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Hi and welcome to this video. Inside this video Id like to talk about how you can

record, edit, export, and upload your video to YouTube and get it onto your website.

If youve been following the previous videos inside this series, youll know all the

equipment youll need to be able to record your online video, and youll also know

how to go through the proper presentation if youre creating a sales video.

So inside this video Im going to go into a little bit more detail and talk about how

to record it, how to edit it, how to export it to the right format, how to get it onto

YouTube, and then get it onto your website so that other people can watch your video.

Lets get into the first point, how to record your video, with some important tips. The

first thing is to think about how to set up your camera. One thing that I always talk

about is that its important to think about your background.

In this case Im using a fairly simple and clear background, because I dont want to

distract people with a bunch of other things. It also allows me to put images or text up

on this side to help prove my point or to support whatever Im talking about.

Now it may be different for your situation, and you may want to have other things there,

like nature scenes or whatever. Its up to you, but think about your background. Thats

the point Im trying to make here. Make sure its appropriate for your video.

The other thing to think about in terms of set-up is your lighting. In this particular

case Im recording inside a studio and Im actually using two lights. Theres a light

over there and theres another light over there, and theyre both at about 45 degree

angles from where the camera is. The cameras over there, of course, where you are. So in

my case Im using two lights to help me light up my face and to make sure that the

video quality is good enough.

You may be recording during daytime or in a room where theres lots of natural light,

or you may not and need lights, or you may be recording outside, in which case you probably

also dont need any lights.

In any of these cases, just make sure that whatever youre recording is getting enough

light, because that can help you get the quality of your recording much, much better.

Another little tip for when youre recording is to leave pauses right before you start

talking and also right at the end. What this does is it helps you during the editing phase

to easily fade in and fade out, or cuts when youre moving clips around.

It just helps you in the editing phase to make sure that you dont cut your voice

off at the beginning or at the end, so leave pauses before you start talking and also at

the end. Just keep looking at the camera, pause for a couple of seconds, and it just

helps a lot during the editing phase trust me.

The next stage is to start editing your recordings on your computer. If youre using any of

the cameras I recommended inside one of the previous videos, itll be pretty straightforward

because all of them require a USB connection to your computer.

All you do is plug the camera into the USB port of your computer and transfer those files

onto your computer. The next stage is to get those files into your editing program, and

you simply open them up inside your editing program and then youre ready to start editing.

For editing, here are a few little tips that will help your video come across a lot more

professional. The first thing is the use of titles. This is absolutely not critical, but

it can help you come across a little bit more professional, so look for the titles function

inside the software that youre using, the software that I recommended previously.

Just add one at the beginning of your video and throughout your video if you want to make

certain points, and maybe at the end as well when you call people to action and you tell

them where to go, to a certain website for example.

The other thing you can use is fade-ins and fade-outs. This is just a really nice easy

way to make your video come across a little bit more professional. Its very, very simple

to add a little one- or two-second fade-in at the beginning and a fade-out at the end.

I often do this just with my YouTube videos, where Im a little bit lazy and I dont

want to do any fancy editing, and often thats all I need to make my video look really, really


Another thing you can do is to add cuts inside your video to have those instant zoom-ins

and zoom-outs. This can create the perception that youre using more than one camera.

It will also make your videos come across a lot more professional.

All youve got to do here is inside the track for your video, to make a cut you zoom

in for however long you want to, you make another cut and zoom back out again. Its

really as simple as that. A lot of people often thought that I was using more than one

camera, but its really just me zooming in and out during the editing phase.

Finally, if you want to add a little bit of extra pizzazz to your video, you can add a

music track at the beginning and at the end. This is really easy to do. All youve got

to do is add it and add a fade-out at the beginning, and at the end you add it again

with a fade-in and louder music towards the end. Often using a bit of music can make your

videos come across a little bit more professional as well.

Once again, its not essential. At the minimum all you really need is a fade-in and fade-out

and that already will make your videos look a lot more professional.

Once youve edited your video, the next step is to export it to the right format.

This is very, very important to export it to the right format. Otherwise, the quality

of your videos wont be all that good if you get it wrong.

Its a little bit technical to show you on here, so Ive created a special page

that shows you all the different settings that I used for the different pieces of software,

and you can get this for free. You dont even have to opt in for it. Ive created

this special page at Theres a page there with all the different

settings for all the different software that I recommend.

Once youve exported your video to the right format with the optimum settings, youre

ready to upload it to the internet. For this I recommend you use YouTube. If you havent

got an account yet, just go here and create one. Its 100% free and that will allow

you to upload your exported video file to your YouTube account, which then will allow

other people to watch your video.

The next thing is to embed that video on your website or the sales page, which is the next

step. So the final stage is to embed your YouTube video on your website or your sales

page, depending on how youre using it.

This is really straightforward. All youve got to do is go to the YouTube page for your

video, and right below your video on YouTube look for the embed code. It can be a little

button or maybe a link, depending on when youre watching this video.

YouTube often changes the interface, but look for the embed code right below your video

or on the same page where your video is. You can basically copy and paste that code into

your website or your sales page.

There are just a couple settings you can use to optimize your embed code for your YouTube

video. The first one I recommend you do is to uncheck the box that says Related videos.

This will remove the related videos at the end of your video once its finished playing,

so that when people are finished watching your video they wont click on it and go

away, leaving your website or your sales page. This is pretty important. If you uncheck that

box, all it will do is have a link there that says Replay video. Its very, very


Of course the other setting you can change there is the size of your video. Think about

your website and how big that is, and select the optimum size. Normally I try to select

the biggest possible size, because you might as well go as big as you can. Of course make

sure it still fits into the normal web browser and that it looks good for your website.

Thats really it. Thats all you need to know for creating your own online video

and getting it into your website. I hope youve enjoyed this short video series and that youre

able to use it. My recommendation is to really just get started.

At the beginning it might be a little bit tough to go through the process and you might

think its difficult, but trust me, the second, third, and fourth time itll be

a lot easier, and after awhile youll wonder why you ever thought it was difficult. Its

very, very straightforward.

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Thank you for watching and Ill see you inside my next video.

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