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Mornin' Wade. It's a might fine mornin' indeed

I got wait Harrison to my possession, hope you don't mind I took your knife

didn't want to be cuttin' through them ropes

oh and I got your pretty little gun here too

didn't feel like being shot in the back neither


I reckon you're a little stunned as to why he woke up in the middle of the desert feeling like shit.

I almost stumped myself, after all

never thought I'd catch me the most dangerous man in the West.

I sure as hell knew I catch the drunkest

and who could turn down free drinks?

Not Wade Harrison! HAHAHAHA

Ha. you sure can drink boy.

damn near emptied out my pockets last night.

be worth it when I get this reward money though


I might even buy myself a horse you son of a bitch.


ow!...Son of a bitch!

Not that it's any of my business

Whatcha do to become to Wanted Wade?

Well, what ever it is it's gonna make me rich.

Don't talk much do ya?

That's alright.

I don't gotta talk neither.

I prefer the silence anyway, totally quiet, not a sound.

You know, it just upsets me when they don't tell what you're WANTED for.

I mean, is it that difficult to put it on the poster?

Come on Wade.

Tell me what you gone and done.

you rob yourself stagecoach?

force a pretty young lady made love to ya, huh?


Come on Wade. I gots to know.

You realize you're wanted dead or alive right?

well I kept you alive for good company and so I didn't have to carry your ass!

But more importantly so I'd have somebody to talk to until I get to the next County.

Now tell me what you've done.

(sounds coming from a distance)

Show yourself you Son of a Bitch.

show yourself or I'll kill this man!

God Damn Critters

It's not like you to get piss ass drunk to the point where you pass out.

Why'd you do it Wade?

Got my knife back.

You look tired Wade.

I'm fine.

Na, I think we should rest.

No, let's keep moving.

Pa's worried about you.

Tell Pa I can manage on my own,

taught me so well.

He just wants to help

Like you helped me,

by taking my woman

we thought you were dead Wade, we hadn't heard from you in over a year

that doesn't give you the right to...

You don't know William!

I should have been dead.

I fought to stay alive for her,

but while I was off saving us from the Redskins

you were at home messing with my woman.

All I did was comfort her

I was more of a father than Pa was and this is how you repay me.

I never asked for your help growing up.

You didn't have to.

So why'd you do it Wade?


Why'd you come for me?

I'd like to save what family we left.


So why'd you do it?

cuz I care.

I know I hurt you Wade.

But what you did is unforgivable.


I figured I didn't have much to live for.

I have to turn you in Wade.

At least you'll know the money is going to the family.

I should have known I'd get it in the neck from you.

You killed Wade.


the man who raped your wife.

He was a sheriff.

I wasn't gonna have anyone rape the woman I love.

She wasn't yours to love.

No, she wasn't yours.

So you killed her?

You're so blind Will.

Where you going?

Somewhere where you can't find me again.

I have to turn you in Wade

You have to pay for your sins.

What are you gonna do, shoot me?

If I have to.

You really think I killed your wife?

A woman I love.

She was with me, why wouldn't you

I can't take care of you anymore William

I don't want to fight you.

Do you really wanna kill me William?

If I can get money out of it.

Well, if that's all I'm worth to you.


why'd you do it?

You're my brother,

I take care of you

(woman screaming)

(Guitar music playing)

you wake up on the ground in the wide-open spaces

you got all kinds of aches

brand-new places, sitting at the bar is the last memory that you've got

Your hands are tied your mouth is dry, man he's watching

he says you're going into town cuz he done caught you.

there's a price on your head, 15 bills, man that's a lot

In the Good Old West

That's the way it was in the Good old West

No shortage of bad guys whose wanna put you to the test.

You wake up in the morning you might live and you might die

and the only rule they had was an eye for an eye.

in the Good Old West

In the Good Old West

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