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Good evening and welcome

to this festive event

in honor of the Bnei Menashe project: "A Dignified Livlihood"

at Yeshivat Maalot.

I'm thrilled to invite the 31 graduates

who have been studying hard during the past year

and are successfully graduating today.

Shalom. My name is Yaakov Misao and this is my wife Yehudit.

Today is a big day for us

and we are very excited.

Since we were children in India, we dreamed about Eretz Israel.

And we wished to arrive in Jerusalem.

After many years of waiting, we finally arrived to Israel.

We were very happy to arrive, yet scared and worried:

Would we be able to find job and earn a decent livelihood?

Would we be able to keep our tradition and learn Torah?

Because of Yeshivat Maalot and Rabbi Weisman we were able to apply for professional studies.

My wife Yehudit studied Electronics

and started working at "Aviv" factory in Gish Tefen.

I will start studying accounting in Atid college next month,

in combination with a daily Torah program in the Yeshiva.

The Yeshiva has supported us financially

with a monthly stipend,

and this is what has enabled my wife to finish her studies successfully today.

On behalf of all Bnei Menashe who are graduating today

from professional courses,

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project.

G-d willing and with your kind help,

we would not need a financial help in the future,

and will be able to earn livelihood in dignity.

Thank you very much!

We finished with Maalot,

and now the whole country:

Bnei Menashe from all over Israel will study Engineering in Atid College in Maalot.

Every student will be receive a monthly scholarship in order to help him support himself while studying.

- For the first time: Bnei Menashe immigrants are joining the army on the hesder track -

- Bnei Menashe Yeshiva students in the IDF swearing-in ceremony -

As part of the Bnei Menashe absorption,

we value investing in the teenagers and encourage them to serve in combat units in the IDF,

in the framework of the Hesder Yeshivas.

Therefore we have put much efforts in encouraging them

to get into the Hesder course in Yeshiva.

I am honored to invite Nachshon,

who has the privilege in these days of being a part of Israel's history.

Hello everybody, my name is Nachshon,

and I am a student at Yeshivat Maalot.

I am very happy and excited to be standing here today

in front of you.

First, I would like to tell you a bit about myself.

Since I was 4, a small boy in India,

I had a dream to make Aliyah, study Torah and to be drafted to the IDF.

Now, my dream is fulfilled.

I've returned to my homeland, to Eretz Israel.

Eretz Israel is my home, Eretz Israel is my dream.

At the beginning, I didn't want to serve in a combat unit,

but with the assistance of the yeshiva and my friends' support,

I have decided to serve in the Combat Engineering corps

together with my friends from yeshiva

and to be in a hesder unit.

I know the my and Yishai's service was a pilot program

to see if more of Bnei Menashe would be able to be drafted in combat units within the Hesder framework.

Today, I would like to tell the State of Israel:

the pilot has been successful!

Thanks to you, I will integrate into the Israeli society in the best way!

I would like to tell my friends who are currently learning in yeshiva:

come and serve through the hesder, in combat units in the IDF!

- Sgt. Eitan Budnov, Nachshon's commander -

For the past 4 months

I have been Yishai and Nachshon's commander.

Before I hand Nachshon his certificate,

I would like to tell you short story.

I hope Nachshon won't get mad at me for telling it.

Two weeks ago, during his beret march,

we were on a long trek and

I saw Nachshon was carrying very heavy packs on his back.

We were getting to the last few kilometers.

I saw that his friends realized that he was having a hard time;

and they knew Nachshon's favorite song is 'Jerusalem of Gold.'

So they started singing Jerusalem of Gold for him.

Nachshon started crying.

I hope he is not made at me for telling this,

but we know that Eretz Israel is acquired through suffering.

He was shedding tears borne of his challenges,

together with his great love for Israel.

And this is something particularly evident in Nachshon specifically,

and the Bnei Menashe in general.

That's it. And I must say that no one is more fitting for combat

than those who have such love for the Land of Israel in their hearts.

That's important to say.

That's it. He deserves a round of applause!

- Students of Yeshivat Maalot -

Jerusalem is a city of gold

Jerusalem is the source of all life

In water we draw the soul of man

We miss the famous and important city

I'm going to the special land of Zion

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