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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: POND MONSTER ATTACK!!

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what is up Sharers welcome to the funnest channel on youtube if you're

new here I'm Lizzy Sharer I'm part of the Sharer and we got Steven Carter me

and Millie and baby oh so if you guys aren't part of sure of him yet make sure

to smash that subscribe button because today we're gonna have to stop if you

guys are wondering why I'm not wearing my normal share the love merch that's

because I'm here for something very very important we are doing a business

meeting to get to the bottom of this whole YouTube sabotage thing and I had

to dress up in my little business outfit so people take me seriously because I'm

on the most fun channel on YouTube but everybody needs to know it so I had to

show up in my business outfit because business is business and we got to get

down to the bottom of this right now okay so let go let me give you a tour of

this space so this is the pond there's pond over there unfortunately I

don't think there are any point fish are there for fish in this pond Carter

what's up shares welcome to Liz's vlog shoo I don't know it's a little bit

different yeah I don't know actually there are koi fish here wait over here

quick run this way if I understand they were in here oh I see them over here

fish comment hashtag koi they're having a YouTube meeting talking about it hey

what's going on okay they saw sir they're all diver sings they're like all

going away from each other quick they're onto us right oh wait

Steve what are you doing out here walking around hanging out wait wait

wait you got invited what to the meeting wait how did you know about the meeting

keep your meeting I thought how did you know about it

I gotta made it - you did yeah oh wait wait that's weird

wait you get all three you're here for the business meeting I'm here for the

business meeting wait wait who invited you - I thought I was special

I even more business clothes you guys wearing business clothes yeah but I love

show the love merger can't go wrong we share the love marriage okay anyways

let's move on with the tour Stephen come on I'll show you something okay

something is really really fishy because I don't know if you guys saw my last

vlog but we found so I don't know if you guys have seen my last vlog but we found

a turtle by the pond and when I went to release mr. turtle Oh every time I think

about him I still tear from getting a little sad I'm turning up me and mr.

turtle just bonded so much over this day and this is so cool look how cool it

shell is anyways we went to go release him and Carter and I found a snake in

the creek right next to the pond and this Creek feeds into the pond so that

snake I think it was poisonous you guys were commenting down below though is

poisonous water moccasin yeah there's a Highland orange tongue and like a like

an orange thing guys sprite or something so I don't know like there are just all

these poor monsters and you won't believe what's here today what's here

today oh wow it's not real its fake no it's not it's not moving speak try to

look once all the way up there you're right that one's fake I want to fake

restore like eating these for is there one right inside there it's

definitely real it's an African spurred tortoise cooter

there is two of them meet scooter and Shelly so I don't know that one's Shelly

it's a way works that Milly I don't know if he's moving he's moving oh I missed

it I missed it okay well he seems a little tired but

this morning they were running around like everywhere what it's her water with

these Turtles eat your other 1/8 look

he's on the move hi mr. turtle hi mr. turtle

Karen where did he come from and why I'd be here

how old do you think is like a hundred years old

gotta be old look at the wrinkles on him yeah shares the real question is how old

do you think that turtle is or the tortise how old is the tortise they can

live up to 150 years 50 to 150 okay sure so let's map this thing out it's a

little bit fishy that Carter Steven and I all got invited to this business

meeting but like we didn't even know that like we all got invited so both

fishy and then on top of it there's a turtle there's not just one there's two

there's two palm on through here and they're all caged up so I have a feeling

that this meeting is gonna be something about the palm monster I don't know like

what it could possibly be but if there's two Paul monsters here that are caged

they probably have like the third one that they released in our blonde that

was living here do you think the pond monster came all the way from here and

do you think the person was with the pond monster in our pond is here and

that pond master the Paul Monster was probably born and

raised here and bred for 50 years sir Claude tear amongst us so I don't know

I'm like trying to connect all the dots something just feels a little fishy if

you guys feel the same way comment below because I'm at this point

I don't know what's going on okay sure so I'm just gonna walk around this event

and see who else is here because we gotta get to the bottom of this and it's

just so crazy that corner and steaming I invited because I didn't even know about

it so who else got invited that I don't know about Eva it's no time to play it's

no time to mess around what are you doing there's so much to do here I'm

getting distracted Steven Liz what is that what is that Liz it's

an egg we're weird we may actually be careful there could be another

it's a real egg is it this looks like a chicken a but don't touch it did it fall

from the tree chicken oh oh it's actually there it's a different color

it's not pure white so I don't think it's the chicken egg it looks like a

chicken egg Steve no I don't think so it's not white think of the grocery

store once they're pure white touch it no it's probably like a bird it's a

hard-boiled egg maybe it fell out of the tree so is it a chicken egg no it's a

different color yeah yeah don't touch it I'm white hat I don't know believe it

Liz what if it has to do with the monster egg in the water oh my gosh it

might be it's like green look at that whoa it's cracked oh I don't know what's

going on why does so many eggs here this is fishy we got to get down to the

bottom of it maybe it's like the motherland of all the monsters come to

hatch yeah I mean that'll explain all the eggs were finding and the huge

turtles what's happening okay I'm gonna go prank Carter and throw with news

water balloon got him ready okay you got it we got it

let's replay that clip now that's what I call praying oh it's so hot out here

that what it actually feels so good alright well now it's time to get down

to business let's go back oh I'm Liz I saw something when I was

walking around there's this like great there's just like a pond over there he

was a monster and that punch was there so we're gonna go seek it off pretty

sure I saw go check this out because you know we are now

comment below if you guys know what those are so big so crazy we got to find

the food for them whoa yeah you're right we got to lure them in

wait listen to something else there's so much oh I'm telling you my theory before

is that all the pond monsters are bred here they're raised here and so on

hooker from this pond and put it in our ponds that were Poppa Jake I think son

that's like somebody gathered all of us here today for some meeting I figured it

out there's a drain there all drains lead to the ocean which lead to rivers

what is that Liz look it's it it's coming towards us it's just stalking us

you're right you see it look how big it is is that a shark cute that thing's

actually so big and there's another one out there Lord oh my goodness

his fins are sticking out of the water like a shark that's crazy

whoa that thing is so big what is that don't fall out say that much Wow sure is

I think that's we found the creature that's probably in the pond - it sure is

what do you think this is I'm not sure what kind of animal that is I can't tell

but do you think it's the same monster we have in our pot at home or just a

different monster altogether I'm not sure what do you guys think I think I

don't know it could be like the baby of the monster like babies baby versions

this is a baby turtle I'll put my shadow on it

it's right there it's so it's so cute right there Oh baby pretty sure somebody

wait Liz the monsters right there behind you okay well I'm gonna take a closer

look into what might be in that pipe I really think there's something in there

do it let's go careful Liz careful the monster is getting a little bit

closer he's right there okay I'm handing you the camera pictures

let's check this tunnel out

nothing in there oh my gosh the monsters right there oh I thought the monster was

gonna eat mr. turtle okay mr. turtle is out there and I think

he needs help meeting wants to come over here to me I think he needs to be saved

I think that monsters been terrorizing him look he's coming towards me mr.

turtle come swim you can do it okay I'm getting really sick of this stupid

monster okay use her in all of our summer videos is just ruining everything

for us this meeting and now we're just like searching for it so I'm just gonna

confront him I'm gonna confront this monster I'm gonna confront him okay is

right there I don't know if you guys but he's huge and I'm ready to confront him

because I am sick and tired of his stuff don't do it go talk to it Liz no get out

of there Liz the monsters right there

under the water Liz I can't believe you did that

whiz I think it worked because the good news is it didn't come and attack you I

think it was actually scared if you ran at the monsters yes because I was like

so confident I was so mad I think he could feel how mad I was yeah he was

like oh my gosh I'm getting out of here and he just swim away

you know he's hiding on the bottom of the water let's see it has really big

teeth you see it teeth I can barely see it now Liz there's a baby turtle right

there it's so little

are you gonna catch it you got it did you get it oh my gosh like its foot

it's the size of a nickel or like a quarter yeah he's so scared of you Wow

look at he's so little

yeah way smaller he's gonna grow to a giant monster though so we better put

him back okay put him back he's swimming away get him back quick he's just

sitting there he's making this so hard I'm so sad I had so many good memories

with him oh we were just like it's foot it's the size of an like a nickel or

like a quarter okay so it was such an eventful day today I found mr. Turtles

little son is called mr. baby turtle yeah but then we also felt like a huge

pond monster in there I think I'm gonna come out here on my vlog and do a little

bit more exploring to find out what those monsters are they're huge

yeah and we found a monster egg and we found like two huge turtles so something

fishy is going on but I gotta get to my meeting guys so I'll talk to you guys

later David oh yeah we gotta get to the meeting shares I shouldn't really

whoo hi mr. turtle he's swimming away yay did it

cuz we do because he went back flips like Roman Atwood

sitting at the top afraid of you gotta be brave to take that risk

Mayank I got the weightless feel landed the water feels so unreal swim it

up now just take a breath all these stunts here you know the rest

ever cover ball with the massive wheels always snackin and I don't eat meals with

the mr. T's - hydro tip jumping off the jet skis with the back foot now you know

where the sharer grows lime green with the under

in a million that's what we do

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