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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ??店員超熱情!美國大胃王挑戰|一公升啤酒奶昔|漢堡薯條|With English CC subtitles|JoJo's Milk Bar|Sweet 16|大食い Food Challenges

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ok today I'm in Chicago

I heard there's a food challenge here

but I don't know what is the rule and how big is the food

let's check it out

here is the wall of fame

now only 3 people did it

ok! all the food is on the table

the burger looks like two big mac stack together

the challenge also includes a big plate of fires

there're some bacon and cheese on it

I'm very excited about this milkshake

it looks very very delicious (*´∀`)~♥

and a 16oz beer

I have to finish all this within 16minutes

without further ado let's get started

full speed (メ゚Д゚)メ

race against time

the burger is too big I have to eat it separately

almost finish the burger in one minute

swallow down with beer

yum yum (・∀・)

no time to waste


huge bite (◕ܫ◕)

big crowd

milkshake is the best ❁´ω`❁

almost done with the fires

bye bye cone (∩^o^)⊃

done with the shake

I just finish the challenge it takes me 9 minute

the owner is so kind he decided to give us free ski-shot

can't wait to taste it (✪ω✪)

if you accomplish the challenge

you'll receive a free t-shirt and a cap

there's a pretty cool milk logo on it

we're all very thankful for the free shot

it tastes really good

the texture is creamy and with a bit milky smell

puls the shot is warm

they'll also give you 50$ gift card

you can use it in your next visit

I love it a lot ( ^ω^)

the crowd is awsome

now I'm the 4th one winning this challenge

ok just finished the meal

my face is a bit red

the challenge took me 9 minutes I think I'm the second fast to finish it

I saw randy's video he finishes it around 13 minutes

I really enjoy this challenge

I think the hardest part of the challenge is the fires

because it is so crunchy and hard to swallow

comment below what you want me to eat next time

want to see more food challenge, please subscribe

see you guys next time bye-bye( • ̀ω•́ )

The Description of ??店員超熱情!美國大胃王挑戰|一公升啤酒奶昔|漢堡薯條|With English CC subtitles|JoJo's Milk Bar|Sweet 16|大食い Food Challenges