Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A quick tour of Nottingham Hackspace

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Hello, this is Nottingham Hackspace.

a Community Workshop we can design, create, and take part in all kinds of projects.

I'm going to give you a quick tour.

This room is our studio space

filled with desks for you all to work on non messy projects or their computers.

today, we have people building RepRap 3D printers.

this is our workshop for all the messy stuff

for instance we have these benches, tools, and machines for woodworking

a small CNC mill for prototyping

and this, our laser cutter

which you can use to very precisely cut materials like wood and plastics

on these shelves we have consumables for members to use in their projects

and the other side of me here we have our custom-built spray booth

we also have bike parking

as well as various work stands and toolkits for bike repairs

and this is our metalworking area with various welders

grinders hand tools, and our Myford Super 7 metal lathe.

back here, as well as more consumables

we have an electronics workbench with soldering stations,

instruments, and basic PCB making facilities

this is our storage area

where members keep their in progress projects using these boxes

the things people have built at the hackspace include

3D printers, quadcopters, knitting projects, costumes, and props

furniture making, arcade machines, brewing beer and cider,

and even the steadicam that's being used to film this video.

we have nearly four and a half thousand square feet of workshop, studio, and storage space

and that's funded entirely by members' contributions.

if you need a place to work, or access to machines, you can become a member too!

we have around 130 at the moment but there's room for plenty more!

membership is pay what you want per month.

to find out more, you can either visit our website or you can visit the space itself

on one of our many open nights which occur every Wednesday from 6 p.m.

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