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Hi guys! How are you today?

Im still in Singapore and today is my last day here

So Ive decided to spend it discovering this magical place.

It is called Gardens by the Bay and, so far, it looks spectacular.

Come. Lets go have a look.

Oh, there you are, guys.

Im trying to find the words to describe this place,

and I have to say its a little bit difficult

because it feels like this is a botanical garden of a whole new generation.

Theres flora and fauna at its best combined with art and technology.

It is really the beautiful park of the future. Ive never seen anything like it in the world.

Around the whole territory, there are a lot of statues,

but this one in particular is very interesting. Look! It looks like a floating baby.

I think its really cool. Also, I think it has a deeper meaning:

that we should try to preserve our planet for the next generation.

I think its beautiful.

And its also a huge, cool, giant baby just hanging in the air.

Oh, wow! I guess this is one of these famous domes found here.

Should we go check it out? That could be interesting.

Well, this is grand.

Wow. Oh my god, and what a breath of fresh air. You can immediately feel it when you come in.

This is such an interesting combination.

Its so ….. It feels like a huge space ship full of trees and flowers.

Thats what it feels like to me because its something so extraordinary.

What a beautiful flower. I want to smell it.

Its almost the size of my head! Its so big and beautiful.

Here is the second dome called Cloud Forest. Woah! Oh my gosh.

This is so cool. You just want to come up and goAaaah.’

Should I go closer? Yeah.

This is refreshing. This indoor waterfall is pretty spectacular.

You can even walk around it and see the view from different levels,

but there is another place I want to walk around in. Come, Ill show you.

Yoohoo, this is where were going! This feels like Im walking into an Avatar movie.

Guys, do you see this?

This is the Sky Walk. This is where were going to go now.

Oh my gosh, guys. Ive got to say that first I was a little bit scared

because I can see this massive tree and that massive tree

and theres nothing underneath supporting this bridge,

but now Im getting the hang of it.

If theres a sky walk one must visit in a life time, this is it, guys.

Look. Isnt this spectacular?

These are not just awesome Avatar-looking trees, these are actually solar panels.

Singapore has built all of this keeping in mind the need to protect our nature.

Im speechless. This is so beautiful. Amazing.

This place is full of surprises. Look what I found. This is actually one of the symbols of Singapore.

Its the lion dragon.

This is like a mini garden with all sorts of different animals.

Theres an ant, some other animal. Its really cool.

Oh wow, look guys! Theres a piano.

I love when you can sit in a public space and just indulge in music.

I think its such a good way to bring culture to the people.

Lets see if I remember something from my music school years. Its been a while.

And thats it. I dont remember the rest of it. Seven years of musical education.

Guys, Im back at the super trees and, apparently, at night they turn into this magical light show

and everyone is here right now to watch it happen. Its going to start soon. Im very excited.

The show is starting! Oh my gosh.

How cool is that? This is like a super tree disco.

Get your groove on!

These Gardens by the Bay have blown me away. It is such an architectural and natural marvel.

One thing that I will definitely remember is how nice and easy it felt to breathe here.

Ive got to say, we need to plant many more trees and flowers in every city, just like Singapore did.

Speaking of which, what do you prefer? Flowers or trees?

Comment below and the winner is going to get this beautiful notebook that I bought for you.

Thank you so much for watching. Bye!

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