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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Starbucks Year-Round Holiday Drinks Taste Test

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- We're about to hack Starbucks

holiday beverages year round.

- Let's talk about that.

(funky electronic music)

(fire crackles)

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- Now if you got attached to Starbucks holiday drinks

over the holidays, you are not alone,

but then right about now you are in a world of hurt

because the Yuletide has gone out to sea.

- There it goes, but luckily there are a lot of

those recipes out there for secret holiday-flavored drinks

you can ask the barista to make you all year round.

It's time for I'm Awfully Jacked

To Drink These Holiday Coffee Hacks.

- So all of these drinks we found recipes for

on various sites, plus one that we invented ourselves,

but they're all made with ingredients you can get

at your local Starbucks any time of year.

We're gonna taste them and rank them so you will know

which holiday drank you should be ordering

all year long.

- Our ranking scale is from, I won't macchiato here alive,

depresso, cafe au kait, French impressed,

jave-rule, and better latte than ever.

- Now if you decide to order any of these from a Starbucks,

just wanna go ahead and say that they don't know

what these drinks are, but they're friendly baristas

and if you give them the recipe,

they're more than likely very happy to make it for you.

So just be nice to your local barista

and do your ordering.

(festive music)

The peppermint mocha is a popular Christmastime beverage

at the Bucks but here's one that's not on the menu

but definitely should be, the candy cane Frappuccino.

Not to be confused with the candy cane Al Pacino

that I made for my Christmas tree last year.

- Oh, you made one of those too?

- Yeah, yeah.


- (chuckles) Yeah.

- (chuckles) All right so all you gotta do is order

a vanilla bean Frappuccino and say, hey,

add one pump peppermint syrup.

You gotta say it like that, hoo-ah.

- I've got some pretty high hopes for this one,

'cause I like peppermint mixed in with my vanilla.

- Mm, there's nothing to complain about here for me.

- It's so subtle. - I think you're underwhelmed

by the peppermint.

You can order three pumps if you really like peppermint,

but judging by the recipe that we have and have made,

you're underwhelmed.

I'm happy but I don't feel festive

because I do think that--

- This doesn't take me back to that holiday time.

This doesn't take me back to when I was trying to figure out

how big my Al Pacino was gonna be this year.

If it was gonna be one that hangs from the tree

or ones that sits on the hearth.

- All right so for the candy cane Frappuccino,

I think we're already moving down here.

- Yeah. - Look at your frown.

- I think we may be in depresso territory right here.

I'm sorry, Al.

- Hey that's okay. - Should we apologize

to Al Pacino or is that-- - No no no.

- Indirect. - Very indirect.

- Okay.

(festive music)

Now it's natural to gain 20 to 30 pounds of

pure cookie weight over the holidays.

Everybody does that, but now that they're over,

you can still enjoy a holiday cookie every once in awhile

in drink form with a snickerdoodle latte.

- How do you make it?

- [Rhett] This is a cafe latte and then you just add a pump

of white mocha and a pump of cinnamon dolce.

- All right dink it.

- I'm kind of excited about this.

- Yeah me too.

- It's hot.

I don't indulge in the coffee drinks very often,

so they just really hit me, in a good way.

- That little bit of cinnamon.

What was lacking with the peppermint is now just

a perfect little flirtatious cinnamon.

- Every time I have a cafe latte,

it takes me back to that first latte that I ever had.

I was about 26 years old, I was at a gas station.

- You were, really? - Yeah.

- Never had a latte?

- That was the first one I had.

I'm a redneck, man.

(Link chuckles) You are too.

You were probably 26. - I had one before that.

- You were probably 26 as well.

- This is good.

And it does taste like a snickerdoodle cookie.

I think it's very accurate.

It's very festive.

It's very satisfying.

- [Rhett] I'm just gonna kinda set it between two and three.

- [Link] Yeah, yeah.

- Because I still hope that we can do better.

But I'm very happy.

- Look how happy he is.

- Very happy.

- He's very happy.

(festive music)

Starbucks has a seasonal chestnut praline flavor,

but come spring, your open fire might still be burnin'

and you're craving some chestnuts to roast over it,

and in that case, you can order

this roasted chestnut macchiato.

Warning, it contains no actual chestnuts.

- Right, because those are poisonous.

- Wow, you order a hot hazelnut macchiato.


Add one pump toffee nut syrup,

one pump extra hazelnut syrup,

half pump white chocolate mocha syrup and then top with

spiced whipped cream and hazelnut drizzle,

and the barista will love you for it.

- (chuckles) Yeah, if you order this and get out of there

without a stank eye, you deserve it for free.

- Dink it.

Mm-hmm hm hm.

- Hazelnut's not my favorite nut.

- There's none in it.

So you've been tricked into thinking

there's hazelnuts in this.

That's success. - Hold on.

There are hazelnuts.

There's one pump extra hazelnut syrup.

There's no chestnuts.

- I thought you said chestnuts.

Thought I fooled ya.

- And you're not a hazelnut man either.

This is one of the few things in life

that we both don't like. - Yeah, I hate this.

Whoa, really? - (chuckles) Yeah.

'Cause I like everything.

- We both hate hazelnut.

- You hate everything, I love everything,

but every once in awhile I hate something

and you love something

but this is one of those rare jinxes.

- I did love my Aunt Hazel.

She only had one leg.

- But no nuts, no nuts at all.

You gotta put this at the bottom, I'm sorry.

And I feel bad because I don't like it when Link does this

when there's an ingredient that he doesn't like

and we have to put it all the way at the bottom,

but because we both hate it, we have no choice.

- She had a great sense of humor.

(crew laughs)

(festive music)

- Starbucks has an amazing eggnog latte for the holidays

but I might just want it late one night

in July when I'm curled up reading

the latest Beverly Jenkins romance novel.

And this hack isn't exactly eggnog,

but it's an approximation that you can order

anytime you want.

You start with a chai latte

and then you add one pump caramel syrup.

- Okay.

Does it taste like an eggnog?

- It does.

It does but not as good as an eggnog.

- It's very tea-ish.

What is the latest Beverly Jenkins romance novel?

- Second Time Sweeter so number nine in the Blessing series.

(Link and crew chuckle) - Okay.

- It's really good.

She's really hitting the stride with number nine.

- It's the best one?

- So far, they get better, I mean,

number five was a little bit of dip.

I lost interest but then I really regained it back with six.

- The spice is very eggnogish,

but I mean there's no way around the fact

this is still just a chai latte.

You start to get a hint of the holidays,

but you're not fully immersed in it once again.

So I think we're somewhere in the middle.

All right?

- Solidly down here.

Solidly. - Yeah.

- Cafe au kait.

All right.

(festive music)

- If you're one of those families that doesn't take down

their Christmas tree until May,

then this drink's for you.

It's the Christmas tree Frappuccino.

It's supposed to taste and look like a Christmas tree.

You just order a green tea Frappuccino.

Add one and a half pumps peppermint syrup,

a half pump raspberry syrup and top it with whipped cream

and cookie crumble.

So let's see if it takes you deep into the tree.

- This has a lot of stuff that I like.

I get the green tea stuff in Starbucks.

- I usually don't. - But I've never added

peppermint and raspberry, who would have thought?

Cookie crumble on top.

- This is a tasty, tasty beverage.

And nothing that I listed is something

that I was excited about ingesting

in this particular combination, but--

- This is my favorite.

- It's very tasty and it's also very holidayish.

I mean it's green.

(crew laughs)

- I mean it's green.

- It's got an evergreen

taste? - It's like skiing through

an alpine forest with your mouth open.

- Exactly. - You know what I'm saying?

Which I recommend.

- We're liking that better than the cookie?

Yeah we can put yours up there and we're putting it

at number one but let me tell ya,

we've invented one that can give it a run for its money.

(festive music)

- All right like Link said, we made this one up.

And when you go to bed before Christmas,

you might leave out some cookies for Santa

and some carrots for the reindeer.

Don't forget about the reindeer.

- Right. - And this drink encapsulates

the treats that you set out.

We call it the welcome package.

It starts with a vanilla bean cream Frappuccino.

You add some cookie crumbs and then a half bottle

of Evolution Organic Carrot Apple Juice,

which is something they sell in most Starbucks.

- You gotta grab it, then hand it to 'em

and tell 'em to pour it in.

- You gotta make friends. - Yes you are a little crazy

but it's worth it, for the reindeer.

It's great.


Boy that carrot juice.

- It really thins it out, you know what I mean?

- I don't even taste any of the apple juice part

of the carrot apple juice, it's just--

- I'm going to the whipped cream because--

- It tastes healthy.

- It's too healthy tasting.

- Wow, it's like the holidays and then the recovery

wrapped up into one.

- I don't taste any of the cookie anymore.

I mean, a little bit of the cookie.

- Yeah, the cookie's been carroted away.

(Link sighs)

- Sorry Josh.

- Are we looking at number one for this?

- Uh, nope. (chuckles)

- We're not gonna dethrone number one.

Are we gonna dethrone the snickerdoodle at number two?

- [Rhett] I think we should--

- [Link] What?

- No I think we should not. - Okay.

What about the eggnog at number three, does it beat that?


What about the candy cane Frappuccino, does it beat that?


- [Rhett] Wow, you don't think it beats, okay.

- It doesn't.

It has carrot juice in it. - It definitely beats

the roasted chestnut macchiato

because of that hazelnut syrup, I'm sorry.

- [Link] Hate for the hazelnut runs deep!

- They need to pull that out.

So if you are going to order a holiday drink

on a non-holiday time,

you should pick the Christmas tree Frappucino.

- Mm-hmm.

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