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Mocha and Wooyoo started raw food diet

after many thoughts and contemplating, we have finally decided to feed raw food for Mocha and Wooyoo!

we never thought of switching before because the kibbles that we were feeding were considered one of the premium ones

until I came across a youtube video talking about the benefits of raw food diet

and how kibbles are filled with preservatives and fillers that dogs cannot digest naturally

as shocked as I was, I began to do some research on raw food diet for dogs

the most powerful benefit of raw food diet is that you know exactly what goes into your dogs each meal

also raw food is high content in water which helps to keep your dogs hydrated!

other benefits of rfd: 1. weight control / increased muscle mass 2. decrease in bad breath 3. shinier coat and healthier skin 4. improved allergies 5. improved overall health

? : please hurry!

? : done yet?

make sure to do your homework and give nutritionally balanced meal for your dogs

we make batches of two weeks worth and keep them in freezer until thawing them in the fridge

thawing in room temperature can induce growth of bacteria and microwaving can destroy beneficial nutrients in the meal

My dogs are fed : 80% meat (beef/chicken blend) 10% bone 5% liver 2.5% spleen 2.5% kidney

and sometimes we mix in fresh veggies and fruits

make sure to include bones and organs!

you can tell how exciting Mocha is just by hearing his foot steps

? : henlo

? : one lick?

? : no?

? : one quick lick?

? : go away

? : just for once?

(wags her tail)

let him eat Wooyoo! lol

? : looks so..

? : delicio

? : go away.. I am going to eat the bowl too!

Wooyoo! come eat!

? : yay~

doggo dish wash

? : that was sooooo good!!!

although it cost a bit more and the prep can be some what of a hassle, it's all worth it! :)

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