Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jefferson Accelerated Math & Science (JAMS)

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Ellowyn Moore (8th Grade JAMS Student): Teachers shape the way I look at the world and how I think that you should

treat people and the teachers of the JAMS program are so sweet and so

compassionate and so very intelligent and they're really good at what they do and that helped me a lot.

Jana Dean (JAMS Teacher): I love teaching in JAMS because I get to teach both

math and science and the kids can learn math and science in a way where it's

related to one another so for example right now they're studying negative

numbers positive and negative numbers on either side of zero on a number line and

on a coordinate grid and at the same time they're learning about protons and

neutrons which have positive and negative charge and so that's the same

big idea that is expressed both mathematically and scientifically and so they can make connections between math and science.

Kees Dolmans (Former JAMS Student): my favorite teacher is probably my eighth grade teacher Mrs.Wade and she really sparked my interest

in science and math and it really helped like continue further into high school

Jessica Wade (8th Grade JAMS Teacher): This is a great mix because I get to teach high school content to middle

school students and so we get to have a lot of fun because they're still young

and school is still cool but we also get to do really interesting and intricate experiments.

Amber Zieske (7th Grade JAMS Teacher): So a lot of students come to Jefferson just for the JAMS program

it's important to know that they're also a Jefferson middle school student

we work closely as a JAMS team with the rest of our grade-level teachers to make sure

that we're really trying to integrate and meet their needs across all levels.

thing that makes James unique is just the wide variety of where people came

from so and jams want to introduce to it and there's lots of you different

viewpoints everybody has like there's so many interesting in different ways that

people present how they think and it's just refreshing and it just brings a new

light to how you're able to proceed about the things as well

that's great well I am really loving this year is how comfortable my students

are with making mistakes and then revisiting those mistakes and trying to

figure out what happened and I'm really excited right now with how they are

making connections between the flow of electrons which have negative charge and

they flow towards protons which have a positive charge and their understanding

of positive and negative numbers it's pretty it's pretty amazing in the eighth

grade of the jams program students are taking algebra which they can a pre

students can take algebra any of the Middle's tool but jams is the only

program that offers them physical science and physical science is a great

application of the algebraic math that they are learning so they get to the

experience of taking physical science and algebra at the same time and so

again they're getting that reinforcement of the concepts I think other one the

best moments in James was mrs. Wade and most of the teachers were really like

always open they like helps someone after school so if I need to help out

I'll just go in and ask for an answer to a question I had or get any help for

anything it's just a really nice thing to be able to do especially because

they're always there and always available I thought I wasn't going to be

smart enough I thought I wouldn't be good enough I thought it was first and

just humble halfway through but it made me strong as a person and it helped me

know that there are other people like me who struggle but do well and try really

hard to do what they want to do when students are in jams they find that

they're never done they're never done with a worksheet or done with a problem

because there's always a challenge and those challenge build off of what

they're already learning so it's not extra busy work it's really a challenge

that takes their learning further and so I have sixth graders who are deeply

engaged in a sixth grade math and science curriculum who are learning

ideas way beyond their grade level because the structure of the program

allows and me time to take their thinking

further just do it it's a great program it's really fun teachers are awesome and

it just helps people to better their education

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