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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Popular Actors Who Lost Control And Took It Too Far

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Actors get paid to pretend theyre someone else, and when theyre totally overtaken

by their own performances, unexpected things canand willhappen.

Some of the best cinematic moments have come from on-set surprises.

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Here are ten popular actors who lost control and took it too far.

Seth Rogen, The Interview Once a movie is released, the creators have

very little control over what happens next.

Sometimes it makes it all the way through production and gets shut down just before

crossing the finish line.

Directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg know this all too well, and if youve ever heard

of 2014s The Interview, then you do too.

The story centers on a producer and TV host who travel to North Korea, and are given the

assignment to kill Kim Jong-Un.

As you can probably imagine, the real Kim Jong-Un wasnt a fan of the storyline.

And threatened retaliation if the movie were to be released- saying all publicity for the

movie would be considered an act of terrorism.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained Over the course of his career, Leonardo DiCaprio

has cemented his reputation as a serious actor.

Hes a profitable Hollywood star and hes been in some of the best films of the past


While his roles have been varied, his turn as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained was the

first time the renowned actor got to be the bad guy.

And he was really, REALLY good at it.

DiCaprio got so deep into the character that when he sliced his hand open on a broken glass

during one rant, he didnt even notice.

Nothing looks better than the real thing, so obviously Tarantino chose that take for

the final cut.

Isla Fisher, Now You See Me Everyone loves a good underwater trick.

But because of their environment, safety crews sometimes have a difficult time figuring out

where the acting ends and real distress begins.

During the filming of her scene in the opening montage of Now You See Me, actress Isla Fisher

almost drowned after getting tangled up in her submerged chains.

Since thats also whats happening to her character at the time, people on set have

admitted to not knowing if Fisher needed assistance for real, or if she was just a really great


Thankfully, the actress was able to untangle her own chains before the situation turned


George Clooney, Syriana George Clooney is one of the most popular

actors in Hollywood history.

So, of everyone on this list, you might think that production would work the hardest to

keep him safe.

But nevertheless, as weve seen before, accidents have a way of happening regardless.

While filming a torture scene for Syriana, the actor flipped his chair just a little

too hard, and the result was an injury so horrific the actor has openly discussed how

the pain of it made him contemplate suicide.

The actor went some time without knowing what was wrong, but after getting checked out it

was learned that he was leaking spinal fluid.

Were not medical professionals, but even we know thats not good.

Like, really, really, not good.

Jason Statham, Expendables 3 Everything about Jason Statham screamscool”.

His accent, attitude, and ability to kick anyones ass are all intimidating traits,

to say the least.

Oh, and he does all his own stunt work.

Not many actors can say that.

Statham comes from a background of lower-budget fare, and got used to the risky maneuvers.

But when filming Expendables 3, the actor almost met his maker.

The stunt was rigged so that a truck he was driving would stop, allowing him to get out

and start shooting.

Except that the truck didnt stop.

And when it went over the edge into the black sea, it took the actor with it.

This is where normal people might start pooping their pants, but not Statham.

The former champion diver got out and swam to safety like it was no big deal.

Channing Tatum, Foxcatcher Channing Tatum has been in movies all over

the map.

The actor can handle comedy, drama, and action to be sure.

For his role in Foxcatcher, the actor got deep into character.

So deep that he actually put his face through a mirror.

Thats right folks, Channing Tatum was so devoted to the role that he put.






And even though it was covered with a sheet of plastic, the mirror was a very real one,

and resulted in very real lacerations that bled very real blood.

The actor was so immersed in his performance that he hardly noticed, but nobody on set

could look away.

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool With the exception of one movie where he dons

a fat suit, Ryan Reynolds has never looked out of shape.

But that doesnt mean he didnt FEEL out of shape.

No stranger to the world of comic book movies, the actor was over the moon to be playing

Deadpool in a right, proper Deadpool story.

Reynolds was so stoked, in fact, that on the first day of his Deadpool workout, the actor

went so hard that he put his back out first thing.

The actor described literally crawling on all fours home from the gym because of the

immense pain.

Its not the first time hes been injured in the line of duty either, he also separated

his shoulder during filming on The Green Lantern.

Jeremy Renner, The Avengers A large part of what makes superheroessuper

is their ability to run into the middle of a brawl and emerge relatively unscathed.

Sure, caped crusaders end up with some bumps and bruises along the way, but they definitely

dont see it as a reason to slow down.

Except that those near-invincible characters are played by humans, and are therefore susceptible

to things like fatigue, injury, and full-on incapacitation.

This is exactly what happened to mortal man Jeremy Renner while filming The Avengers.

According to Joss Whedon, the actor hurt his back and shoulder badly enough that the movies

production shut down for days afterward.

Chris Evans, Captain America: Civil War Captain America is an all-around useful guy

to have on your team.

Hes in perfect physical condition, wields a vibranium shield, is hella smart, and hes

nice to boot.

Chris Evans plays him so well that its hard to imagine a time where he wasnt playing

The Captain.

Its a role that has required the actor to stay in shape for years at a time thanks

to the characters prominence in the MCU.

That super-strength has its limits, though.

And as much as wed like to believe that Evans really CAN stop a helicopter mid-takeoff,

its just not the reality.

While performing the stunt where Capholds onto a rope to do just that, the prop helicopter

slipped in a direction it wasnt supposed to.

And as a result, the actors arm is messed upapparently it STILL hurts.

Margot Robbie, The Wolf of Wall Street Margot Robbies career is so hot right now

that she could probably smack the pope and get away with it.

But back when the actress was filming The Wolf of Wall Street, she was a relative unknown.

Sharing a screen opposite Leonardo DiCaprio is a noobs worst nightmare.

Thats the guy from Titanic!

Hes a megastar!

Weve heard how Robbie downed tequila in preparation for a nude scene, but nothing

could have prepared her for another tense moment on set.

In the heat of her performance, the actress slapped DiCaprio in the face and yelledfuck


After realizing that face was attached to a multi-billion dollar celebrity, she worried

the actor might sue.

But quite the opposite happenedhe was so impressed that he insisted she do it again.

Margot Robbie just cant lose.

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