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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Huawei Mate 10 Pro Unboxing by ProClip USA

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Hey everybody today we're gonna take a look at the Huawei Mate 10 Pro

As always the first thing we're gonna do we're gonna unbox it. Look at this box it's big

let's open up there we go alright here's the phone we got the blue one I like it


Nice free case you don't see that too often we just unboxed a phone

with a free case and now we got another one if you didn't see it go watch the

Blue Vivo 8L Unboxing

Of course charger, cord yep check headphones Oh No BOO this is what I'm booing at USB-C

to headphone adapter that means there's no headphone jack BOO shame on you

alright now comes the most important part of all of these videos we're gonna

peel the plastic off awesome alright let's do a quick hardware walk around

first of all volume up and down power button both on the same side of course

we've got fingerprint reader dual camera setup flash what do we got

over here SIM card slot anything on top no wait a minute

there is something on top there's a IR blaster on this phone like the Samsung's

of old so you can use this phone as a remote control for your TV or stereo or

whatever else uses IR at your house kind of an odd feature to include in a modern

smartphone because nobody else is really doing it

it was done in the past and they're kind of bringing it back I don't know why but

it's there so it's there if you want to use it you can use it and USB-C which

is going to be your headphone jack too again BOO. Let's just give a quick

rundown of the specs first of all this is ip67 certified for dust and water

resistance that means one meter for up to 30 minutes hey you guys know that six

inch screen which is 2160 by 1080 which means it is 18 by 9 basically kind of

taking on board that new stretched aspect ratio that all the flagships did

last year probably gonna do again this year

it comes with android 8.0 and octa-core Huawei specific Kirin processor six gigs

of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage but that is not expandable rear facing

camera Huawei is doing something that's a little bit different than the other

smartphone manufacturers most of them have gone with a regular lens and a

telephoto lens Huawei has decided to do one of these is 20 megapixels but is

only monochrome so it only takes black-and-white pictures the other is 12

megapixels and is an RGB sensor red green blue and the idea is by combining

those two photos together you're gonna get crisper and better shots

so no optical zoom or anything like that but they're hoping those two

combinations will give you better photos all together it has a four thousand

milliamp hour battery so it should be enough to get you through the day and

because the phones using USB C of course you get quick charging let's take a

quick dive into Huawei here so always kind of infamous for having bad skins

basically the rest on top of Android but I mean this seems no worse to me than

any other high-end smartphone the screens are a little bit cluttered but

you can clear those out if you want to we do want to give a quick disclaimer

the FBI, CIA and NSA have recently released a joint statement involving

Huawei and ZTE for more information on that click the link in the show notes

below so is the Mate 10 Pro enough to get your dollars over any other

Android that's high end well I would say if the $200 price difference really this

is $800 most flagships now are $1000 if that price difference is really a big

deal to you then you might want to consider this otherwise I would probably

look at the latest Samsung or the latest high-end Apple whatever that happens to

be of course now that we have the phone in hand custom ProClip device holders

won't be too far behind that wraps up our look at the Huawei Mate 10 Pro

I'll see you guys in the next unboxing!

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