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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Between the Games - Michael's Segway Tour

Difficulty: 0

Gavin: Here we go

Gavin: Michael's found his new favorite toy

Michael: I feel like this is a good equivalent of like tapping your foot

Michael: You know what I mean

Gavin: Yeah

Gavin: Is there anyone in there?

Jack: Gus is in here

Michael: Are you serious?

Jack: Yeah

Michael: Gus is here today?

Gus: It seems dangerous to me to have the drunk people on that scooter

Gus: in the room with the most expensive equipment

Jack: Seems.

Gavin: I don't think its-

Michael: It would seem dangerous but you can

Michael: Like, appreciate that we're professional

Gavin: I don't think this is the most expensive equipment

Gus: Well not counting the fucking Phantom

Michael: I'll say me drunk on this thing, I will probably pull out less cables than Geoff

Michael: Just

Michael: sober walking

Michael: Thanks Gus

Michael: I'm gonna grab a jacket, wait? did I leave my jacket inside the streaming room

Gavin: I don't know

Michael: Oh dude if we film a Lets Watch

Jack: oh there's your jacket on the floor

Jack: I can see it

Michael: Where?

Michael: Oh down there

Gavin: You have to do a little man to get it

Jack: Good luck


Jack: Ayyyyy

Gavin: Wow

Jack: Impressive sir


Michael: Who put that kino there?

Gavin: So your challenge is to see if you can now sit down and get up without getting off this

Jack: While holding a beer

Gavin: While holding a beer at all times

Michael: Ah

*Laughing* Ayyy!

Gavin: So can you now drive your chair with it?

Michael: I don't think it's got enough pull

Michael: Nope

Gavin: Oh! Oh?

Gavin: Give it a little nudge and see if it--the momentum will keep--

Gavin: Oh dude we should just take it outside on the--

?: Oh! There he goes!

Gavin: Yes!


?: He's like a grandma!


Michael: Now it's a car

Michael: Now I'm driving the fucking car!

Michael: I can't stop!


Michael: I'm driftin'

Gavin: Uh, let me give you a lil'--

Michael: Yeah, give me a nudge over the-- Over the--

Michael: Alright, you gotta nudge harder man

Michael: Jeez, you're gonna- you're just pushing me out of the chair

Michael: fuck almighty

Gavin: Alright go all the way around the other way

Michael: You wanna know how to drift?

Gavin: Duuude

Michael: Holy shit!


Michael: Stooop!


?: Can we get two of these and race 'em?

Gavin: This is working great

Gavin: There's a slight obstacle up ahead

Gavin: Let me get ahead of you

Michael: Don't drink and drive

Michael: But do drink and ride

(Reminder: Michael does not condone drinking and driving)

*Scooter beeping*

Michael: Shut up you don't know what you're doing


Michael: Ooh fire extinguisher, real close

Gavin: Wonder how far outside you'd go?

Michael: Nuhh I'm driftin'

Michael: I'm driftin'

Michael: Push it

*struggling noises*

*More struggling*

Michael: Annnd we're out!

Gavin: This is smoother

Michael: Dude, this thing wants to GO

Michael: come on

*Gavin laughing*

Gavin: Oh, oh dear.

*Gavin laughing*


Gavin: Oh my God

Gavin: Dude, these DXRacer chairs truly are what they say

Michael: Dude, what do they say?

Gavin:They're racing chairs!

Michael: They're nice as fuck?

Gavin: Aw, nice drift!

Michael: It is not meant for this

Michael: Dude it's trying

Michael: Can't do it

Michael: It can't do it, it's not strong enough

Michael: I guess I'll have to walk

*Music playing*

Michael: Is it empty in- Is no one here?

Michael: Hello??

Gavin: Not even Caleb

Michael: Bungalow?!

Michael: Hello??!!

Michael: What a fucking thief!

Michael: I also turned the lights on too, so he waste electricity

Michael: Push your fucking chair in, come on


Michael: She'll think that was Santa

Gavin: She left an open can

Michael: Yeah, so I'd like- I'm glad everyone joined us here

Michael: Hang on, hang on. Let's... wait

Michael: Thank you for joining me

Michael: Obviously we're here to discuss very serious issues about the business of Rooster Teeth Productions

Michael: Let me just bring this chair right over here

Michael: Well...

Michael: Gonna push all the chairs around here. Yes, you sit here. yes

Michael: Let me ask you something, gentlemen. What do you think when you see PLG?

Michael: People love grapes, dammit!

Michael: Good day!

Michael: Oh God...


Gavin: Did you do that?

*Michael in pain & Gavin laughing*

Michael: Ow

Michael: I'm DX racin'

Michael: Holy shit, holy shit

Michael: Drift!

Michael: Hope they didn't need that stuff

Gavin: Oh my God, what was in there?

Michael: Drift *Gavin laughing*

Michael: We're good, we're good

Michael: Happy New Years!

Gavin: Alright so e- Michael, every video needs a grand finale and uh, we don't know what this is but it looks like a ramp *laughs*

Michael: We have no idea what this is, its just like a table... that certainly, certainly should not be fucked with in this manner

Gavin: Alright where do you think you'll land and where should be put the crash mat

Gavin: like here

Michael: You want this and the chair?

Gavin: *laughs* Yeah

Michael: I'm gonna go like one inch

Gavin: It's grand finale, it's not medium finale

Michael: This also has been in my back pocket the whole time

Michael: like uh, it's just wedging up my ass


Gavin: Gus, what are your thoughts?

Gus: I really shouldn't be watching this

Gavin: On the grand finale

Gavin: Do you know what this is?

Michael: Like a desk, right?

*Gus mumbles something*

Gavin: Ow Ow Ow it's driving into my penis *laughing*

Michael: You think it's too close?

Gus: Should I dial 9-1?

Michael: Yeah yeah, please

Gus: and then get ready

Gavin: We can put it further away cause your face, it'll tip

Michael: I'm gonna be a father

Gavin: Okay, I'm gonna put some distance

Gus: You better clear that, you have to make it now

Gus: Hold on, let me get behind the camera so when it goes to court

Gavin: You weren't there

*Gus mumbling*

Gus: I'm leaving!

Gus: I am not gonna watch

Gavin: Sound effect of a door

Gus: *sarcastically* You shouldn't be doing that. Don- Get down from there

Michael: So, you don't think the cushion should be closer?

Gavin: Well you just told me- I think if you go down you're gonna tip forwards a- ahead of it

*Dramatic music*

Gus: Better than I expected. Ha ha

Gus: Wait, I'm not here

Michael: Gus no!

Gavin: That was an amazing grand finale- ha ha

Gus: I didn't realise that that whole table tilted like that

Gavin: Yeah

Gavin: It was a part of the uh-

Gavin: part of the trick

Gus: That's cool

Gus: Victory lap, well deserved

Gus: I would say get back to work but you are working

Gavin: Yup

*Michael hums the On The Spot theme song*

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