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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (2020 REVIEW!) Callaway Odyssey Triple Track Putter Technology

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- Hello, Rob Kusek here,

Master Club Fitter at Scratch Golf Academy.

Today, we're gonna talk about some triple track technology

that they're putting in the putters now.

Pretty cool thing that came out from Odyssey.

We're gonna look at these and show you

how you can improve your alignment

maybe with a little triple track technology

on the putter and on the golf ball.

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Let's check 'em out.

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All right, so triple track technology, right?

It came out last year in the golf ball.

What is triple track?

Well, triple track from the scientific terms

of it is vernier hyperacuity.

It's these lines on that golf ball.

It's a thick red line in the middle flanked

by two thinner blue lines on the outside edge.

Both are evenly separated apart.

This helps us get that golf ball aligned

on the putting greens, right?

They use this vernier hyperacuity

to land jets on planes, right?

To land on aircraft carriers.

That same technology is now going

into a golf ball and a putter.

If we can use that vernier hyperacuity, right?

Those alignment aids to get us lined up,

that's gonna help us out.

From tour pros again to amateurs,

everybody struggles a little bit

with alignment on the putting green.

This is here to help us now, right?

Callaway has or Odyssey has about five models

that they put these triple track lines in.

When combining it with a triple track golf ball as well,

I mean our alignment gets way up there,

we're so much better.

We can use even just a single line that some golf balls have

or the writing on a golf ball to get that lined up,

but again, when we compare the two

and we add the two together, it's almost foolproof.

We'll do some down the line and some perspective videos

in a second, just to show you what's going on with it.

But this technology is here to help us.

It's a great thing that we can use.

Now from that Odyssey putter,

they still have Stroke Lab in it.

So Stroke Lab is that multi-material shaft,

it's a metal shaft at the bottom

with a graphite shaft on top.

They saved about 40 grams of weight.

Now with that weight, they moved it around in the golf club,

made the head a little heavier

and put a little weight at the butt end of the golf club.

This helps us be more stable.

They found through changing some weight,

adding a little bit to the top and the bottom,

our stroke becomes a lot more consistent.

So we have a consistent stroke technology in here,

Stroke Lab, and triple track technology in our alignment,

I mean, we're going after building that consistency,

helping us get aligned, pretty good stuff here.

Let's do some down the line videos and some point of view

to show you what we're looking at.

All right, so here's what we're looking at

from that point of view perspective.

I got that triple track golf ball out there

and I have the Marxman in the triple track head.

You can see that if I get that red line

and all lined up perfectly, it's foolproof, right?

We're going right at that hole.

If we start to get misaligned,

I'm moving the putter now at this point,

you can see if I get my putter setup

and my lines are not matching, right?

We're probably gonna miss this one a little, right?

And vice versa, I'll miss this one, a little left.

But it just takes out that last little bit of doubt,

if we can get everything lined up,

we know we're setup for a lot more success using

that triple track technology.

All right, I'm gonna roll a couple puts now just to see

what it looks like, what if feels like.

I haven't really messed around with it too, too much yet,

but I do have a couple triple track balls here.

I got the Marxman again.

I took the Marxman because it has the biggest,

thickest alignment of that triple track on there.

There's a couple models out there,

there's a 2-Ball, which is classic.

So on the 2-Balls, it does have the three lines,

the thick red flanked by the two blues.

There's a 2-Ball Blade, there's also a one wide, so a more,

if you're a little more traditional

and you like that classic putter design,

it is a little bit wider, but it's like their number one.

Or an Anser or a Newport, all that same style,

that even has triple track on it now as well.

I'll show you the five models

in a second here for what they are,

but let's roll a couple just to see what goes on.

So I'll get that ball lined up pretty straight

on my target line, I like that,

gotta get that putter set-in behind it

and you can definitely see, again from the perspective,

that I'm lined up where I need to be.

I'm gonna open this one up and you can definitely see,

all of a sudden, that tail end starts to drop in,

I can see my two red lines are not equal,

back to it, got it.

Hopefully I read this one right.

Get in there, there we go.

Triple track, it's pretty obvious.

Just to help us out with some of that alignment.

I think I have this one perfect, but again,

even on the putter and the golf ball,

when I use both of 'em,

the lines are all separated the same,

they're spaced out the same,

when I get that putter actually right behind that golf ball,

it shows, it's all lined up.

Every one of these lines is going towards that target.

Just didn't hit that one.

Pretty good stuff here by Odyssey and what they did.

Let's check out a couple different models

and I'll show you those models that are out there.

All right, so here are those triple track head models.

Like I said, there's five head models that are out there.

They do offer two different neck options,

in the Ten and in the, there it is, the Double Wide.

So you can see they have the slant-neck option available

in the Double Wide here

and the slant-neck option available in the Ten here.

So both the Ten and the Marxman are going

to have that bigger, longer triple track technology, right?

You can really see what's going on with that head.

I mean, and when we get over top of it,

you can really check out how much,

now again, if we had that triple track ball in front of it,

how much those lines can really help us out

and get in line for our puts in all.

The Double Wide is more the standard look,

but again it still has that option

where we can get that triple track on there.

So, a lot of great putter options out here,

styles you can choose from,

five basic head styles all with triple track.

So everybody has their own little flavor,

but the Marxman and the Ten really show

how much you can line that thing up.

All right, so there we go.

Couple different head styles out there, right?

There's a flavor for everybody and a couple neck options

to accompany that Double Wide and then the Ten.

I like, to know my preference,

I like the Marxman and the Ten just

because of that longer triple track look.

Look, if you're going this way for alignment,

you're gonna want to help it out the best.

I thought that these heads really emphasize

where we're looking at.

Hey, we're trying to get lined up better,

trying to make another put or two a round,

that's why we're gonna use that triple track technology.

So, good stuff out there.

If it's good enough to land a plane on an aircraft carrier,

I think we can use it in a putter too.

So, hope that helps out.

We'll see you in the next club review.

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