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This video is gonna be different from the regular video as I will be discussing Korean cosmetics and Korean Skincare in this video.

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We have that Hallyu stars have a super flawless and glowing skin

We have heard people saying this is K beauty is not natural

Many people are still attracted to K Beauty despite the criticisms.

We have seen the photos of many K-pop idols like BTS V, BTS Jin, Redvelvet Irene, Exo Suho, Astro Cha Eun Woo to be beautiful even without makeup.

we can say that they are naturally beautiful.

But, how is that possible.

Actually, there are two reasons, one is a genetic reason and another is due to their skincare.

First We'll look into the genetic reasons

we can see that East Asians look younger than despite their age.

For example, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thai, Taiwanese, and Singaporeans

People in East Asian countries tend to retain their baby features like a chubby round face even after are grown into an Adult.

This Phenomenon to retain their baby-like features is called Neotony.

EDAR gene in East Asians helps them retain their baby-like features.

EDAR gene helps in the development of Hair Growth, Skin, and Teeth

Since the EDAR gene is mutated among People in East Asia are able to retain their neotenous features

This is the scientific reason, next we'll look into the skincare routine.

You would have come across the Korean skincare routine on any beauty blogger's site.

I will briefly explain the steps involved in Korean skin care

The first step is to cleanse, Where we have two types 1. water based cleanser and 2. oil-based cleanser

Next is the usage of toner

next is Essence, Which is very important in the Korean beauty routine

next is Serum, Which contains active ingredients which help to solve the skin problems

For eg., if one person is having oily skin, Serum will be suggested such that it helps to reduce the oiliness.

Eye creams will be used under the eyes.

next is a moisturizer or oils, Moisturizer is also designed specifically for skin type

Oils are called Essential oils. Which contains natural oils from plants.

next is Exfoliation, this is not the physical exfoliation like scrubs.

These exfoliators are used for sensitive skin, Which is made up of Chemicals.

AHA and BHA toners come under chemical exfoliators.

The Description of 10 step korean skincare in Tamil + Genetic reasons of East Asians cute features