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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Andre & Viola's Date! Tell My Story Follow-Up

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- So when I first saw you,

I would not date you.

- Okay.

- But after our conversation I decided that I would.

- Okay. - Would date you.

- When I first saw you, I said I would date you.

Because I really like the style.

- Nice.

- Then, after speaking, I will still date you

because you're very fun and we had a good conversation

and we sung Britney Spears together, so.

What attracted me to him was probably his style.

I'll say his hair.

Being into fashion and stuff,

I really look at the style of a person.

- Originally I said no 'cause

I like taller girls.

And after meeting her and like you know,

having a good rapport,

I found that you know, she's fun and she's from Milan

that was I mean, awesome.

'Cause I like Italians and I love their personalities.

Kinda similar to Jamaicans.

Chill you know, completely different from New Yorkers.

Came here like five years ago.

- Five years ago, like me.

I grew up in Milan, and I moved five years ago.

- I've been to Milan.


- For fashion week, right?

- Yeah.

- Oh, you see, we both think fashion, that's nice.

One point for you.

He asked me where I wanted to go,

and I was like, well I like sushi, but you tell me.

We can decide.

- I love sushi too, so we went to this really cool

high scale sushi restaurant.

The food was awesome.

Like I had to give her props for that.

Like, and we both have a nice little expensive taste.

- So I'm here on a date with Andre.

We just got our salmon, sashimi, rolls.

Hey Andre, say something.

So the only thing was that I made him wait

like an half hour because the train were slow.

It was Sunday.

- How did I feel about waiting for her for 30 minutes?

I mean, honestly it was fine.

When she got here she apologized so much.

I like this place.

It's nice.

- Stop lying.

He had to wait for me half hour.

- She's pretty, I'll wait.

- I think personally Andre doesn't really like raw fish.

But we will discover.

I think he didn't really like sushi.

- The ones that are like cooked, like the shrimp

that's cooked, that's in the roll, I ordered those.

But then she ordered the raw ones, really raw ones

and then I had to try it.

- Andre is trying to pick up the salmon so check it out.

- Got it.

- [Woman] The salmon.

- Oh, the salmon.

It had nothing on it, it was just the fish.

Yeah, I like the rolls though.

- The bill was really expensive.

And we split.

And each piece of sushi was like $15 or something

so I didn't see that coming.

I paid more because he had only 80 bucks with him.

But it's fine, I mean, I don't mind.

I'm an independent woman.

- I thought the date was amazing.

She got to know more about me,

and you know, my family.

And you know, what other stuff I like doing.

I got to know more about her,

and all the stuff she finds fun.

- I have to say he's really, really cool.

He's a nice person.

Really chill.

We were really clicking on the fashion,

we were talking about the industry.

- It's just easier for us to have a conversation

'cause we both work in the same fields.

- I mean I was definitely the crazy one.

I'm on my second glass believe it or not,

he didn't run away yet.

So we're good.

- Yeah, we're pretty good.

I thought her fashion was great.

I thought she was well put together.

You know, a great outfit, cute dress.

She's very fashionable.

I can give her that, for real.

- I was joking and he was like, laughing at my jokes.

Which is very good, I mean this is something that I really

look in a man, somebody that can be fun.

My loneliness is killing me hey now

I must confess I still believe

Still believe

- I'm sorry.

- I woulda hit that note.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to a second date.

Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to a second date.

I'm excited to see you know,

maybe I'll plan this one this time.

The first one was her that actually planned sushi.

This date I'll definitely plan.

But not you know, another dinner where we're just

sitting and chatting, 'cause I think you know,

the first one was cool, but now we need to like,

you know, something a little bit more fun.

- To be hundred percent honest,

I was like, asking him like so do you have any social media?

But he will change topic.

And we all know that you're not obligated

to have social media, but if you are in fashion,

entertainment industry, if you don't have a social media

it's kinda sketchy.

And I wasn't born yesterday, so I was like,

oh something is wrong.

I'm a little detective and I investigated.

And I found out on his Instagram, that he has like a girl,

girlfriend or probably wife.

I'm not sure.

I will like to have a second date with him

just to talk about this in person.

If that's his ex-wife, I will not have any problem

to date him, I mean, I give honesty

and I appreciate to have honesty back.

- [Group] Soul Pancake.

The Description of Andre & Viola's Date! Tell My Story Follow-Up