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My greetings to all the residents.

Hi. Hello. - Hello.


My name is Mukhtiar Singh.

Neither am I a Sikh, Christian, Hindu nor a Muslim.

Just a human being.

All I will say is that I am not that good that I can be called god.

I am not that bad that I can be called a devil.

I am not here to seek your vote.

I know I will get them. - Yes.

You will have to vote for me. - We will.

Friends, everyone remembers what Mahatma Gandhi had said.

Speak no.. - Evil.

See no.. - Evil.

Hear no.. - Evil.

Is that's what's happening? - No.

It's just the opposite. - Yes.

It's true, right? Then speak up.

It was Mahatma's dream..

Move aside! Give way!

After gaining independence..

Move aside! Give way!

Peace should be restored. - Move aside! Give way!

I am here to fulfil his dream.

I will.. - Mr. Mukhtiar..

Calm.. calm down.

With that your speech ends.

Let's go to the police station.

We are here to arrest you.

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

What for?

The list of your crimes is long.

We will have time when you get locked up.

We will let you know.

Something official has come up.

I'll be back soon.

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh! - Move aside! Give way!

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live! - Mukhtiar Singh!

S.P. Karan Singh.

Karan Singh, it's me, Dinanath.

Your men have arrested Mukhtiar.

It was bound to happen. How long will you save him?

Listen to me..


He hung up!

Yes, Mr. Dayal.. - We need to win the election at any cost.

How are you, Mr. Dayal?

I am doing great. Tell me, how you doing?

I am fine.

You are here to meet the C.M.?

Yes, you know it has been a few days since Anokhi Devi has gone missing.

All the villagers wish to meet the C.M.

But he isn't at home. - Really?

Sir.. call for you.

See you later, then. - Okay.


Yes, Dinanath?

They have arrested Mukhtiar.

Call Karan Singh.

He is acting funny.

I will call the commissioner.

Do something, please.

The S.P. is calling.

Who S.P.?

Why aren't you answering my phone?

And why did you arrest Mukhtiar Singh?


He is a criminal.

He murdered Anokhi Devi.

What nonsense!

Anokhi Devi is alive.

Let him go.

Sir, we risk our life and arrest such criminals..

And you always come and let them go..

Because he is either your friend, brother or nephew.. - Shut up.

I will suspend you right away.

You cannot suspend us, sir.

Yes, but you can surely get us transferred.

I feel like stripping off your uniforms and sending you home right away.

There will be a day when we will either surrender our uniforms..

Or make sure you are stripped of yours.

You let go of Mukhtiar Singh?

Why? Do you have a problem with that?

Mr. Singh, he murdered Anokhi Devi.

Do you have any proof?

Nirbhay and Nishchay arrested him because they had proof.

You got them into trouble.

They listened to you and made a..

..mistake of arresting a politician like Mukhtiar Singh.

What were the consequences of that?

They were transferred to Line duty.

You are here every day with someone's sob story.

One day you will die trying to solve someone else's problem.

It's a small machine. It will give up suddenly.

Please take care.

Everyone's machine will give up one day.

The only difference is when people like me die..

There will be millions attending our funeral.

Whereas people will be paid to attend a funeral of a corrupted cop like you.

Tell me what will you take to keep mum?

I will get you a nice deal.

I will talk to Dinanath and get you the maximum I can.

You can keep half of it and I'll keep the rest.

Should I address you as an officer, a broker or a pimp?

Being an on duty cop in uniform.. are leading an honest man towards perfidy?

This lecture is not going to make any difference to me.

I hold enough power to arrest you for any crime.

Tell call a constable.

There is a room vacant in Agra's mental asylum.

If you want, I shall book it for you.

Until Anokhi Devi's case is resolved..

Neither will I rest in peace nor will I let the likes of you rest in peace.

My friends, a brave cop risks his life and arrests a..

..criminal like Mukhtiar Singh.

And the S.P. lets him go scot-free.

If the S.P. arrests someone.. the politician behest, the commissioner gives him a call.

This is our system.

We have gotten used to endure torture in silence.

We all will have to raise our voices.

We will have to rekindle the fire inside us.

Long live.. - Manoj Singh.

Long live.. - Manoj Singh.

If we have to solve Anokhi Devi's case..

And if you agree..

Then I suggest this case should be handed over to the C.B.I.

Yes! Hand it over!

Because there is no crime in this world that cannot be exposed..

..if the government wishes to do so.

If the respected chief minister can hear me..

Then I wish to tell him that Anokhi Devi is your daughter!

Chief minister's daughter..

..Anokhi Devi has been missing since the past 10 days.

But he is keeping mum.

What nonsense is this! - Stop it!

I will stick to what I have said. I shall repeat what I said.

C.M.'s daughter was raped and he is keeping mum.

Look sir, he is saying it again.

Look how he is talking. - Look how he is talking to you.

Sit down. Calm down, all of you.

Calm down. Please have a seat.

This is not right.

You shouldn't have linked me with Anokhi Devi in front of everyone.

I am not linking you with anyone, sir.

I am just repeating what you had said.

Five years back when you were the opposition leader..

Bhomli Devi's rape had caused an commotion in the assembly..

Do you remember what you had told the C.M.?

C.M.'s daughter was raped and he is keeping mum.

These were your words.

Every daughter in this country is C.M.'s daughter.

And it's a shame that this case cannot be resolved in your presence.

The public suggests this case to be handed over to the C.B.I.

I concur that every daughter in this country is C.M.'s daughter.

But I disagree that our police is incompetent.

Still, if all of you want this case to be handed over to the C.B.I...

Then I have no objection to it.

I will discuss this in the assembly.

"Truth alone prevails." - Thank you.

The C.M. is scared.

He knows all the senior leaders of the party are supporting us.

Forget it.

We will make Bansilal Mehra stand as independent candidate.

The C.M. will lose.

If he loses, he will no longer be the C.M.

'There is a lot of upheaval in Rajasthan's political..

..scene because of Anokhi Devi.'

'In a cabinet meeting the C.M. has decided that..'

'..her case should be handed over to the C.B.I.'

C.B.I. officer Satyaprakash Mishra will investigate this case.

'Today Rajasthan Royals..'

This is a conspiracy by the C.M.

He has purposely handed this case to the C.B.I.

The media welcomes you, Mr. Mishra.

Do you think you will be able to do what the police couldn't do?

Will you be able to find Anokhi Devi?

Look, one needs the police for such types of cases.

Sir, I've heard you are retiring in 60 days.

Will you be able to solve this case in 60 days?

If one is determined even 60 seconds are enough to do something.

But I request the media not to hype..

..this case and present it as a breaking news.

This can ruin the case instead.

Thank you. - Thank you, sir.



May I come in, sir?

Come in, S.P. Karan Singh.

Have a seat. - Okay.

Thank you, sir.

I was looking at your records.

How did you like them, sir?

You are going through a bad phase.

Here's the file of Anokhi Devi's case. - Keep it there.


What kind of a woman was Anokhi Devi?

She was a loose woman, sir.

She was known for luring people with her moves.

She was a singer and a dancer.

Missing person's photos get printed in the newspaper every day.

No one pays attention to them.

But a well-known politician's name is being linked with this case.

Hence this case has become so big.

Which politician?


You must be feeling embarrassed to tell me.

No. - No, you must be.

Fine, I'll tell you. Your friend Dinanath.

If this file wasn't an official record..

..I would've torn it apart long time ago.

This file is a character certificate of a corrupt officer like you.

No, sir.

You think I am a fool? - No.

You gave me this file to misguide me.

You are making an accusation on me.

I am not accusing you. I am putting a charge on you.

Two police officers risked their lives and caught the culprit Mukhtiar.

What did you do?

Without filing a F.I.R. or a case, you let Mukhtiar go.

No, sir.

Mukhtiar is a decent man.

Yes, sir.

You too look like a decent man.

You may go.

Wait a minute. Have a seat. - Okay. Sir.

Next time when I call you.. - Yes.

It will not be to seek help, but to investigate the case.

You may go now.

Yes, sir.

May I come in, sir.

Come in. - Thank you.

Come, Mr. Mishra. Please have a seat.

You will have to handle Anokhi Devi's matter very delicately.

There is too much politics involved in it.

But I am confident that you will solve this mystery quickly.

I will try, sir.

If you have decided that this case should be solved then it will be.

I just want inspectors Nirbhay and Nishchay who know this case well.

Unfortunately S.P. Karan Singh got them transferred to Police Line.

If you can transfer S.P. Karan Singh to Police Line..

And send both of them to me then it will help.

You will get whatever you want.

Thank you, sir.


'He placed us in Line and now he got placed in Line.'

Long Live.. - Dinanath Singh!

Welcome, Mr. Dinanath.

You got S.P. Karan Singh transferred in spite of knowing that he is my man?

You know how many proofs C.B.I. officer Mishra has against Karan Singh?

I'll advice you to keep mum for a few days.

It will do you good.

C.M., you know I am one of the four legs of the chair you are on.

And you know that a three-legged chair is unstable.

There is still time for the election, you can test my claim of you want.

Don't threaten me.

I respect your seniority.

If I am used to sitting in C.M.'s position..

..then I also have experience of sitting in the opposition.

Fine then, prepare to sit in the opposition.

Let's go.

Thank you, sir.

We are fortunate to get an opportunity to work with you and learn.

You are here because of your abilities.

Thanks anyway.

I was just reading the newspaper.

Who is Manoj Singh?

Sir, Manoj Singh knows about Anokhi Devi's case even more than the police.

Sir, actually, the government was forced to handover..

..this case to the C.B.I. because of him.

Have you met him?

Yes, sir. - Yes.

Are you Shamsher Singh's sons? - Yes, sir.

I knew your father. - Okay.

Your bravery tales are as famous as his.

You two are handling Anokhi Devi's case?

We are here with regards to the same.

Sir, if we get your help, we'll find our destination.

I want you to listen to something.

Listen to this.

'Hello, I am Anokhi. I think Mukhtiar will kill me.'

'If anything happens to me then..'

That's Anokhi Devi's voice.

'And listen..'

But sir..

I know this evidence isn't enough.


You are well aware of Mukhtiar Singh's deeds.

If you can get him arrested then we will know the truth.

Sir, we arrested Mukhtiar Singh..

But at a politician's behest S.P. Karan Singh let him go..

..without filing any report against.

You two will not face any obstacles henceforth.

Dinanath isn't scared of the prison.

Humans go to prison not animals.

The day I am arrested, there will fall short of prisons in this country.

I have 50 lakh supporters.

He will send me to prison. Scoundrel!

Sir, this is the number you asked me about.

This is Banaram's number.

Okay. You may go. - Sir.

Banaram? - Banaram is Anokhi Devi's right hand, sir.

Find out where he is. - Okay, sir.

I.. - Tell me where's the CD?!

Tell me! - I don't know where the CD is..

Tell me where you have kept it! - Sir! Sir!

Why are hitting me? I don't know!

Speak up! Speak up! You scoundrel! - Do you see the water down below?

I'll get you thrown in it! It is filled with crocodiles.

They'll eat you up.

I swear by my mother! - Speak up!

I don't know where that CD is!

You don't know? - I don't know where the CD is.

Sharma. - Yes, sir?

Come here. - I don't know. Listen to me.

Make him confess. Beat him up!

I said I don't know.

I am not used to killing mosquitoes.

I have always hunted lions.

Don't make me do it. Tell me, where is the CD?

I don't know. I don't have the CD.

You don't know? - I don't.

Then who knows? - Anokhi Devi has it.

Anokhi Devi has it? - Yes.

Chote. - Yes, brother?

Take him to Anokhi Devi.


Take him. Be careful. - Let's go.

Sir.. - Yes?

You need the CD?

Come with me.

Let's go. - Let's go.

Stop the car.

Please stop, it's urgent.

What's urgent? - This is.

Otherwise I'll have to do it in the car.

You want to relief yourself? - Yes.

Go and do it.

Get down.

Go there and do it.


Hurry back. - Yes.


He ran away!

Banaram! - Banaram!

Banaram, stop! - Banaram, stop!

He ran away.

Brother, I think he ran away.

Hi. - Hello.

Is this Banaram's house? - Yes, it is.

Is he home? - No. Brother hasn't come home since the last few days.

Is it?

It's nothing. I had taken some money from him.

I wanted to repay him. It's okay. I'll come some other time.

Listen.. please wait here. I'll go and check inside.



What is it, Rano?

Someone outside wants to give you money.

How many times have I told you!

If anyone comes enquiring about me say that I'm not at home.

But what about the money?

What about the money? Let the money go to hell.

You say that. I'll leave through the backdoor.

Don't get into this mess. - Listen, brother..


You were running away?

No, sir. I was not running away.

What brings you here, sir?

I am here to take you with me.

You are such a senior official.

You could've just phoned me. I would've come there.

You didn't need to come here. - Oh really?

You would've come there, huh?


Where are you hiding Anokhi?

Is she alive or did you kill her?

What are you saying, sir?

You heard what I just said.

Where are you hiding Anokhi?

I have left no stoned unturned searching for Anokhi Devi.

I cried a river missing her. I have lost sight. I am half blind.

Sir, you should find her otherwise I'll kill myself here itself.

We'll decide later whether you'll kill yourself or we'll kill you.

It was your brainchild that made a street dancer Anokhi stand in..

..the power corridor.

She became so powerful that it caused havoc from the capital.. Haldighati when she went missing.

Hence tell us the truth..

..otherwise I'll have to spend an official bullet on you.


Which one of you killed someone last time?

You.. - You go ahead.

Here, kill him. - Okay.

Kill me. Kill me, sir. End my life.

If I go here, I am asked where is Anokhi Devi.

If I go there, I am asked where is Anokhi Devi.

My life has become miserable.

Anokhi Devi! - Calm down.

My life has become hell.

Shut up!

You don't know where Anokhi Devi is?

I don't know, sir.

Then tell him whatever you know. - Calm down.

Come on.

Come here.

Go, tell him.


Anokhi Devi and..

"A knife was used somewhere."

"A bullet was shot somewhere."

"A group of spoilt brats are going somewhere."

"A knife was used somewhere."

"A bullet was shot somewhere."

"A group of spoilt brats are going somewhere."

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"How I saved my life!"

"My skirt.."

"My skirt.."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Get lost!"

"A lot of crazy lovers.."

"Have been trapped by your skirt."

"You made us drunk with your eyes."

"Otherwise we would've stayed thirsty."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Every locality, every market, everyone is after me."

"My skirt is colorful one."

"The accountant and the cop, both are contenders."

"My skirt is well decorated."

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing your skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing your skirt."

"We will stay close to your body."

"Make us your skirt."

"We will love you from the bottom of our hearts."

"Hide us in your body."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"Your skirt.."

"You are sloshed."

"Your intentions are not good."

"You won't get a piece of my skirt."

"Don't hover around me, my skirt is precious."

"My skirt won't listen to you."

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing your skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing your skirt."


"Beautiful your eyes.."

Guru.. I have a unique idea.

If Anokhi Devi joins hands with us then her skirt will cause havoc.

Her skirt? - Yes.

Or she?

You are smart.

Look, to be honest, I like her.

You know her, don't you?

You know where she stays, right?

Brother, I know in which area and where she stays.

I know her name, caste, creed, horoscope. Everything.

That's enough. - It's dangerous. Let's not go there.

I worship art and artists.

Stop this nonsense.

"I worship art and artists."

There is a beacon on top your car, right?

Yes, there is.

When the beaconed car will go in her area it will cause a scene.

You will earn yourself a bad name.

Elections are just around the corner.

I'll cover the beacon with a cloth.

Who will notice it in the night?

Saviour of the poor, Dinanath..

To put your pants down, you are ready to tight a cloth to the beacon.

Get this straight.

A naked man and a covered beacon are never respected.

Don't get into this mess.

Anokhi Devi is a deep dark well.

I wish to fall in this well.

You can survive a fall from the top of a mountain..

But you won't be able to survive the trap of a skirt.

After the election..

Why after the election?

I need it during the election.

Fine. Tomorrow.

Hello. - Hello, sir.


Welcome, Banaram.

Thank you, sir.

Come here.


Sit up here. - Sit over here.

No, I'm fine, sir.

Not there, sit over here.

Over here.

Thank you, sir.

So you are Anokhi Devi's bodyguard.


You have found a gem.

Why don't you give it to me? I'll make your life a luxurious one.


Why is he laughing?

It's a habit.

Even at a funeral, his crying would sound like laughter.

Thank you, sir.

He watched the show yesterday.

Do you know who he is?

Yes, we met at the show yesterday.

When someone like Mr. Dinanath, a party leader..


Is so affected by Anokhi Devi's art..

..I wonder what must be the state of young men.

Sir, every day a young man faints and goes to the hospital.

Because of madam.

He is right. You will die.

Who wishes to live?

Everyone has to die one day.

Why don't I have some fun before I die?


Get Anokhi Devi.


Will she come here? - She will.

Soon she will be an M.L.A. then a minister.. - Sir..

And you will be her secretary.

She is a wild horse. No one can control her.

I too have had rich diet.

I am strong all over.

Thank you, sir. May I leave?

Secretary? - Yes, sir?

Give him a box of sweets.

Small one or a big one?

A small one for now.


Then.. - A big one later.

And after that.. something bigger. - Yes.

He likes Anokhi Devi. - Yes.

Got him.

Why are you talking nonsense?

I won't meet him.

Your moves have made Mr. Dinanath go crazy.

You have made a fused bulb light up.

A politician has become a fan of yours.


If you want to enter politics then this is the first step.

After taking the first step you can soar higher..

From up there, the world will look small to you.

You will get a big car, the crowd..

Well-known people will look up to you.

Even the best ones will bow down to you.


What do you say?

Hello. - Hello.

Welcome, Mr. Sharma. How are you?

You met her?

I seek your blessings, madam. - What are you doing?

It's nothing. This is what happens in politics.

Someone or the other is touching someone's feet for some reason.

He too has gotten into a habit.

It's worse, it flows in his veins now.

When he goes home, he also touches his wife's feet.

Am I right, Mr. Sharma? - Come on!

What brings you here?

Sir has sent a new car for her.

And asked me to make sure she goes there in this car.

What.. what!

Here, talk to him.

Go ahead, talk to him.

Hello, sir. - Hi.

This car, these gifts.. I usually don't accept gifts.

This is just the beginning, madam.

I.. I cannot accept it.

Please consider me as your well-wisher.

Come here, we'll talk. Okay?

Just sit in the car and come here.

I was relaxing in a vest and you have made me dress up and sit here.

Half an hour as passed. When will she come?

Saviour of the poor, Dinanath..

Hello. - Welcome.

Come here.

Mr. Dinanath. - Hi.

Hello. - Hi.


How are you? - Fine.

Would you like some refreshments?

No, thank you.

You have met her?

Yes, you were at the show.

It's very.. - Yes.

I cannot express it. It was an amazing show.

It had gathered a lot of crowd.

We put posters, shout slogans but yet cannot gather such a crowd.

And what a crowd. Everyone was getting restless.

Some of them fainted.

If someone like you is in the Legislative Assembly, I say..

..then not even a single M.L.A will be absent.

Even if it's raining heavily or he has fallen ill.

They will attend the Legislative Assembly session.

Hello, Mr. Dinanath. - Hello, Mr. Gupta.

I was discussing something very important.

But it's okay. We'll discuss it later.

Come, have a seat. - Thank you.

How are you? - I am fine.

Do you know who she is?

You are a famous dancer.

Not a dancer, an artist.

Even a religious man like Mr. Gupta knows who you are.

He too has heard about you.

What brings you here, Mr. Gupta?

There is a school in Biravar, I want you to inaugurate it.

That's all.

With these hands?

Forget about it. Look over there.

God has created him with a lot of affection.

He must have spent a week to create her.

And he created me in half an hour and threw me here.

Look at my nose.

He changed it.

Make her do it.

But Mr. Dinanath..

You won't even have to gather a crowd.

Just announce that Anokhi Devi is inaugurating a school.

Mother, children, grandparents, everyone will be there.

Such a big job.. I can't.

This isn't a big job.

It's not at all big.

You just have to go, cut the ribbon and take the envelope of money.

That's all.

Banaram, make the arrangements. - Okay, Mr. Dinanath.

Okay then, I'll make a move.



You make an arrangement for the envelope.


One, two, three, four.. - Long live Mr. Dinanath!

One, two, three, four.. - Long live Mr. Dinanath!

One, two, three, four.. - Long live Mr. Dinanath!

One, two, three, four.. - Long live Mr. Dinanath!

Hello. - Hi.

I seek affection for the young ones and blessings from the elders.

Anokhi Devi seeks your blessings.

She is seeking your blessings, you act like her brother, right?

Listen.. listen to her.

Ladies and gentlemen..

Ask the tears..

Ask the tears..

To stop flowing.

Ask the lips..

To stop staying mum.

Rekindle the fire within you..

Rekindle the fire within you..

Let that fire burn brighter!

Long live.. - Anokhi Devi!

Long live.. - Anokhi Devi!

Your future is in danger.

They are all shouting slogans for her.

That's good, isn't it?

The more renowned she gets the more I will grow.

Ladies and gentlemen..

Mr. Dinanath made me inaugurate a school today.

I thank him for that.

He is a well-known politician.

He could've inaugurated the school himself.

But I don't know why he has given an ordinary artist such an honour.


I welcome Mr. Dinanath from the bottom of my heart.

Long live.. - Mr. Dinanath!

Long live.. - Mr. Dinanath!

I seek your blessings, sir. - No, give me a hug.

Like this.

Friends, all of you know that Anokhi Devi rules your hearts.

But now she has decided to join politics.

And she will bring glory to our party.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Long live.. - Anokhi Devi!

Love live.. - Mr. Dinanath!

A unique union of art and politics.


Did you notice something?

The crowd went crazy.

I thought Dinanath might get scared of the praises you got and will say..

"Madam, it's not right for you to enter politics."

Speak of the devil and the devil appears.

Hello, sir. Welcome. - Hi.


Anokhi, today, your speech reminded me of Ms. Indira and Mr. Atal.

They used to say ladies and gentlemen..

And the crowd would keep quiet.

People used to pay attention to what they said.

Your speech today..

I am pleased.

Hats off to you, Anokhi Devi.

He is on the track.

You are a miracle.

I want you to leave this rented apartment and shift into a bungalow.

I will make the arrangements.

I want to make you the most powerful women in the world.

I'll make you an M.L.A.

I'll make you a minister.

I will get you a car with a beacon on the top.

There will be armed bodyguards surrounding you.

When you'll proceed towards your residence from your office..

There will a police vehicles before and behind your car.

And the whole city will standstill till you don't enter your house.

There will be a traffic jam.

Nobody moves..

You are sure that I'll be successful in politics?

You have Dinanath backing you.

Not that Dinanath (God), this Dinanath.

Long live.. - Anokhi Devi!

Long live.. - Anokhi Devi!

Long live.. - Anokhi Devi!



How did you like the bungalow?

How is it?

You didn't like it?

Okay, I'll get another one for you.



Why are you staring at me?

It's such a big house.

Big people like big stuff.

I want you to live like a queen.

The happier you are the happier you will make me.


Right, Banaram? - Thank you, sir.


You should throw away your old shoes when you get new ones.

Got it?

No matter how expensive it is.

I want to transfer all the power Dayal has to you.

I see all the traits of a good leader in you.

I will make you stand for M.L.A's seat from Mertha.

It's your home ground.


Come on, let's get started.

Very good.



Keep your leg here.

What are you doing, sir?

What if anyone sees you applying nail polish on my toes?

Okay, so now you have started getting informal with me?

This is what happens in love.

Don't answer it.

What happened?

It must be one of my men.


Where are you?

I am busy with some family matters.

I know your family matters very well.

You can do family planning later.

Come here right away.

We need to plan for the state, the C.M. is waiting.

We need to decide on the tickets.

That decision was taken long back.

The C.M. has a habit to keep calling meetings.

Tell him that I am not feeling well.

I will send a medical certificate.

If it is valid in a court then why not there.

Stop troubling me.


Bloody skirt chaser!

You know how a tiger attacks?


Sir..! Yes, sir.

You have to make an image. Cover you head.

All ladies will get influenced.

My queen is getting famous.

'He misses no opportunity.'

That's it.

Higher. Higher. Higher.

Set the position.

Higher. Click it.

That's enough. You are done.

Nice. Well done.

Listen, Mr. Sharma.. - Yes, sir?

These hoarding should be places all over the city within a week's time.

Huge ones. - It will be done.

So big that it should put Madras and Lucknow to shame.

Okay, sir.

Got it? - Yes, sir.

Click a private one.

Mr. Dayal..

Hello. - Hi.


Welcome, sir.


How are you?


I can see that.

I want you to do something.

I want Degana's M.L.A. seat confirmed for Chaudhary Ramniwas.

You can take 5 crores.

Why are you joking with me?

Mr. Dinanath is like a brother to you.


But nowadays you are more important to him than me.

I cannot do it.

Yes, sir. It will be done. - Shut up.

I am not saying anything. I will stay quiet.

Anokhi, politics is a sea of pearls.

Whenever you dive in, you will surface with a hand full of pearls.

Look, politics is a place where you mint money.

Hello, sir.


Where have you been, my queen?

I'm always at your feet.

I'm the one who is at your feet.

You shouldn't leave, I feel sad.

It's the same for me.

Hey, you will kill me.

I will eat you up.


Come on..


Will you do me a favour?

Ask away, your highness.

I'll lay flat on the floor for you.

Give me Degana's seat's ticket for Ramniwas Chaudhary.

Ramniwas Chaudhary! That scoundrel?

I don't like him.

He used to be very close to you. What happened?

No one is ever very close in politics.

How did you get into that mess?


Stop being angry and give me the ticket for Ramniwas.

I know his wife.


Is she as beautiful as you are?

Hey, come on. How can anyone be beautiful compared to you?

Give me your hand.

A pen?


Ramniwas.. Degana

Go and show it to him.

He got the ticket.

Mr. Ramniwas.

He has brought 5 crores.


Hi, headman. How are you?

I am pleased to see you progress.

It's all thanks to you.

No, Anokhi. I am ashamed of what I did.

Please forgive me.

Anokhi, please forgive me.

What will people say when they'll see me sit with a destitute?

If you want to talk to me then go and sit there.

Get up. Go and sit over there.

I am a Nobody.

If anyone sees you touch my feet then you'll be defamed.

Mangala's wife is giving 5 lakhs for the ticket.

What do you have to give me?

I will give you whatever I have.

That's not enough.

This is business.

It's time to make money.

I will give the ticket to Mangala's wife.

It's time to make money.

You should start making preparations for the election.

I will myself ask people to vote for you.

Thank you very much.

You are worthless. Get out of here!

She wants a ticket!


Mangala's men have put a lock on your house.

What's happening?

Why did your men lock my house?

I have the key with me.

Do you want it?

Your stubbornness will kill you.

You can become rich whenever you want.

You possess such a big treasure.

You will ever get what you are thinking.


Give me fifty thousand and take the key.

I will repay in instalments.

You still haven't given me a penny.

What will you do with the honour you are trying to save..

..when the villagers learn that your mother has lost her house?

You are great, Mahatma Gandhi.

You can make anyone rich or poor.

I used to yearn for hundred rupees.

Now I have millions in front of me.


I had gone to Anokhi's house.

You know she has become very rich overnight.

She owns a big house, a big car, has servants.

She has completely changed.

What's in this bag?

Rs. 5 crores.

Anokhi has given them.

She trusts us.

You know she is contesting in the elections.

Give it back.

But why?

Call her and ask her to take it back.

I didn't steal this money.

You are from a rich family.

You don't know the value of money.

I know what poverty is.

I have seen my mother struggle for every penny.

My father passed away when I was a child.

I didn't have money to treat my mother's illness.

I have seen her die a painful death.

For you this is just paper.

But for me, this is God.

After a lot of struggle this Anokhi has become Anokhi Devi.

I asked Dinanath to give someone a ticket for a M.L.A.'s seat.

I got 5 crores for that.

So what's wrong in that?

It's a pity..

..political positions are..

..being disturbed for money and not on the bases of competence.

When these people will win and rule..

What kind of a reign it will be and what will be the policy?

Anokhi, don't get into this mess.

When they didn't spare this country how will stay spare you?

Give this money back.

What about my ticket, sir? - Keep quiet.

"What about my ticket?"

This is not sweets that I will keep distributing.

The headman wants to become an M.L.A.

The M.L.A. wants to become a minister.

And the minister wants to become a the chief minister.

The chief minister wants to become the prime minister.

Everyone has an inch to scratch.

Everyone is talking about Anokhi Devi's ticket.

I have been opposing this from the very beginning.

I have tried reasoning it with Dinanath.

He shouldn't get involved with Anokhi.

But he doesn't listen. He is stubborn.

He doesn't listen to me.

He does what he feels like.

Last night I told him when..

..the opposition has given the ticket to Lakhan Chaudhary..

..then we should give the ticket to Mukhtiar Pehalwan.

That's it.

But he doesn't listen.

People think from up here and he thinks from down there.

Reason it with him or he will be shot from down below.

He will be framed for crimes committed by all of us.

First let the opposition party decide on their candidate.

Then we will announce the name of our candidate.

If they give the ticket to a nice man then we too shall do the same.

If they place a criminal then we too shall do the same.

We party has a lot of criminals.

For Mertha they have announced Lakhan Chaudhary's name.

We too should place a leader with muscle power.

And I think Mukhtiar is the perfect candidate for it.

Anokhi Devi will contest from Mertha.

She has my blessings.

Anokhi Devi won't suffice.

Lakhan Chaudhary is a very strong candidate.

You should get Mukhtiar.

Do you think Anokhi Devi is a weak candidate?

She gathers a crowd wherever she goes.

And our party is in the limelight.

Even if we make a donkey contest, he will win.

Mukhtiar has made up his mind to contest in the elections.

If you don't give him a ticket the opposition will.

He has muscle power. A lot of it.

Think over it.

As far as Anokhi Devi is concerned..

..we will make her contest from someplace else.

We need to think of her otherwise she will destroy me.

Look at this!

One, two, three, four.. fifty and not five.

I will have your posters placed everywhere.

Anokhi Devi will be seen in every lane and juncture.

People will lift their head and look at your poster and faint.

Let me know if there's anything missing.

You have Banaram with you. - This is what is missing.

Hello. - This is missing.

Make her wear it. Place it on her if you want to.

He's Mukhtiar.

A well-known goon of our area.

No one can win the election in Mertha without his support.

I am here to tell you that I am contesting from Mertha.

Dinanath will decide that.

Dinanath cannot make that decision.

I am the one making the decision.

Reason it with her.

You are threatening me in my own house?

You are very arrogant about your power, aren't you?

Do one thing.. - Anokhi..

Let us both contest as independent candidates.

Let's see who the public votes for.

Your pistol or my moves..

Calm down, Anokhi.

Why should I calm down?

He is threatening me in my own house?

Tell Dinanath that your madam has decided not to contest from Mertha.


Let's go. - Bye.


What did he say? - Sir..

What does he think of himself?

Let me tell you something, Anokhi.

Let's not get into this mess.

Mukhtiar knows a lot of Dinanath's secrets.

He cannot go against Mukhtiar even if he wants to.

I am not a novice either.

I have given up everything, I won't keep quiet.

Be brave.

I'll handle everyone.

"Come closer."

"Come close to me."

"I am getting restless."

"My heart is beating faster too."

"I can feel the heat."

"Come on, place a bet on love."

"Come on, place a bet on love."

"We both are here."

"Our hearts are beyond logic."

"There is no patience left."

"Come on, place a bet on love."

"Come on, place a bet on love."

"My breath is erratic. My heart yearns."

"Come on, quench my thirst."

"Oh yeah!"

"Come into my arms."

"Hold me."

"Take whatever you want."

"Enjoy the warmth of my embrace."

"Not being restricted by any ties.."

"Let me love you the most.."

"And take everything that you possess."

"Come on, place a bet on love."

"Come on, place a bet on love."

"Come on, place a bet on love."

Why is this trouble here?


Welcome. Welcome, my lion. My brave lion.

My advisor!

I was just thinking about meeting you.

To tell me not to contest in the elections?

What are you saying?

Have a seat.

The opposition is petrified from the time you have decided to contest.

But I have a suggestion to make.

You should contest from Ajmer instead of Mertha.

There are more Muslims in Ajmer.

It seems difficult contesting from Mertha.

You think it is difficult for me to win and your girl, the dancer..

It's easier for her to win?

Look, you can sit on her lap if you want.

She can only get you love and not votes.

I have decided that I will contest from Mertha.

And that's final.

Where are you going? Why are you getting angry?

Get some tea, please.

We will do as you say.

You can contest from wherever you want.

What are you saying, Mukhtiar?

Where are you, Banaram? - With the hoarding maker.

You always disappear in the morning.

Don't you have to deposit money in the bank?

I am here to do some work.

'Mukhtiar Khan's name has been announced from Mertha.'

'From Degana, Ramniwas Chaudhary will be Janseva Party's contestant.

'Other contestants name will be announced soon.'

Sir, Anokhi Devi's call.

Anokhi Devi! Tell her I am not at home.

He has left his phone at home.

Look, your madam is here.


Yours or mine, it doesn't make a different.

Calm her down. Hurry up.

Yes, Mr. Gupta?

What is this game that you are playing with me?

Let's go inside and talk.

We will talk here.

We cannot discuss this out in the open.

Come on, let's go inside.

Think about what I said, Mr. Gupta.

This will benefit both of us.

I will think over it. - Yes.

No, take your time.

Calm down. I will find a solution, I promise.

You promise?

You guys never keep your promises.

Will you call him here or should I go outside?

I think she is angry.

Why are you getting angry, madam?

There isn't just one seat, there are 200 of them in the state.

If not Mertha we will make you contest from somewhere else.

If needed I'll let go of my position, and you can take it.

I'll back out.

Stop your drama.

If I know how to strip, I also know how to expose others.

Hey! Stop it!

I had told you not to play this game.

Don't chase the skirt..

I have the price for it.

I have given her a lot. Wealth, money, car..

I picked her up from the ground and made her a queen.

I have made her rich.

If you need more you can take another 20-50 lakhs.

I am very generous.

Don't try to lure me with money.

I can get many fools like you if I move my skirt a little.

Mind your language!

You are a fool. You gave me the key to your fate.

Get out of here. Get out! - What are you doing? - Let go!

Hey, old man! - What are you doing!

Have you seen your face in the mirror?

Forget a human, not even a dog will go close to you.

Get lost! Just hear him talk! - Banaram, get her out of here!

Let go of me!

You got what you wanted and I got what I wanted. - Scoundrel.

Get lost! - You will be damned!

When she had come she used to say, "I make a mean mutton curry."

"I'll make it for you."

Calm down. - She will cook mutton for me!

A thankless wretch!

Calm down. - Let go of me.

Do you want to get us killed?

Why are you getting angry with me?

All this is happening because of you.

What did I do?

You were the one who praised Dinanath.

You were the one who introduced us.

He is this, he is that. He is like this. He is like that.

Have fun now.

Whatever I did was for your own good. - "For me!"

You should go and question Mr. Dayal.

You will become an M.L.A.

You will get a beaconed car.

You will become a chief minister.

Didn't you say such things?

Mr. Dayal had promised me.

You should talk to him.

He is the one who showed us this dream. - Mr. Dayal, yeah right!

There he is! Why have you gotten me into this mess, sir?

You have a right to be angry, Anokhi.

Get this straight.

If someone cheats or deceives me..

And if I don't get Mertha's seat..

Then I'll do something which you cannot even dream him!

Why are you getting angry with me?

I just told Dinanath that what he did with you was not right.

Let me show you what all he did to me!

The whole drama!

Come on, have a seat.

This is just a trailer.

The film isn't over yet.

The film isn't over yet.

Yes? What happened?

What else could've happened?

She has made a CD of you using her mobile.

I just saw all your deeds and poses on bed.

That CD will ruin your reputation.

Your political career will be over.

The entire state will be disgusted with you.

You will be criticized by every household.

Forget the daytime, you wouldn't be able to face anyone at night either.

And the party you have served all these years..

The same party will throw you out.


Did the old man understand?

Reason it with him or I will ruin him.

He is feeling embarrassed. Here, talk to him.

I made a very big mistake, madam.

Now, should I come to you to apologize or will you come to me to forgive me?


She disconnected the call.

Thank God it's just the phone which has been disconnected.

Will you just stop your nonsense?

Anokhi Devi, please accept well-wishes from Premprakash Gupta.

Why are you embarrassing me, Mr. Gupta.

You are elder to me.

Please accept my well-wishes.

You are incomparable. There is no one like you.

People of Biravar have still not forgotten you.

How are you, Mr. Dinanath?

What is she doing over here?


Anokhi went to the C.M. or did the C.M. call her?

I'll give you an advice.

Touch her feet and apologize in a closed room.

Stop your nonsense. You think I'll apologize to her?

I won't apologize to her even if I am dying.

I will die but I won't apologize.

It's Dinanath. - Talk to him. Don't be scared.

Hello? - Did you go to meet the C.M.?

Yes, I did. - Why?

I had work. I didn't go there to have tea.

Look Anokhi, the path you have chosen is not right.

You will regret it.

You are threatening me?

I am not threatening you. I am trying to reason with you.

What is wrong with you?

Don't take a wrong step getting influenced by others.

Got it?

Come on now, stop being angry and come here.

He is getting restless.


I slept with her and I invited trouble.

Talk about Anokhi Devi and thousands of crowd will gather.

Hence I've decided that not Dinanath but Dindayal..

..will be the next chief minister of this state.

And this woman who is being refused a ticket will.. the deputy chief minister.

The deputy chief minister.

You don't need to beg for a ticket.

This woman is meant to distribute tickets.

And nowadays money is the biggest power.

And she holds the keys to his treasury.

Now she should act smart and ask for 50 crores instead of a ticket.

He will give it to her happily.

Not 50 crores, sir. We are small. A few crores..

We will make do with a few crores too.


Don't think keeping in mind your height.

Think about your courage and demand.

You have the courage of an elephant.

If this woman asks for 100 crores then too he'll..

..give it with a smile on his face.

But we are not greedy, only 50.

Think 50 crores from Anokhi Devi.

And I have 40 members with me.

When these two unite, it will create a drama in Rajasthan.

Welcome, Anokhi Devi.

You have done something very unique.

A woman doesn't make such CDs.

When a man acts like a streetwalker, then a woman can do anything.

You have changed very quickly.

When you can change then so can I.

You gave Mertha's seat but in the end announced Mukhtiar's name.

Don't I have any honour?

I had my posters pasted on the streets.

What do you think of yourself?

Who are you?

Look, try to understand the matter.

Mukhtiar is someone I am helpless about.

He is illiterate and uncivilised.

He knows a lot of my secrets. Why do you worry?

I'll reason it with Mukhtiar and give him another seat.

Come on now, give me the CD.

If the opposition gets hold of it then both you and I will get defamed.


And if the people see the CD then you will become famous.

You will become the C.M. without putting in any hard work.

Don't test my patience.

Give me the CD. It will benefit you.

Fine, take the CD. And give me 50 crores.

50 crores. You don't even weigh as much as it does.

You are blackmailing me?

A deal. I am making you a deal.

When you become the C.M. you will make 5000-7000 crores.

It's business for both of us.

I can give you 1-2 crores to save my honour.

I will take 50 crores.

You will have to pay dearly for this. Remember that.

That's what I am saying.

If I become stubborn then you too will suffer.


I think we should resolve this matter peacefully and quietly.

I'll buy her and grow grass on top of it.

Threatening me won't help her.

People shoot for me even before I order them to.

I will get everyone arrested.

I want my bungalow, car, everything back.

She wants 50 crores.

She isn't even worth 50,000.

Is this the first time she slept with anyone?

No one will give her more than 2000 for a night.

Go and reason it with her.

Your problem is that you act childishly stubborn.

Look, Dinanath has bluntly said that he will have us begging in the streets.

Think about it. Don't get into this mess.

We cannot make such big moves.

Banaram, a horse never stops in the middle of a race.

It races till the end, whether it wins the race or loses it.

Anokhi has on the battlefield, she cannot back out now.

We will take things as they come.

Sir, she was very stubborn.

She didn't listen to me, hence I left her alone.

I don't know anything more than that.

You don't know or you don't want to tell me?

When I have told you everything what's left to hide?

May I? It's urgent.


Keep an eye on him. I don't trust him completely.

Okay, sir. - Yes, sir.


Hello, Mr. Mishra.

It's me, Dinanath.

Yes, Mr. Dinanath?

The home minister in Delhi, Rajdeep Singh is my friend.

He is also your friend.

I have a desire to meet you.

Will you come here to meet me or should I come there to meet you?

You will come here to meet me soon.

For the time being I will come there to meet you.

As God wills.

Look Mr. Jayant, you help me now and I'll help you the next time.

Yes of course. I am with you.

Sir, the C.B.I. officer Mishra is here.

Ask him to come inside. - Okay.

See you soon, Mr. Jayant. - Okay.

Thank you. - Bye.

Just have some patience.


Bye. - Bye.

This way, sir. - Thank you.

Hello. - Hi.

This way, sir.



Hello. - Hi.

I am so pleased that you came here.

Rajdeep Singh keeps singing your praises.

He is my childhood friend.

You told me.

Please be comfortable.

How about a cup of tea?

I don't drink tea.

Don't worry, I won't poison your tea.

Poison has no effect on me, Mr. Dinanath.


What's that status of Anokhi Devi's case?

What's the progress of the case?

We are very close to the culprit, sir.

Arrest him.

I will as soon as you say it.

Mr. Mishra, you are getting off the track.

I am trying to befriend you and you are trying to become my enemy.

You have been investing for 40 days now.

You have only 20 days before retirement.

A case can be solved even in 20 seconds.

It is solved. I just need to execute the line of action.

I will give you an advice.

After 20 days you won't have a beaconed car or any power.

You will be walking on the streets.

Friends that you make now will come in handy, not enemies.

Anyway, forget about it.

It's okay if you don't have tea. How about a cup of coffee?

The next time.

We will have a cup of coffee together, but in my office.


Yes, Dinanath?

The C.B.I. officer Mishra will ruin our lives.

Then let's get rid of Mr. Mishra.

Sir, you go to the temple everyday?

Those who live with their head held high should bow down to God sometimes.

Yes, sir.




How much were you paid to shoot at him?

Tell me!

10000 rupees, sir.

You will kill someone for 10000?

This is the ongoing rate in the market.

If I wouldn't have killed him someone else would have.

We will help you if you help us.

Now it's up to you. - Okay, sir.

Good that you two came here.

You have troubled me a lot.

Don't test my patience.

Go and get my brothers.


We are here because of your brothers.

The thing is, they feel lonely in the lock up.

Hence we are here to get you.

You two against my army?

Nirbhay Singh? - Yes, Nishchay Singh?

One Hanuman was enough to set the Lanka on fire.

There are two of us. - Yes.

And there are 200 standing outside as well.

Do tell him that, Nishchay Singh.

Look Mukhiar, bloodshed won't help you.

Act smart and fight us legally.

We are here to arrest you for Anokhi Devi's murder case.

And we will arrest you.

Come with us peacefully, sir.

Otherwise we know how to take officially. - Yes.

I won't ask whether or not you know Anokhi Devi.

Because I know you killed her.

I am interested in the people who instigated you for it.

I want to end the crime and criminal from the root.

You have two options.

If you help us then we might be able to help you.

But if we go to court, before the court decides a..

..death sentence for Anokhi Devi's murder, I'll kill you personally.

You have to make the decision.

Is it a yes or a no?


They are your brothers, right?

They have confessed everything.

He accepted defeat even before the fight.

How can he be my brother?

Take them away.

They've given a statement that you have killed Anokhi Devi.

It's over, everything's settled.

Why are you so worried when you know everything?

Close the file. Take me to court. That's all I am saying.

Not to the court, we will send you up there, Mukhiar Singh.

Our sir has decided that we will do your justice, and not the court.

I have brought a return ticket with me.

Mukhtiar! - Yes, sir.

We will shove your attitude!

It's said that the brawns are killed by the fools.

We can get your killed by any ordinary man.

We have many people. - Anything else?

This way, sir.

What's the progress on Anokhi Devi's case?

We are very close to the destination, sir.

You are brave and talented. - Thank you, sir.

This way.

Hello. - Hi.

Come, Mr. Manoj Singh.

I tried meeting you but I came know that you had gone out.

Yes, I had gone to my village to meet my mother.

Okay. Please have a seat. - Thank you.

You've troubled the government with Anokhi Devi's case.

In spite of knowing that well-known goons and..

..politicians have been linked with Anokhi Devi's case..

So, you didn't feel scared to raise your voice against them?

Look, everyone has to die one day.

Death has been very generous to me.

It has knocked on my door a number of times and returned.

You are an interesting person.

I have heard a lot about you.

Tea, sir. Thank you. Shall I make it for you?

Keep it here. You may leave.

Okay, sir. - Thank you.

I cannot solve this case without your help.

You please continue. - Tell me how I can help you.

The information Anokhi Devi gave you about Mukhtiar Singh..

I would like to hear that.

Sure. Just a minute.

Here you go.


'Hello, I am Anokhi. I think Mukhtiar will kill me.'

'If anything happens to me release the CD, give it to the police.'

What happened next?

Either someone took the phone from her or it fell.

Did she mention a CD?

She was going to tell me the details of the CD but..

Do you have any CD? - No.

But Anokhi Devi has a bank locker.

Geeta has the key of the locker.

Perhaps that CD is in that bank locker.


Does Anokhi Devi have a bank locker?

Yes, I have the locker number.

There must be a CD in it. I want that CD. - Okay.

Yes, I understood. I need to give way to him, right?

Darling, your demands never end.

Fine. Don't worry. I will get whatever you want.

Let's go for a movie in the evening.

Wear the skirt I gifted you on your birthday.


Tell your mother that you have extra classes.

Anyway, your mother is very naïve. She won't say anything.

Hang up. You will get me killed.

What are you doing, son?

You are talking on the phone while riding a motorcycle.

You will die and also get others into trouble.

Stop at the side and talk at leisure. - Yes, sir.

I am letting him pass. Bang into him.

Yes, let him come.


He's bleeding profusely.

Hurry up. He is badly hurt.

Doctor, my father?

He is fine.

I have given him something to help him sleep.

Go home and rest.

No, I will stay here with him.

Look, you have been worried since morning.

We are here to take care of him.

Go. Come in the morning.

Are you sleepy? - No, sir.

But you look like you want to sleep.

Go. - No, sir. We weren't sleeping.

Go and wash your face. Go and have tea.

Go and have tea. Go.

Let's go.

Karan Singh..!


The greed for power and money has made you a scoundrel.

What you did is legally termed as an attempt to murder.

And the police department could've killed you for that.

I too could've done that..

. but I didn't want your impure body to be covered..

..with the Indian flag after you die.

I didn't want police department to officially..

.. mourn after your death and the flag to be lowered to half-mast.

It would've been an insult to our national flag.

Nirbhay, take off his uniform.

Come on.

'There will be a day when we will either surrender our uniforms..'

'Or make sure you are stripped of yours.'

Sorry, sir. I won't be able to do it.

Hello, Mr. Manoj Singh.

It's me, Dinanath.

I have sent Rs 2 lakhs for your treatment.

Don't hesitate if you need more.

You inflict the wound and then you tend to it.

It's God's will.

Take it away.

It will help him put up some more hoardings. - Okay.

Keep the flowers. - Okay.

Banaram said that he left Anokhi Devi near Tiloraha.

And the last call she made was from somewhere near Tiloraha.

Here, sir. Pipping hot tea with cream made by Pintu.

It will make you crazy.

Have you added opium in it?

Why will I add opium to it, sir? - Have a seat.

It's okay. - Have a seat, don't act funny.

It's okay, sir. - Sit!

Don't shout. I feel scared.

Pintu.. - Yes?

Are you on duty at night as well? - Yes.

Did a woman come here on the night of 1st July, almost 1 ½ month ago?

Sir, men and women come here everyday.

Who all can I pay attention to?

Did something unusual take place? Think about it.

Look at this. This woman.

Yes, sir. I remember. She looked like her.

Some goons took her away.

Who were they? Have you seen them before?

Will you be able to recognise them?

I don't recognise them but I recognise the car.

It keeps coming to Mr. Dinanath's farmhouse.

Where is the farmhouse?


Sir, it's Nirbhay Singh.

There is a roadside eatery near the highway.

Some goons took her from there.

Where are you now?

We are going to Dinanath's farm house.

Call me if necessary. - Yes, sir.


'This could be Anokhi's mobile.'

Constable. - Yes..

Yes, sir.


Come here. Dig here.

You want a cigarette?

No, I don't smoke cigarettes.

Oh, I forgot. You smoke Bedi (local cigarette), right?

Here, I'll give you the brand you use.

It's bad to smoke. But a lot of people smoke this brand.

You used this stick to light it, right?

We found this Bedi and this stick..

.. from the place where you killed and cremated Anokhi Devi.

There's more. This stick and these pieces have your fingerprints on them.

I killed her with the stick or the Bedi?

Fine, assume I accept that there are my fingerprints on them.

But with this how can you prove..

.. that if Anokhi Devi is dead, I have killed her?


Hello? - Nirbhay, I want to see you.

Yes, sir.

Okay, sir. - Come over.

So, did you say anything?

No, sir. He's a hardcore.

Anokhi Devi has been killed and then cremated.

They must have brought the timber from somewhere.

Find out if there is any sawmill close by.

Okay, sir. - Can you explain it to me again?

Did any of them come on the night of 1st to take some timber?

I don't remember. - Look carefully.

The one with the yellow turban, sir.

Are you sure? - Yes, sir. He came at night.

He woke me up to get it.

They took 8 tons of wood.


One of them came back after two hours.

He used my mobile. - Really?

Yes, sir.

Okay. Thank you.

Sir, my mobile?

Don't worry. I will give it back. Okay?

Sir, it's me. Nathulal.

There's some important news.

They are taking Mukhtiar to court tomorrow morning.

Jabber Singh.

Yes, Mr. Dayal?

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Long live.. - Mukhtiar Singh!

Don't let him escape!


I am going to court. Call me if something urgent comes up. - Okay.


Sir, someone court at Mukhtiar in the court.


Yes, sir.

I didn't kill Mukhtiar, I got him killed.

Mukhtiar wasn't my father's son that I would act as his brother.

He would go to court and confess..

..that I killed Anokhi Devi at Dinanath's behest.

What would've happened then?

I got rid of the obstacle.

Mukhtiar Singh killed Anokhi Devi.

Now that Mukhtiar is dead..

.. the law cannot do us any harm in Anokhi murder case.

I am your friend.

I have been true to our friendship.

Do one thing..

Send Rs. 2 crores to Jabber Singh through your secretary.

Tell him.

Sharma. - Yes, sir?

Arrange for 2 crores rupees. - Okay, sir.


Sir, I have some important news.

I want to tell you something about Mukhtiar Singh's murder.

Who are you?

That's not important.

Dinanath and Dayal got Mukhtiar murdered through Jabber Singh.

Dinanath's secretary is going to pay Rs. 2 crores for that.

Jabber Singh is at Masudha's farmhouse.

This is the right information, sir.


Who are you?

I am Dinanath's secretary.

Mr. Dayal has sent Rs. 2 crores for you.

Mr. Dayal..

Who killed Mukhtiar?

How many times will you ask me that?

How many times do I have to tell you?

At Mr. Dayal's behest I killed Mukhtiar..

You are lying.

Dinanath's secretary gave you Rs. 2 crores at your place.


No one's name is printed on the money, sir.

I only know Dayal. I don't know any Dinanath.

You won't gain anything by hitting me.

I am telling the truth.

I killed him at Dayal's behest.


It's possible that Dayal got him killed but

sent the money through Dinanath's secretary.

It's possible that Dayal and Dinanath has some personal issues.

You never really know with these politicians.

I think he's just a pawn of their politics.

That's all.

Mr. Mishra! What brings you here!

I was just passing by when I thought..

.. I should pay homage to this sacred place.

And atone for my sins.

You and sins?

You are what your name suggests.

You cannot commit any sin.

Mr. Dayal, one feels bad..

.. when unknowingly hurts feelings of someone like you.

What is this prayer for? - To atone for my sins.

Like you.

You made mistakes?

It's life, Mr. Mishra.

It's difficult.

You unwillingly need to get rid of people to make way for yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes. Hence one has to atone.

Now that you are here..

.. why not put a few drops of pure clarified butter into the fire?

It will purify the fire.

Please come with me.


Please, this way. Have a seat.

Pray for Mr. Mishra's long life.

Take this offering.

And if needed, give the years left in my life to him.


You are doing politics here as well.

You are giving me the years left in your life, that too if needed.

Okay, I've given the offering. I'll make a move now.

Priest.. - Yes?

Please continue. I'll escort him and be right back.

Okay. - Let's go.

Bye. - Let's go.

Mr. Mishra, I cannot tell you how happy I am.

I stay close by. Please come with me for a cup of tea.

No, I am getting late.

I have a meeting with the C.M. in the evening. - Okay.

I have prepared Anokhi Devi's file.

I need to show it to him.

This dirty business will continue, Mr. Mishra.

There's a saying in the Era of Third you got buttermilk.. the era of Second you got clarified butter.

In the dark era, all you get is tea, so have it whenever you are free.

You should at least have one cup of tea.

Who penned that?

It's nice. - Sometimes..

I drove my own car so I..

That's even better. I'll come in your car.

My life will be in your hands and we will reach home safe.

Let's go.

Hello? - Sir, it's me. Nathulal.

Yes, Nathulal. What happened?

The new C.B.I. officer has arrested Mr. Dayal.

He has brought him to his office.

Damn.. Okay, I will come.

I praise not your cleverness but your smartness.

That you didn't publicly arrest me.

There would've been a lot of bloodshed if you would've arrested me publicly.

I had a desire to have tea with you, Mr. Mishra.

If not there then let's have it here.

Offer me a cup of tea, please.

Send in a cup of tea. - Okay, sir.

Anokhi Devi was a member of your party.

You don't feel sorrow because she is missing?

I have used all my power to find her, sir.

I made sure that the case goes to the C.B.I.

I pressurized the C.M. and brought you here.

You did me a huge favour.

Now do me another favour.

Just let me know whether Anokhi Devi is dead or alive.

Oh God.

Mr. Dayal, your betterment lies in telling me the truth.

Go and tell him that Janseva party's leader Dinanath is here.

Yes, sir. I'll tell him that right away.

Why do you need to think over it?

Tea, sir? - Give it to him.


Sir, Janseva Party's leader Mr. Dinanath is waiting outside.

Shall I send him in?

Make him sit outside.

Make him wait. - Okay.

Did you tell him? - Yes.

He has asked you to have a seat.

I have been sitting since the past half an hour. - Yes.

Did you tell him Janseva Party's leader Mr. Dinanath is here?

I said exactly that, sir.

That Janseva Party's leader respected Mr. Dinanath is waiting outside.

But it made no difference to him.

He is in a meeting, sir.

Who is in there? The prime minister?

Mr. Dayal is here. - So?

He said if you wish to wait then you can otherwise you may leave.

Leave. - Okay.

Shall I get tea for you? - Let the tea go to hell!

What nonsense is this!

I have been waiting since the past half an hour!

You don't have ten minutes for Janseva Party's leader?

Are you such a big officer?

I make and break the fate of officers like you every day.

Enough. You won't say a word more.

What will you do?

We will arrest you for misbehaving with an government official.


We won't arrest you for a pity crime.

We won't make the mistake of arresting you in the..

..morning and releasing you in the evening.

We will send you to prison for sure, but for a lifetime.

Oh really?

Then you wait for that day and that moment all your life.

Scoundrel is a little educated and he thinks he's..

I have spoken to the solicitor. - Okay, sir.

Go and introduce them. - Okay, sir.

Let's go. - Let's go.

Mr. Mishra, you should reconsider your decision before arresting Dinanath.

Dinanath has a strong hold on the people from his own caste.

His arrest can cause a law and order situation in the state.

Sir, I have all the proofs.

Right from making Anokhi Devi disappear to getting her killed..

From killing her to destroying all evidences..

Dinanath and Dayal are behind this, sir.

Trust me. I'll take care of everything.


Hello, sir. Mr. Mishra is waiting downstairs.

Is he alone? - Not alone. He has brought a police force with him.

Okay, let him come.


You must be surprised to see me here.

Please continue eating.

Do join me. - No, thank you.

You have brought a police force with you.

To arrest me.

You have brought a warrant with you?

I am the warrant.

When I want to arrest someone, I issue the warrant on the spot.

All the evidences in Anokhi Devi's case are against you.

Keep your phone down and come with me peacefully.

There will be no peace.

This will cause an upheaval in the state!

It is not a joke to arrest Dinanath.

Yes, tell me.

What are the orders for us?

Stay downstairs. - Okay.

I am getting him.

Finish your meal then we will leave.

'In Anokhi Devi's case C.B.I. officer..

..Satyaprakash Mishra has arrested Dinanath and Dayal.'

'They will be presented in front of the court tomorrow.'

'Apart from being a C.B.I. officer Satyaprakash Mishra is also a lawyer.'

'He has sought permission from the court to fight Anokhi Devi's case.'

'It rained a little in Jodhpur today..'

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader or I will set myself on fire.

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader!

Release our leader or I will set myself on fire.

Long live.. - Mr. Dinanath.

You want to set yourself on fire right?

Go ahead. - No, sir. No.

What is your name?


Do you know him? Do you?

No, sir. No.

Do you know him?

Mishra, everyone in the state is my devotee.

I cannot know everyone's names.

You heard him?

He doesn't know you. You don't know him.

But yet you want to kill yourself for him.

This is the problem with the people of this country.

A common man is ready to die for his leader.

But post independence has any leader sacrificed his life for a common man?

You want to be a hero?

Let's go.

Long live.. - Mr. Dayal!

Long live.. - Mr. Dayal!

Mr. Dinanath.. - You are eternal!

Milord, these are records of Anokhi Devi's case.

This states how Anokhi Devi became a part of Mr. Dinanath's life.

And how Mr. Dinanath got fed up of her and tried to get rid of her.

Anokhi Devi was a singer and dancer.

She met Mr. Dinanath in a function.

Anokhi Devi's moves made him go crazy about her.

And to fulfil his lust, he started making false promises to her.

He even offered her M.L.A.'s seat of Mertha to her.

It caused a problem when Mukhtiar Singh too decided to contest from Mertha.

Now Mr. Dinanath was sandwiched between Mukhtiar Singh and Anokhi Devi.

Am I right, Mr. Dayal?

It was something like that.

Milord, unwillingly Mr. Dinanath had to..

..give Mertha's M.L.A.'s seat to Mukhtiar.

Anokhi Devi was a smart and a clever woman.

She knew that Mukhtiar knows a lot of Mr. Dinanath's secrets.

And this is the reason why this happened.

Hence she too tried to ground her roots.

She captured their intimate moments in a CD.

She used that CD to pressurize Mr. Dinanath.

This is what had happened, right, Mr. Dayal?

Yes, she had started blackmailing him.

I object, milord.

The counsel is forcing Mr. Dayal to concur instead of questing Mr. Dinanath.

He is very cleverly trying to make his points strong.

All fictitious stories are being presented in this court.

That Mr. Dinanath was like this and like that.

I accept, no matter how Mr. Dinanath was.

But the question is if there is any evidence..

..against Mr. Dinanath and Mr. Dayal because..

..of which they are brought to this court then he should present them.

I'd like your permission to call Banaram to court, sir.

Hello, sir.

Sir, I am Anokhi Devi's secretary.

And I have committed a sin.

I should help you kill Anokhi Devi?

No way! I will die but never do that for you.

Mukhtiar has sent 10 lakh rupees for you.

Either your life or your sister's.

What is it, Banaram? You are not hungry?

I am not in the mood.

What do you think, will Dinanath pay me?

Anokhi, what we are doing is not right.

Let's get out of this Dinanath mess.

Otherwise they will get rid of us.

Try to understand what I am saying.


Brother! Save me, brother. Mukhtiar's brothers will kill me.

They are very dangerous. Please save me, brother.

Brother! Please save me.

I am talking to her, sir. I am with her.

I am talking about you. Don't worry.

I am talking to her.

Minister! This minister isn't trustworthy.

I will decide when and where I want the money.

We'll take the money first and give the CD after two days.

Ask him whether he is okay with it.


What have you decided?

Look sir, what you are doing is not right.

Hear this..

Listen, I have spoken to madam.

We'll take the money tomorrow and give the CD after two days.

If you are okay with it then tell me, I'll bring her with me.

No, I'll.. I'll bring her with me.

I got scared for my sister's life and handed Anokhi to Mukhtiar.

Sir, they got my Anokhi Devi killed.

Who killed her?

They did?

That means you had handed over Anokhi Devi to them.


No. Mukhtiar's brothers took her.

Then how can you say that they killed her?

Whereas you just said that Mukhtiar Khan's brothers took her.

Right? - Yes.

Milord, this is the phone we got at the sawmill.

Mukhtiar Singh called Karan Singh from this phone.

And Karan Singh called Mr. Dinanath from his phone.

This call was made at 4:15am and the duration of the call was 15 seconds.

And anyone can say "the job is done" in 15 seconds.

This is the report. Thank you.

You may go.

Milord, Mukhtiar Singh had called me and said that the job is done.

And then I called Mr. Dinanath that the job is done.

We were all involved in getting Anokhi Devi disappeared.

I did injustice to my uniform and I've been punished for that.


I didn't force her.

She is blackmailing me.

Anyway, let bygones be bygones.

The elections are around the corner.

I'll be ruined if the opposition gets hold of that CD.

I want that CD at any cost.

How will getting one CD help? She will have a master copy.

She can make 10-20 more copies from it.

Mukhtiar Singh is right, Dinanath.

Hence we need to make amends.

Do one thing, announce Anokhi Devi's name for Mertha's seat.

Mukhtiar Singh's roguery is well known across Rajasthan.

He will win from anywhere he stands.

I had told him to contest from Ajmer.

I am not used to stepping back.

My name was announced for Mertha. I'll contest from there.

I've announced your name for Mertha.

But now it is your duty to get me out of this quagmire.

Don't worry.

I know how to treat a wound before it becomes untreatable.

Catch her, brother. There she is!

There she is!


'Hello? I am Anokhi. I think Mukhtiar will kill me.'

'If anything happens to me release the CD, give it to the police.'

'And listen..'


Let go!

Anokhi? Hello? - Let go of me!

Let go! Let go of me!

Help me!



Mukhtiar Singh killed Anokhi Devi.

Milord, I have started hating myself.

I got my hands dirty by getting into this mess.

Good at least you have a realisation.

Anyway, according to you Mukhtiar Khan killed Anokhi Devi.


Your Honour, I too believe in the same.

And all the evidences point out that Mukhtiar Khan killed Anokhi Devi.

This case becomes baseless as Mukhtiar Khan is no longer alive.

Hence I request the court to release..

..Mr. Dayal and Mr. Dinanath from the charges of Anokhi Devi's murder.

That's all, Your Honour.

The court is adjourned.

Yes, I am coming with the CD.

Hello. You seem to be in a hurry, Mr. Manoj Singh.

Who are you?

Sir has sent this letter and this CD for you.

Have a look at it before you go to court.


Who? Listen! Listen!


Let me go!


Save me, papa!


Save me, papa!



'I am not going to leave you, papa.'

'Yes, do let me know if you want me out of your house.'





You have always wiped other people's tears.

And today there are tears in your eyes?

It is my mistake, dear.

I am your culprit.

No, papa. It's nothing.

Whatever happened isn't going to break me.

But if you cry then I will die.

I will die, papa.

I will die, papa.

Don't get into politics. You are a decent man.

You have a family.

Forget all this.

She was to go and she is gone.

Now worry about those who are here.

Thank you.

I shall keep this advice of yours in mind.


Where is the CD about which everyone is talking about in this case?

Your Honour, I have the CD with me.

I have not one but two CDs.

I request the court to not view it in the open.

Please view it in your chambers, sir.



This is tells the tale of my sorrows.

Do have a look at this as well.

No! Let go! Papa!

Help me, papa!



No! Let go of me!

Very sad. Who is she?

She is my daughter, Your Honour.

I got a medal for fulfilling my responsibility..

..towards the society, my country and the law.

And she got the punishment for my deeds.

Read this.

I was threatened that if I present Anokhi Devi's CD in the court..

..then my daughter's CD will be distributed across the country.

Being a father I would've kept quiet but my brave..

..daughter wiped my tears, gave me courage and encouraged me.

Your Honour, my daughter is a naïve girl.

You are a mature person. You too have daughters.

You have not one but three daughters.

This time you have to be brave.

This time take the decision from your heart and not your mind.

I have watched both the CDs.

I am feeling repentant and embarrassed.

But I cannot make a judgement only on the bases of the CD.

Keeping in mind the arguments presented by both the..

..sides and the evidences, it proves that Mukhtiar killed Anokhi Devi.

And that Dayal and Dinanath aren't a part of this murder.

Hence Dayal and Dinanath are granted bail.

You had made arrangements to trap me.

Thank God the judge was my friend.

Otherwise you had tried your best.

Dinanath, even if I get beheaded for you.. will say that it is not beheaded in the right manner.

In the right manner!

The damaged you have caused due to Anokhi Devi will be hard to rectify.

I'd still say that you should announce my name for C.M.'s post for our party.

I will rectify everything.

I don't have a greed to be the C.M.

Neither was I greedy for it before nor am I greedy now.

When everything is fine, ask me to resign and I will.

Then you can be the C.M.

If you want to trap me and get to the C.M.'s post then forget about it.

You have been a partner to all my crimes..

From Anokhi Devi to Manoj Singh's daughter..


Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Manoj Singh! - You are eternal!

Manoj Singh! - You are eternal!

Move back!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

"Truth alone prevails." - Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Long live.. - Manoj Singh!

Your Honour, you must be surprised to see me here.

I have always trusted the law and our system.

The two criminals who were supposed to imprisoned..

..who were supposed to be punished were given bail by you.

I killed both of them.

Your Honour, I have just killed two people.

If this incident would've taken place with your daughter.. would've perhaps killed 200.

You can give me any punishment you want.

I am ready to accept it.

It is true that everybody makes mistakes.

But you cannot atone for your mistakes, you must be punished.

Hence I resign from my post with immediate effect.

I hereby resign.

"Truth alone prevails."

"A knife was used somewhere."

"A bullet was shot somewhere."

"A group of spoilt brats are going somewhere."

"A knife was used somewhere."

"A bullet was shot somewhere."

"A group of spoilt brats are going somewhere."

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"What do I say, how I saved my life!"

"How I saved my life!"

"How I saved my life!"

"My skirt.."

"My skirt.."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."

"Everyone seems to be chasing my skirt."


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