Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Boss Maybe/Family Bonding

Difficulty: 0

- Crashing through the crowded halls

Dodging girls like Ping-Pong balls

Just to reach the bathroom on time

Leaping over laundry piles

Diapers you can smell for miles

Guy's got to do what he can to survive

- In the Loud house

In the Loud house

- Duck, dodge, push, and shove

Is how we show our love

- In the Loud house, in the Loud house

- One boy and ten girls

Wouldn't trade it for the world

- Loud Loud Loud

Loud house

- Poo-poo.

[upbeat music]

- O-M-gosh.

I'm thinking these gloves would look super chic on you, Scoots.

- Oh, these are too tight.

My fingers can't breathe.

- Excuse me, darling.

I'm going line dancing tonight, and I need to know

which of these britches are best for boot scooting.

- Sorry, Cheryl, but when there's a line,

you have to wait your turn.

- Ooh, aren't I a rude goose.

Y'all got a rhinestone vest section?

- Over behind the chaps.

So how are we feeling about the gloves?

They're snug in all the right places.

- Hmm, I don't know.

- Sweet ride. Sweeter gloves.

- Here's a tip for a job well done.

- Leni, can I see you in the back?

- Sure, but first can I interest you

in a new floral fanny pack?

Oh, sorry, Mrs. C, I can't turn it off.

Yay, cake!

Is it my birthday?

- You, Leni Loud,

are Reininger's employee of the month.

- [squeals]

It's my birthday, and I'm employee of the month!

- [chuckles] It's just the second one, Len.

- Remember when you first started?

Oh, we had a few bumps in the road.

- O-M-gosh, I cannot let you buy that, sir.

- Well, thanks for your opinion, but I--

- It's so not your color. - [sighs]

- So here's to you, Leni.

We're so proud of how far you've come.

- Thank you, but the break room

isn't that far from the register.

- Hi, sweetie.

How was work? - Amazing.

I'm employee of the month. - Can't say I'm surprised.

You did sell Dad all those scarves,

and now he feels so hip.

- I didn't think I was a scarf guy,

but this just goes with everything.

- I'm proud of you, Leni. You've really grown up.

Speaking of which, how would you feel about being in charge

while Dad and I go away for the night?

- Hmm, I would feel scared?

Did I get the answer right?

- Honey, no, we're asking you to be in charge.

Dad's catering the renaissance fair,

and I need to help him run the mutton station.

- You really think I can handle it?

- I do. Now that Lori's at college,

you're the oldest in the house,

and I think you're ready to step up.

- [groans]

- You'll be fine. Just trust your instincts.

[medieval music]

- Fare thee well, young maiden.

We are setting forth for the renaissance fair.

Know that we art proud of thy newfound responsibility.

- I don't know what that means, but thank you.

- I think what your dad means is you're gonna do great.

Please don't let the house burn down.

[screaming and clattering]

- I got this. Just one night.

Oldest sibling.

- No, let it go! Let it go!

Let it! - What's going on, guys?

- Lola's trying to take my money!

- It's my money! I spotted it!

- I was the one who fished it out of the sewer.

- Give it! - [screams]

- Hey, come on. Stop fighting, please.

- [screams]

- [sniffs]

Ugh, ew!

- Yep, that's me. I just got sprayed by a skunk.

He wasn't down for it at first, but, uh, I talked him into it.

- Leni, could you help me make room for this?

- Sure, is that lime jelly? - No, it's a spleen.

- Eek!

- That's mine! - Ugh!

- [hyperventilates, screams]

- Leni, hello?

- Give me that! - Okay, time-out.

[snaps fingers]

Yep, she is officially in over her head.

I mean, Lori would've handled all this in two seconds flat.

Poor thing. - Huh?

Lori, that's it!

[cell phone rings, vibrates]

- Lori, help.

Mom and Dad are gone, and I'm in charge,

and I don't know how to do, like, anything.

- Sorry, Leni, but I'm at practice.

Can I call you back?

- No, please, Lori,

just help me out this one time,

and I'll never call you ever again.

I promise.

- Well, that's a little extreme.

[chuckles] Just tell me what's going on.

- Give me back--

- Okay, guys, you're gonna split the money,

and that's final.

- That's not how money works!

[jazz music]

- Tomato juice will take care of that smell.

- Ugh. - [chirps]

- No, get away from my sister! - [chirps]

- That was, like, exhausting. Can we all go to sleep now?

- It's 4:30. - [groans]

- Dude, Luan turned our room into a comedy club,

and she kicked me out because I wouldn't pay

the two-lemonade minimum.

Little help?

- Me and my boo are here for the early show.

[feedback whines] - [clears throat]

What did Germany say to Italy first thing in the morning?

Europe early!


Get it? - [chuckles]

- Ha, I love a good geography gag.

- Ah, thank you, folks.

Now, don't forget to tip your server.

- [hyperventilates]

- I think you're gonna need this.

[cell phone rings vibrates]

- Sorry, that's my sister.

Hi, Leni, what's up?

- Luan's running a comedy club out of her room!

- Again?

both: Shh.

- Oh, sorry.

Okay, here's what you do.

- What do you call a chicken mixed with a--

- Folks, we've got to shut this place down.

We're over capa--huh?

- [whispering] Capacity.

- Capacity!

- Well, if the fire department's here,

I guess that's legit.

- Scoots, where's your scooter?

- I upgraded.

- Thanks for the assist, dude.

- [sighs] Now can I be done?

- Hey, Leni, is it cool if Claude and I

watch "The Disemboweling"?

- Isn't that supposed to be the scariest movie of all time?

- [scoffs] What?

It's a comedy. So, Leni, can we?

- [hyperventilates]

- Leni?

I'll take that as a yes. - Yeah!

- With that terrible tee shot, a redo was requested,

and thus was created the mulligan.

[cell phone rings, vibrates] Oh, my word!

- Sorry.

Leni, I can't talk. I'm in class.

- Lori, please.

- You've got this. Huh?

Fine, but if I get a call from someone named BooBooBear,

I'm gonna need that back.

- [grumbles]

[phone line beeping]

- Seriously, dude, enough of your jokes!

- No, people like the jokes! - [groans]

- Hey, Clyde, I got the popcorn!

- My guitar, dude!

- [hyperventilates, screams]

- What in the name of Bing Crosby

is going on in that house?

- Mr. Grouse, I'm so sorry for all the noise.

Were we bothering you?

- You're dang tootin' you were.

I was so distracted, I mowed over my begonias!

Eight months down the drain.

- Sorry! We'll keep it down.

There's just a lot going on over here--

- Leni, help!

The Wi-Fi's down, and the movie went out

right at the scariest-- I mean funniest part.

- I'm fine if you want to switch gears.

We could read or do a word jumble--

- Can you help us please?

- Lincoln, I have no idea how to--

- Eh, eh, eh, do a hard reset

of the router by updating the LAN configuration.

Once an IT guy, always an IT guy.

- [squeals]

[router beeps]

[tense music]

- What am I going to do with all these intestines?


- Bring it in, Tony!

[truck beeping]

- Huh? - What?

I needed a little sand to practice my beach volleyball.

- Mr. Grouse, what do I do?

- Well, how the heck do I know? Figure it out yourself.

- I can't. I'm no good at this.


Come on, you remember when I styled you

for the Veteran's Day parade?

- Eh, the ascot did add a touch of class.

[engine turning over]

- Thanks, Mr. Grouse. You're a lifesaver.

[explosion] [screams] Huh?

What happened? - Apologies, sibling.

I created a new fruit punch that won't leave stains.

Apparently, it is also quite combustible.

[gasps] But see?

No stains.

- Please don't let the house burn down.

- Do you think I could pull off a pinkie ring, too?

No, no, no, no! [screams]

- Mr. Grouse, help.

- Sorry, it's time for my nap.

- This is an emergency!

You can't just go home and take a nap.

- Who said anything about going home?


[rock music playing]

- Leni, Luna turned my comedy club

into a rock club--do something.

- Leni, do you know how to get blood--

I mean ketchup off the ceiling?

- Leni, turn the movie off!

- What do you mean you're empty?

Wait, wait, don't go!

- Whoa!

Ah, fiddlesticks.

[indistinct screaming]

- [screams]

[dramatic music]

[cell phone rings, vibrates]

Miguel, Fiona?

- Hey, Leni boo. We're having a self-care day.

You want to come with? - Guys, I can't.

I'm in charge at home, and everybody needs something,

and I have no idea how to do anything,

and I'm totally hopeless!

- Hopeless?

Um, I'm sorry, this does not sound

like the Leni Loud that we know and love.

- Yeah, we've seen you kill it at work all the time.

You're a total boss.

- Just tap into that confidence at home.

- All you need to do is think of your family

as customers that don't pay.

- O-M-gosh, thanks, guys. I know what to do now.

You're both, like, geniuses.



Attention, shoppers-- I mean siblings.

Here's the deal-- we're gonna wait in line,

and everyone's gonna get their turn, okay?

So how can I help you today, ma'am?

- Well, my concoction is currently corroding

the living room floor. - Hmm.

We have some lovely water that would do a great job

of stopping that burn.

[upbeat jazz music]


- Our movie was... - I can't stop thinking...

- Way, way too scary. - About what she did with the--

- Let's see if we can get you folks

into something a little less terrifying.

"And the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly."

- [sighs] - That hit the spot.

- Next!

Five for you and five for you makes ten.

Thanks for coming in today. - Um, we live here.

- [chirps]

- Sir, do not make me call security.

And we are closed.

- Ugh, ow. - Dad, Mom?

I thought you were coming back tomorrow?

- Well, no one bothered to tell me

that the renaissance fair was vegan,

and I was only packing meat,

so we saddled up our steed... - Vanzilla.

- And set out for our castle.

- The house, which looks great, Leni.

There's only one hole in the floor.

I knew no job would be too big for me employee of the month.

- Aw, thanks, Mom. Do I get more cake?

- How about a half-eaten mutton leg?

- [screams] - Ooh, mutton leg.

What? Napping makes me hungry.

[chews loudly] That's a good one.

[spy music]

- Agent McBride, come in.

I've infiltrated the secret lair of MALICE--

Masterminds Acting Lawlessly in Committing Evil.

- Careful extracting the package.

This evil agent is particularly dangerous

and a biter.

- [snores]

- Careful, that serial is packed with fiber.

It's extra crunchy.

- Success. Fly the eagle home.

- That's my color-changing spoon!

- Ugh, stop, Lola! - [screams]

- Dude, what's your deal?

- He and Clyde are "playing spies."

They're into a dumb new comic book.

- Um, Secret Agent David Steele is not dumb.

He's a well-oiled fighting machine.

Initiate breakout sequence.


Ah, oh! [groans]

- Ah!

- Family huddle, yo. I got news!

- This better be good, LJ.

You almost made my cherry souffl collapse.

[souffl pops]


- I just saw a moving truck pull up next door.

New neighbors, baby!

[all cheer]

- Now, hang on.

We don't want to--ah!

Overwhelm them.

[upbeat music]

[people introducing themselves simultaneously]

- I made you a pie with Michigan cherries.

- Ch--cherries? - From Michigan!

- Oh, thank you. - Cherries, ugh.

- Cherries? Thank you, but--

- Put her there, pal!

- Oh.


- Bad family! Back, back!

Sorry, I'm still training them.

Welcome, we're the Louds.

- We're the Millers. I'm Carly.

This is my hubby, Jeff, and our son, Ryan.

- And no need to apologize.

Living next to such a lively bunch

will add some excitement to our lives.

- Well, let's see how you feel in an hour.

- [humming melody] Hmm?

[soft dramatic music]

[devices whirring and beeping]

[mysterious music]


They're spies! The neighbors are spies!

[all groan]

- Sweetie, you do this to the new neighbors

every time you and Clyde are on one of your kicks.

- But the neighbors are evil supervillains!

But the neighbors are ghosts!

But the neighbors are aliens!

I guess I'll just have to prove it to you.


David Steele style.

- You're blocking the TV, bro. - [groans]

Agent McBride, come in.

I need your help with a new mission. My--

- Neighbors are spies, but your family doesn't believe you,

so you have to gather evidence? - [snaps fingers]

both: Let's do this.

[spy music]

[engine turning over, tires squealing]

- Hmm, Jeff, where you off to in such a hurry?

- That's what we're about to find out.


- The library? But why?

- Yeah, why?

Engage Agent Steele button cams.

[soft dramatic music]

- Hi, uh, can you tell me where the suspense section is?

- Do you like suspense books?

- Yes, yes, I do like suspense books.

- Fishy. [camera shutter clicks]

- Super fishy. - Fish city.

- Eh, she's just getting a Flippee.

- Peach, huh?

You sure you don't want cherry?

- I hate cherries!

- That's weird. Who doesn't like cherries?

both: Whoa! - Oh!

- Hey, get that hunk of junk out of my--

[all scream]

- And stay out!

Why do I suddenly feel naked?

[school bell rings]

[device beeps]

- Whoops! Sorry, buddy.

- Activating Agent Steele pepperoni listening device.

- So, new kid, got any big plans this weekend?

Gonna be cage wrestling in the backyard

if you're interested.

- Thanks, but I'll be busy unpacking, cleaning,

taking out the garbage.

- Wait a minute, Clyde.

Garbage day isn't until Tuesday.

- Something stinks here.

[toilet flushes] Sorry, fellas.

Mee-Maw's homemade yogurt.

- Now, what do we have here?

- Hmm, Carly and the cherries.

- Jeff and all those library books.

- [scoffs] Ryan's blatant lie about garbage day.

What does it all add up to?

- Maybe Agent Steele can help us.

- Lincoln, look!

In issue seven, "taking out the garbage"

meant MALICE was plotting some kind of destruction.

- That's right. Hmm.

But what's there to destroy in Royal Woods?

both: [gasp] Cherries!

- Of course!

Carly flipped her lid over cherries.

- And if they destroy the cherry supply...


They'd cripple the local economy!

- And take over the whole state of Michigan

just like MALICE when they took over the North Pole

and held Santa for ransom in that holiday issue.

- Oh, I didn't read that one. - It was really good.

So the only question left is,

who are the Millers working for?

[spy music]

Jeff taking out a book on how to grow Georgia peaches

in the suspense section.

Suspense... That's it!

Clyde, I figured it out.

Suspense must be the name of their evil organization.

Secret Underground Society of Peach Entrepreneurs

Nixing Sour Exports!

- Okay, well, now that you've said it,

it's just embarrassingly obvious.

- We have to get to that console

in the Millers' attic

and override the cherry destruction order.

- But how do we keep them distracted?

- Distraction is my specialty.

[indistinct chatter]

- A barbecue for the Millers

was such a thoughtful idea, sweetie.

- Just wanted them to feel welcome.

- Still think they're spies?

- Can you believe I ever thought that?

- No. Hey, think fast!

- Agent McBride, are you in position?

- 10-4, the squirrel is in the nest.

- Perfect, now to summon our undercover agent.

All right, Agent Charles, if you can find a way

into the Millers' house, this hot dog

will be all yours.

- Oh, easiest hot dog you've ever earned.

[clatters] Ugh--meant to do that.

Clyde, I'm in the Millers' house.

Everything good on your end?

- Yep, there's no one in sight.


So you're probably wondering why I'm in this bush.

[laughs] Funny story.

Cleo got out and, boy, that darn cat.

- Hey, everybody,

Lincoln is sneaking around the neighbors' house!

[soft dramatic music]

- [screams] Ugh.


Agent McBride, I'm in the attic.

- Um, we've got a situation.

Lola blew our cover! Everyone's heading your way!

- Dang it! We'll have to work fast.

Okay, buddy, walk me through this.

- Right--issue number four.

Agent Steele had to reroute

the MALICE console to override mode.

To do that, you'll have to remove the side panel.

- Good thing I always carry my Agent Steele ink pen

with laser feature

and optional cat toy attachment.

Okay, which wire am I looking for?

- I can't tell!

It's either chili powder brown or chicory.

You're just gonna have to pick one!

- Lincoln.

- What are you doing in the ding dang neighbor's house?

- I can explain! The Millers are spies!

They work for an evil organization called SUSPENSE,

and they're about to destroy all the cherries in Michigan.


- Jeff and I work for the weather services.

- That console monitors storm systems

moving in toward Royal Woods,

and FYI, it's gonna be hot, hot, hot this weekend.

- [groans] Sorry, everyone.

I really messed up this time.

- I am so sorry.

We will be having a long talk with Lincoln about boundaries!

Okay, everyone, let's go

and leave these very patient people alone.

- Agent Loud, was the mission a success?

- No, Clyde, buddy.

It was a major failure, over... [sighs]

And out.

[device beeping]

- Commence total cherry annihilation

in 20 seconds.

[device beeping]

[all gasp]

- You're r-really...

- Spies.

- And your son's right.

We work for SUSPENSE.

- Secret Underground Society of Peach Entrepreneurs

Nixing Sour Exports.

- And it's too late to stop us now.

- Too late is just enough time.

[dramatic music]

Activate Agent David Steele pudding shoes!

- Whoa! - Ugh.

- Three, two, one--

Cherry annihilation terminated.

- Yeah!

- You may have thwarted us this time,

but we won't stop until Georgia peaches

rule the fruit world!

- Not on our watch.

We're taking you straight to the ding dang FBI.

- You'll have to catch us first.

[all scream, gasp]

- Katherine Mulligan reporting from Franklin Street,

where authorities are still searching

for a family of spies.

Their plot to destroy the Michigan cherry supply

was thwarted thanks to these two adorable heroes.

- Are we on? - Is this cable?

- Are we on? - Bad family.

I'm sorry we didn't take you seriously, Lincoln.

- Eh, can't blame you.

I got to admit it was all kind of crazy.

- Yo, new neighbors are moving in next door.

Let's go meet them.

- Yeah, come on! - Let's go!

- Hold it.

Remember what we talked about?

Lincoln, go check it out first.

- Come in, Agent McBride, looks like we're needed

for another stakeout.

A secret agent's job is never done.

Ha! Ha!


Meant to do that.

- Cramped inside this tiny space

May sound bad, but ain't the case

In the Loud house - Loud house

- Duck and dodge and push and shove

That's the way we show our love in the Loud house

- Loud house

Laundry piles stacked up high

Hand-me-downs that make me cry

Stand in line to take a pee

Never any privacy

Chaos with 11 kids

That's the way it always is

In the Loud house

The Description of The Boss Maybe/Family Bonding