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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPhone X vs iPhone XR - Which Should You Choose?

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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and the iPhone X was recently re-released

in the United States and across the world as a refurbished product Apple

stopped selling it once they introduced the iPhone XS and now you can pick it

up again refurbished at a very similar price to the iPhone XR so I wanted to

help you decide which one would be best for you so the first thing you need to

know is the price the iPhone X comes in at seven hundred and sixty nine or eight

hundred and ninety nine dollars with sixty four gigabytes or 256 gigabytes of

storage whereas the iPhone XR comes in at seven hundred and forty nine dollars

up to eight hundred and ninety nine dollars with either 64 128 or 256

gigabytes of storage now we have a couple different color options with the

iPhone X you've got Space Gray or you have silver and silver is a little bit

nicer I think in my opinion it's a little bit more flashy this one's a

little bit more muted it just depends which one you like but you have two

options and they're both built out of stainless steel around the outer ring

here and they have a glass back and a glass front and we'll talk more about

the cameras a little bit later on but just know that you've got these two

color options when it comes to the iPhone X are you've got a lot more

color options the XR comes in product red like this or you can get it in

multiple different colors such as the space gray color here silver you've also

got a yellow color a blue color and some others as well and so you can pick any

one you'd like and those seem to be pretty popular as far as people wanting

to have those different color availabilities now the obvious

difference between the two other than the cameras which we'll cover later is

the actual display on the iPhone XR we have a 6.1 inch display and this is a

little bit controversial because it's an LCD display that's a little over 720p

resolution however you cannot see the pixels because it's 326 pixels per inch

so you really can't see them although some people will complain about this

it's got a resolution of 1792 by 828 and again 326 pixels per inch with a non HDR

display now when we move over to the iPhone X that we've got a 5.8 inch

display from corner to corner and we've got 2436 by 1125 at 458 pixels per

inch so some people have said that you need the higher resolution due to the

layout of the pixels on an OLED display to match that of an LCD either way if I

put these side-by-side you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if I could

hide which phone it is other than for its size the viewing angles are quite

good but the actual colors are a little richer on the iPhone X although you

shouldn't complain about the iPhone XR that are quite nice it's a very nice

LCD but you are going to get better blacks with an OLED display that's just

kind of the nature of those displays now when it comes to the display of course

this one is HDR and you can watch up to 1080p on YouTube on both of them that's

a limitation of the YouTube app and it has to do with some codecs between

YouTube and Apple but right now YouTube allows you to use 1080p on either

display and again you're not going to be able to tell the difference so much

except that you can watch HDR content on the OLED display so that is an

availability I do have an HDR video if you want to check that out I'll link it

and it's just my only HDR video but you can see a better or wider color range on

the OLED display then you can on an LCD so you do get that advantage the other

advantage you get with the X is 3d touch so you can force press here or 3d

touch and you've got a little pop-out you don't get that on the apps here

although you do get it in other areas of the OS so maybe notifications so you see

there's some notifications on the XR you can tap on these and kind of haptic

touch or press and it will pop up similar to what you would get with 3d

touch but it's very limited throughout the OS and this has true force touch

sensors underneath the display that senses that 3d press so that should be a

little bit of an advantage I use it a lot some people don't use it at all but

that may make a difference to you now we do have dual speakers on both however

the iPhone XR sounds a little bit better they fix this

with the latest generation it sounds a little wider or it sounds more like it's

in stereo you have a little bit louder sound coming out of this speaker as

opposed to the bottom speakers so you do have a little bit better speaker on the

XR when it comes to actual cell phone reception or Wi-Fi I find the iPhone X

seems to do a better job with that they change the antenna design on the newer

ones and there's something different about them that makes it not as good it

just doesn't have as strong of a signal normally however you can get about the

same Wi-Fi speeds but it just depends on your home network here now as you'll see

we have faced ID face idea it's going to be a little bit faster on the newer

phone but it's so close it's hard to say so let me try that one more time and

you'll see it was a little bit slower on the X one more time I'll show you and a

little bit slower again on the X so if that's something that bothers you of

course it can be a pain now when it comes to battery life between the two

the iPhone X has a little bit less battery life than the iPhone XR

about one to two hours depending on your usage now in some tests you'll see

otherwise but in my usage of using this phone versus this or even the XS Max I

find the XR actually will beat it out by the 32 minutes to an hour or one

to two hours when we're talking about the iPhone X so there is an advantage

to the iPhone XR when it comes to battery now when we're talking about the

overall cameras both have pretty good cameras the forward facing cameras are

very similar they're the true depth 7 megapixel cameras so if we tap on these

here spin them around you'll see I'm recording with a gh 5 this time and

they're both forward facing cameras they're going to look the same there's

really no difference here you're going to have great photos or video from the

front facing camera on this however the back camera is a little bit different

they are both 12 megapixel cameras but the iPhone X gains a telephoto zoom

lens so you get to zoom optically whereas you have to zoom digitally on

this one also when you're taking portraits with this particular camera

you can only take portraits of people not objects so without a special app you

won't be able to do that with the iPhone X you'll be able to take portrait

photos of objects so if I go here we go to portrait it's not necessarily looking

for a person once we don't move further away it's not necessarily looking for a

person it's looking for an object so you can take that with this and that is an

advantage but I wanted to compare both of these and show you the photos between

both of them in low light and in bright light and take a look at a few different

photos and see what you think between the two of them

both of these devices have very fast processors the iPhone X has the a 11

Bionic whereas the iPhone XR has the a 12 Bionic now to tell the difference

between the two is very hard technically the a 12 Bionic is faster

but if you do something simple like opening the app store you're not really

going to be able to tell the difference we can load a game and this usually will

show us a little bit of a difference let me set these down here wait for it to

load and you'll see they loaded quickly on both will hit play will it create a

new create a new world so if you play a lot of games we'll hit create and if you

play a lot of games you'll see that normally the older device actually loads

more quickly it's hard to say you'll see it just loaded quicker on this device

and normally I find that's the time for the processor to ramp up to full speed

on the newer devices is slower but we're talking a second here so we're not

talking huge differences but there is a difference

now the other test I like to run is exporting a 4k video that really pushes

the processors kind of to the max to see what it will do so I'll open iMovie set

a 4k movie and then export it and we'll see which one wins no I've loaded the

same movie on both of these it's something I recorded with the iPhone and

it's on both you can see it's the same length and I don't have any other apps

open or anything in memory so what I wanted to do is export this in 4k and

see how long it takes now I have a stopwatch here and we'll see what this

takes as well to complete this so we'll hit done we'll share it here save video

and this might be a little bit tricky we'll do this and we'll see how long it

takes and in my experience usually the older one will finish one or two seconds

more quickly or faster

you'll see the iPhones finished at pretty much the same time actually this

one was about a half a second slower this time so that's pretty impressive

either way they're very very close and that's just to show you that even though

this has the faster processor in it they're basically the same when it comes

to doing very heavy tasks and as far as exporting that video I haven't really

warmed up at all just by exporting video and so they're staying nice and cool

with no problems there now the other thing is both of these have ip67

certifications so the withstand a drop in a puddle but again with any iPhone

you don't want to swim with them without putting a waterproof case on it as Apple

does not cover any water damage whatsoever and then the weight between

the two of them the iPhone X is technically a little bit lighter at six

point one four ounces this is six point eight four ounces with the iPhone XR

everything else as far as the operating system is basically the same now finally

the one thing you may want to consider is an OLED display is always flickering

that's how it manages brightness you can't see it with your eyes but it can't

affect you it affects about one in ten people and affects me actually so

looking at an OLED display for any period of time can result in headaches

or feeling nauseated this happens to quite a few people that I know and it's

about one in ten that are affected so just keep that in mind if you're

sensitive to light that may be a consideration for you so that's really

it between the X and the XR they're both equally priced so whichever one

works best for you who would be the one to get let me know what you think though

in the comments below which one you like the size between the two the screens and

everything else I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below if

you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for

watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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