG49?

I have been playing on BIG49 every day for the last two years

How many grids do you play each day?

I have a golden VIP account

It automatically plays 90 grids for me every day,

and 10 grids that I validate myself

In what circumstances did you win 100.000?

I came home from work one day, around noon

and I logged on to BIG49 as every day.

In the schedule of earnings

I saw my name appear,

my postal code,

and the fact that I had won 100.000!

What was your reaction when you learned the good news?

The first time you see that you have won

you don't believe it!

What will you do with 100.000?

I had planned to change my car,

before winning.

This gain will allow me to pay it cash

Then, I am going to pay a terrace for my parents,

and a computer for my brother!

For the rest, it will be a real estate purchase first purchase!

If you had a message to deliver to the players of BIG49...

what would it be?

Players of BIG49,

it can happen to anybody and you have to to believe in it!


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