Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Voices From Spirit Box. ( Spirit Box Second Test )

Difficulty: 0

So, another spirit box test ,this time at my brother's home. Listen carefully , if needed listen many times and PLEASE USE HEADPHONES


Be ...

What is it?

What is it?

What is it?

It's ...

I could not

Is somebody here?

What's your name?

Ülla ( My mother's name)

Not sure but this one sounds like: Who are you?

You don't know.

If listen carefully then you can hear woman's voice asking: Who are you? And man's voice answers: Don't know.

Wait , ask something.

Who's sitting on the couch?

What's on the table?

(Kristjan is my name and Ülla is my mother's name)

Me: Who's here? My brother: What bottle is on the table?

(There was 2 bottles on the table , one was lemonade called Lotte and other was a water bottle.)

Not sure but it sounds like ( Lotte )

Does it said lemonade?

Lotte? I think so.

Take some ...

What is it?




Who's downstairs in the kitchen?

Who's downstairs in the kitchen?

I don't know.

What is it?

Hi ( chau )

What city is it?

What city are we in?

It is ... ???


What city is it?

Where we are

You should not hold gases in. :)

What I just did?

It's very fast but it says: Farted. :)

Sitta lasid (farted) ? :)

My brother: Does it say that? Me: I don know , have to listen later.

Is there flash ? (talking about my camera).


Who farted?

Who had a gas?

They (''spirits'') are looking that this guy is so nasty , that it's not worth responding.

Listen carefully , some man's voice saying: Martin hello.

Who's on this photo? (I was olding photo of my nephew):

(I was olding photo of my nephew)

What's his name?

A child

Try to say with clear voice.

Where are you?

Who's on this photo? Who's that boy on this photo?

( My name )

Me / I

Ülla (said twice)


Who's on this photo?

Not sure but it sounds like: woman

What are their names?

It sounds like: Brother yeah

What are their names?

What's my name?

What is my name?



What is in this bottle?

What is in here?


First voice is saying: Body of water (reservoir). Second voice is saying:Table-water (on the table there was water-bottle called (Säästu lauavesi)

What is it?

Who is on the photo?

Who is on this photo what I'm holding.

(Looks like they are talking with each other )

I put photo back.

Yeah you should.

What is it?

It's faint but some voice is saying: Angel.

It's very fast but it sounds like ,it's saying: Angel

What is it? What statue it is?

I think it's already said.

But I try to get it more clearly


What is it?

My motherlla) came to sit and what comes from spirit box after that is proof , that this device is not just ordinary radio.

This is Ülla

From spirit box: Angel. Me: It's saying angel. My mother: Yes, it said angel.

Test in the basement.

Is there anyone in this basement?


What room is this?


Me saying sauna because I heard voice from spirit box said it.

Quite many relevant things came from spirit box for example: My mother's name , my name , my brother's name.

The Description of Voices From Spirit Box. ( Spirit Box Second Test )