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The best homemade nutella

with natural ingredients, creamy and flavorful

So delicious & healthy:-) No sugar and dairy used

Check out the ingredients & macros in description

Throw into a pan raw hazelnuts 200g

Roast them over low heat

Keep stirring to avoid them from burning

Until the skin comes off

and until it starts to smell good:-)

Let it cool down

Remove the remaining skin

Take out only the nuts leaving the skin

Prepare the food processor

Peeled & roasted hazelnuts 200g

Coconut oil 40g

Unsweetened cacao powder 15g

Erythritol powder 50g

Few pinches of sea salt

Inulin 1 tablespoon

With the processor grind everything together

Until it becomes creamy

Check once that every part reaches the blade

Grind it for another few minutes

This is the final consistency

Put it in a jar or in a airtight container

Chill it in the fridge for few hours

Here we go! Enjoy:-) Comment below for any questions!

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