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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 留学生出国最常犯的尴尬

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whenever you lose your anyway now to

watch it all now I said I'm gonna Union

you yeah you know what you shall

dissolution and sallow white Indian name

menu oma did you eat anything

no sorry do anything yes did you eat No

so he did eat

yes oh my god yellow so when you seem PC

thing you don't wait a second and so

when you're dead boy yeah boy when did a

bit blue is also a vegetable not a big

way no Oh sky trainers you won't be the

pioneers oh oh I'm sorry

hey you will come yellow so what's in PC

you are welcomes your life without thank

you sir nigga you never mind that's okay

that's alright like with that sorry

Pizza daddy but your taxi no way from

away from hot hot high large sorry we

cannot do that why young up sweating PC

side battle they don't talk her no I

went you where you from Jesus I went in

an alley any kodo-san your car 0.0 gonna

let me go - Oh what is this important

sorry that my son should hotel phone you

know he did that's your dignified and we

talk your insanity Valhalla you

shouldn't hide your will how many is

your mum number 7 7 o Muhammad situation

no don't know die why you try yellow so

when the CDC ah think I said when what's

your phone um what's your phone number

yo Palio deeds in I have not seen you we

are one how would you like your steak

done would you like your steak

oh boy oh my king go to think Albanian

is also media not your real gonna media

how do they avoid zoo

lot please sorry we don't have that ah

small please sorry we don't have that

80% sorry we don't have to have oh my

god yellow so wouldn't sink easy

- so you're well done Chivas rusev

medium-well oh this awesome medium

citizen sources medium rare sometimes

Olsen rare anyway new patio laughing

zone hey gun let us know she might have

noticed that male Tanjung open that's

all y'all paper paper sure hmm do you

need a pen

I hope our pan I have a Apple hey yellow

so when is she kissing the dinghy was it


but I'm Casey Oxendine you saw some

tissues please you can you have no can

you stop where do you go where you go

let's go shanku shut up - a king it

wasn't me Catania nothing we are in a


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