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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: メルセデス・ベンツ ヴィジョン EQS

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Japan is the 46th Tokyo

Mercedes-Benz is currently

"Mercedes AMG" specializing in high-performance models is Performance Luxury, and "Mercedes Maybach", which is rated as the highest peak, is Ultimate Luxury

The EQS released in Japan this time has already been mass-produced

It is a concept of full size saloon,

Holographic lens module operation

500 LEDs of each headlight float in the air

The production of light matrices using small LEDs and high-precision circuit boards will be

In the future, as part of the design,

The interior is based on awraparounddesign inspired by a luxury yacht. The dashboard is

The dashboard, center console and armrests are completely integrated and float in space

Use as sustainable materials as possible for seats and trim. Microfiber made of recycled PET bottles

Roofliner high quality textile

Wood decorative panels are produced in environmentally managed and managed German forests

Center display that stands up organically and information called connected light in the air

A jewel-like perfume atomizer set in a decorated holder, etc.

Vision EQS is Mercede in all aspects, including organization, design, and craftsmanship.

Vision EQS has a small, high-performance motor mounted on each axle, and is mounted on a total output axle exceeding 350 kW. Live. Adopts continuously variable torque distribution mechanism

Power transmission is always optimized. 0-100km / h Acceleration performance of 4.5 seconds, while longest

High-efficiency lithium ion with a capacity of about 100 kWh

"As a support for long distances"

"We will be ready to meet the needs of customers seeking personal mobility and thrilling handling in the future." By the way, EQS sensor

How to use LEDs beyond safety equipment

The feature is that the lighting is used for the production of each part, such as arranging LEDs simulating 229 independent three-pointed stars on the rear, such as arranging LEDs on the rear.

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