Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Different Sex Drives, Help!: Episode 90

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Lip Syncing: All I want to get is a little bit closer.

All I want to know is can you come a little closer.

Here comes the breath before we get a little bit closer.

Here comes the rush before we touch,

come a little closer.

Caller: Hi, Kristin and Dannielle.

So, my lover-girl and I have very different levels of sexual desire and its putting a strain on our relationship.

I want to have sex almost all the time, and she hardly ever does.

We fell in love with each other, but sometimes its so bad that shes afraid to touch me at all out of fear that it will lead to sex.

Or Im afraid to initiate sex out of fear that she doesnt want it.

What do we do?

I have had this experience before.

I have too, on the other end.

How do you know what end I was in?

Well, because...

You know what I mean?

The biggest problem right now is your anticipation of the other persons wants and desires, and vice-versa.

Right, like, her anticipation of what you want, and the other way around.

And thats really hard to break out of.

Physical attraction works for different people in different ways.

For you, youre super attracted and in love with your girlfriend, you want to have sex all the time.

For your girlfriend shes super attracted to you, loves you so much, and just doesnt have a super high sex drive.

And thats totally okay, but you have to find a compromise or itll justthe two of you will just crumble.

Think that trying to at least set some sort of a schedule, or some sort of an expectation that you both can agree on,

although it isnt romantic, and may not work depending on your combination,

its worth a shot at first because sometimes when you get yourself out of that routine of, like,

she doesnt want to touch you because she doesnt wanna blah, and you dont wanna this because you dont wanna whatever,

if youre like, you know what? Every Wednesday night for the next four weeks, were having sex.

No matter what.

We eat a big dinner, we dont feel like having sex neither of us, it doesnt matter, were having sex.

And just do it and see if that starts to, like, at least break you out of the routine that youve gotten yourselves into.

Cause thats the tricky part.

I wonder if theres a way to do it, too, where youre like, no matter what, we will never have sex on Tuesday nights.

You can cuddle me as much as you want, you can put your arm around me, you can put your leg on my thigh,

Put your leg on my thigh, she says with a turkey hat on...

So Tuesday nights, if you do cuddle nights, then it would be like this:

And like, Im just like, I might want to have sex, but like, Ive agreed to cuddle, so...

You know? Its just...

Its nice.

And on Wednesday nights, we agree to have sex.

So, no matter what, once Im like...

Then hopefully shes like...

Okay, I have a new piece of advice.


I think you should both buy turkey hats.

Turkey hats kind ofthey kind of make everything better.

They do.

Plus, since todays Thanksgiving, theyll be on sale tomorrow.



Lip Syncing: So, lets make things physical.

I wont treat you like youre oh-so typical!

I want you close, I want you!

I wont treat youre like youre typical.

I want you close, I want you!

I wont treat you like youre typical.

Oh-oh-oh-oh. Oh-oh-oh-oh. Oh-oh-oh...

I won't treat you like you're typical.

Oh-oh-oh-oh. Oh-oh-oh-oh.

I wont treat you like youre typical.

All I want to get is a little bit closer.

All I want to know is can you come a little closer.

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