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what is good YouTube Warstu here with a video on the Justice League

so that you see comes out in under twenty days you can now book it

worldwide even in England the earliest viewing that you can book in England

that I could find is midnight on the 16th of November which would technically

be the 17th so you can book it well why go ahead and book it

so it's widely being ruined that green lanten has been confirmed so spoiler

warning if you don't want to know what I'm referring to please click away now

so there was a Chinese at the Chinese premier in Beijing the fans were given a

30-minute preview of the first 30 minutes and this chick this girl called

Fiona is all over the place of what she said Fiona said green lanten confirmed

so the rumor going round but it's not really a rumor is that we're getting a

prequel seen of the old gods versus the new gods and within the seed we see a

version of Green Lantern be taken care of so to speak and what the interesting

thing here guys is no one saying who it is they're not saying it's green they're

not saying it's how Jon Stewart happens sir but I think the most likely scenario

is that it's gonna be a bin as sir why because if you remember the 2003 Ryan

Reynolds Green Lantern movie it was Abin Sur who passed a mantle over to how

Jordan and that would be the most popular way that they can do it

Steppenwolf has teased us saying no Kryptonian no Lantern so obviously he's

referring to that he's taking care of Earth protector from this sector of the

Green Lantern Corps that actually protects Earth so that's most likely

white Steppenwolf he's coming to invade Earth there's no Kryptonians there's no

lanterns protecting the earth so he's coming but as we all know Lex Luthor

set everything up so that's most likely how it's gonna happen but it's also been

confirmed that there's multiple green lanterns in it so during this kind of

parademons Atlanteans Amazonians battle we are going to see a version of green

lantern be executed which is gonna be interesting

because it's been widely rumored of that army hammer is playing Green Lantern I

really hope he is but what's interesting is if you remember a while back there

was a behind-the-scenes image with Jason Momoa at command and Zack Snyder and

there was a suit in the background and everyone was theorizing sent it's

Nightwing saying it's this say it's that you can see the at copn suit in the

background you can see the flash but now I'd like to believe that this image is

actually going to be a Green Lantern suit now I know this is stretching but

we have had so many people saying the Green Lantern is in the movie and how

why would introduce the Green Lantern being in the movie would have to be

somehow Abin SURS ring or a version of Green

Lantern's ring somehow finding how Jordan I think it would be immensely a

bad mistake if it wasn't how Jordan that was introduced why because he is the

most popular and most well-known Green Lantern maybe in a post-credits scene

we've also got to back it up with the fact that the Big Bang Theory tying

contests where they had Green Lantern on it and you just have to spin the rope

spin the wheel and click it to enter and you get could win tickets to go to the

Justice League premiere so why would the Big Bang Theory troll the Justice League

I know Green Lantern tesha appears all the time in that program but there's

just so much evidence to say Green Lantern is confirmed and I know some

people say its clickbait cuz it's not confirmed but green lands is everywhere

originally it was unite the six unites the seven originally Green Lantern was

rumored to be in the movie there's also that song on the tracklisting called New

Hope which a lot of people think it could be referred to Superman

but Superman wouldn't be a new hope because everyone already knows

Superman's there Henrique avails advertising it now in China so it's a

bit obvious of that Green Lantern is coming it's just a question of how would

you introduce Green Lantern to the Justice League universe Geoff Johns also

says that of course Justice League Universe he says that Green Lantern

exists in the just C universe he's confirmed himself the only question is

how will he be introduced to the Justice League and I quite possibly think that's

how Green Lantern might appear in the Justice League movie that somehow

there's some kind of crazy scene if it's not happen so that dies maybe Abin Sur

towards the end of the movie crashes onto earth and the ring finds him very

similar to the Ryan Reynolds kind of Green Lantern movie that got a lot of

hate but really I just think it wasn't the time for superhero movies but now it

is the era of superhero movies and Green Lantern is so popular if you just like

Green Lantern into YouTube multiple videos come up saying Green Lantern's

here Green Lantern's there I mean apparently Green Lantern was the one

talking to Alfred in the scene where it says when he said let's hope you're not

too late but let's hope I would really love that to be actually how Green

Lantern could be introduced their green lands has always been teased and the

arrowverse Green Lantern property is hot and we know they're making a movie

personally I would cast Armie Hammer as I think he is the best

cast so what I want for you guys is how would you introduce Green Lantern into

the Justice League movie let me know is a cronbach down below and maybe I do a

giveaway maybe so I've just wrapped up all the kind of Green Lantern news it's

becoming out last few days and it's basically confirming though some people

gonna say it's not confirmed because we haven't seen him but we haven't seen

Superman inside the movie either have we but everyone says Superman's in it who

of course is in it because henryka tells her so the point is just because you've

not seen Green Mountain does not mean he's not there there's so

in reports and stories so that's how I think Green Lantern might appear I hope

they just do a generic copy of the Green Lantern movie that we had but Zack

Snyder doesn't roll that way so be interesting to see what it is guys drop

your comments down below and let me know what you think please like subscribe and

comment as that all be awesome and I will catch you in another video guys

very soon but first hit that notification button which is the red

button below anyway guys catch you later

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