Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LOONEY TUNES (4 Hours Collection): Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and more! (For Children) (Ultra HD 4K)

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Gee, am l hungry.

l could eat a saber-toothed tiger.

Anyway, half of one.

Well, this isn't getting me breakfast.

Here, Fido.

Well, thanks.

Now come on. l'm famished.

Well, l'll bet you're cranky before breakfast, too.

Be quiet!

Yum-yummy. My favorite vegetable.


Gosh, that duck acts like he's crazy.

That is correct! Absolutely 1000/0 correct!

So that's the way it is, eh? All right, then.

Fine thing, no swimming.

Other cavemen get to go swimming, but l never get to do anything.

Well, what are you looking at?

Don't just stand there. Do something.

Now, go get him.

The big lummox.

Well, now, isn't that clever?

The hunter's helper.

Now come on!

Not bad for a guy that never took a lesson in his life.

Wait here.

Here you are, girlie.

Gee, thanks a lot.

Well, just what l wanted.

A duck breakfast.

Gee, l can hardly wait.

Come on, Fido.

Gee, we're almost there.

You know, maybe that wasn't such a hot idea after all.

Good night, folks.

''Ladies and gentlemen...

''tonight it gives me extreme pleasure to present...

''our interprata.... lntrepa.... ln T-E-R-P....

''lnterpretation of a familiar fairy tale entitled:

''The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs.

''Set to the delightful music of Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dances.

''As the scene opens...

''we find the three little pigs building their respective houses.''

l'm the little pig that builds my house of straw.

l'm the little pig that builds my house of sticks.

l'm the smart little pig. l build my house of bricks.

(SlNGlNG) Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me

l'm gonna get me lots of gold Out on the lone prairie

Gold is where you find it And when l find that stuff

l'll dig and dig and dig and dig l'll never get enough

l tramp the prairies and the plains l trudge each weary mile

l'll tramp and trudge and trudge and tramp Until l make my pile

Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me

l'm gonna dig up lots of gold "'V"' for victory!



Eh, hi, neighbor!

Oh, hello!

(SlNGlNG) l'm a ragged, rugged, lover Of the wild and wooly west

Of all the things l haven't got l like gold the best

BOTH: (SlNGlNG) Oh, it rained all night the day l left

The weather is so dry

lt was so warm l froze to death Susanna, don't you cry

Oh, Susanna, oh, don't you cry for me

l'm gonna get me lots of gold "'V"' for victory!

Good evening, friends!


There's something awfully screwy going on around here.

Eh, what's up, doc?

Well, one of the strangest things. l...


Hey, smart boy.



That's that screwy rabbit. Oh, well.

(SlNGlNG) l've been working on the railroad

All the live long day

l've been working on the railroad

To pass the time away


Eh, pardon me, doc, but,

did you lose this?

Oh, yeah. Thank you very much.




Gold! Gold! They found it! Hey! Eureka ! Gold! Gold!

They discovered it! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!

Where? Where?

-Where? Where? Where? -Here! Here!

-Over there. -Where?


Oh, that's nothing. l got one in here.


You chubby little rascal!

Come out, Mr. Rabbit.

l have a little surprise for you.


Don't laugh!

l bet plenty of you men wear one of these.

That's the last straw! l'll get that rabbit!

Hey, doc!

Hey, doc! Where are you?

ELMER: Here l am !


Too bad! Too bad!

Oh, well!

(SlNGlNG) Oh, bury me not On the lone prairie


Where the wild coyotes Will howl o'er me


Gosh, ain't l a stinker?


Rabbit, l came here for gold,

and l'm gonna get it!

No! No, no, not that!

Not that! Anything but that!

l gotcha, you rabbit! l'll show you! You can't do this to me!

l'm gonna de-crown you, you rabbit!

Eureka ! Gold at last!


Eureka ! Gold at last!


CATSTELLO: Hey, Babbit! Babbit! Oh, Babbit, cut it out!

l don't wanna, l tell you! l don't wanna do it!

BABBlT: Oh, there's nothing to it.

CATSTELLO: l won't do it, l tell you! l won't do it!

-Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute. -No, l don't want no part of it!

-Listen. You wanna eat, don't you? -l won't do it! l won't!

Yeah, Babbit, l wanna eat. l love to eat.

Well, then go up and get the bird out of that nest, and we'll eat.

But l don't wanna hurt no bird. l like birds.

l'd go hungry first.

What's the matter, fraidy cat? This is only a tiny little bird.

You mean a poor little, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy, defenseless bird?


Let me at him ! Let me at him ! l'll get him, Babbit!

Gangway! l'll murderlize him ! Let me at him !

Take it easy. Take it easy.

l'll show him ! Where does he get that stuff?

Don't hold me back! l'll get him ! l'll show him !

Come on, quit your fooling. Get up that ladder.

Don't push me, Babbit! Don't push me!

-Come on, come on. -l'm scared to go up high.

l get heightrophobia.

-No, l don't wanna. -Come on, up.

-Don't push me. Don't. -Up. Come on.

You can't make me do it. You can't make me do it.


He did it.


Come on, stupid, get the bird.


Give me the bird! Give me the bird!

lf the Hays Office would only let me, l'd give him the bird, all right.



Babbit! Babbit!


Hey, Babbit, look. Stilts.

Help! Help! Babbit! Here l go again! Catch me! Help!

Hey, l'm too young to die! Help! Save me! Help!

Hey, how'd you get a-way up here?

Say, Babbit, are you sure this thing is gonna be okay?

Of course, of course. Everything's under control.

Don't push me down in the box, Babbit. Please don't do it.

Don't do it! Hey, Babbit! Oh, Babbit! Babbit!

-What's the matter now? -l'm afraid of the dark.

Well, l'll let you out, then.

l thought l saw a pussycat.

l did. l saw a pussycat.


Oh, the poor pussycat. He crushed his little head.

Gee, Babbit, l'm just no good.

Oh, the breaks were against you.

l'm a floperoo. l can't even get the bird.

-Don't worry. You'll get it, all right. -You mean l'll get it in the end?

Yeah. And you'll get a big bang out of it, too.

Well, that sure takes a load off of my mind.

Hey, cut it out. Cut it out, pigeon. Don't do that.

This little piggy went to market.

-Babbit! -This little piggy stayed home.

-Babbit! -This little piggy had roast beef.


Well, what do you know? l ran out of piggies.

Babbit! Babbit!

Here, pussycat.



l'll save you. Where are you?

Speak to me! Speak to me!


Come on, stop your clowning. What's the matter with you?

-Aren't you ashamed? -l don't know.

-Why do you do these things? -l'm a bad pussycat.

Oh, l just can't seem to get the bird. lt ain't no use.

-Don't worry. -l can't do it.

This'll get you up there. Contact.

-Contact. -Contact.

-Contact. -Contact.


Hey, Babbit, l'm a Spitfire!


Hello, Fourth lnterceptor Command?

l see an unidentified object flying around my little head.

ls there an insurance salesman in the house?

Air raid. Lights out. Total blackout. Break it up, pussycats, break it up.

Air raid. Lights out. Total blackout.

Hey, now's our chance. Come on.

Turn out those lights!

l'd better hurry. l just got 10 minutes to catch my plane.

Hold everything, fatso!

This is your lucky day. Opportunity is knocking.

But l've got a very important appointment.

l'll say you have. My card.

Yes, sir. Daffy Duck, personal representative...

of the most sensational discovery since the Sweater Girl.

He's colossal! Stupendous!

One might even go so far as to say he's mediocre.

l give you that paragon of pep and personality...

Sleepy Lagoon.

Picture a packed house. The kid's on. The orchestra gives him a four-bar vamp...

and the kid gives it to them like this.

That's just a rough idea, understand?

The kid finishes 'mid thunderous applause.

Hooray! He takes a bow.

They're screaming for an encore. Encore!

Give us more. We want more. Let's have some more.

But does the kid give them another song? No, he makes with a banjo solo, like so.

Just a minute, chubby. You ain't seen half of the kid's repertory.

Here's one the kid does that you'll like.

And now the kid goes into his finale, and what a finale!

Stop it!

All right, let's see what the kid can do.

Okay, Sleepy. Do your stuff.

That's all, folks!

Hear ye, hear ye.

Tonight the muses sing, and we harken to Pan...

as with sweetly piping lute...

he wends us through a delightful phantasmagoria...

with the deathless heroes of legend and history...

and the entrancing figures of fiction and fantasy.

And, first among our illustrious hosts...

we want you to meet....

''Now l lay me down to sleep....''

Bless Papa Leon and Uncle Ray.

Have you got any mortgages you want to have paid, baby?

After all my adventures are through.

Help! Jailbreak!

Why won't they let me sleep?

This is your town crier again.

The music fades...

and the departing celebrants bid us adieu...

happy with the memories of the book land frolic.

All is well.

And hold the onions.

What did you say?



What's the good word, strangers?


White man.

Welcome to Humuhumunukunukuapuaa lsland.

Well, thanks.

Gee, did you say that?

The back, please. The back.

You're cute, too, doc.

We're gonna have roast rabbit

We're gonna have roast

No, you don't.

Pull a knife on me, would you?

Why you....

One false move out of you and l'll....

A ship.

We're saved! Hurrah!

Bon voyage. Have a nice trip, fellas.

Farewell. Au revoir. Don't forget to write.

So long. l'll se you again sometime.

-Good-bye. -Good-bye.

-Enjoy yourselves. -We will.


Bon Voyage! Farewell.

Good-bye. Don't forget to write.

Farewell. Bon Voyage.

Prest-O Change-O

It's twelve o'clock. [laughs]










Duck shot.



More duck shot.

ConfidentiaIIy, those hunters couIdn't hit the broad side of a duck.


Aah! They got me.



ELMER: Get him, Larimore.

Retrieve him. Retrieve him.

Take it easy, rover. That's no way to retrieve a duck.


GentIe-Iike. See, Larimore?

HeIIo. Sorry I had to pIug you, Mr. Duck...

...but I'm a sportsman. A great, great sportsman.


A great sportsman, eh?

Huh. Hmm. Ha-ha. Hmm.



Listen, sport... don't know the meaning of fair pIay.

What chance has a poor, heIpIess...

...fIuffy, IittIe winged creature Iike me against you?

You, with your buIIets and your shotgun and your knife and your duck caII...

...and your hunting coat and your dog, and aII kind of stuff Iike that there?

What protection have I got?

A buIIetproof vest, I suppose?

Ha, ha. How did that get there?

How wouId you Iike to meet me in a fair fight, Mr. Sport?

AII things being equaI..., Marquis of Queensberry ruIes, huh?

Ha. That's different, eh?

Yeah, that's something eIse again.

Yeah. You don't Iike that, do you, sportsman?

No. Huh. Nyah.

You don't Iike it, huh?


Don't Iike it.

REFEREE: Ladies...

...and gentIeducks... that corner....


In that--


He's a dog. Ha-ha-ha!

Oh, you can have him.


What a tramp.



EImer Fudd.




And in this corner...

...a duck who needs no introduction.

That outstanding exponent of cIean sportsmanship...

...that champion of champions...

...your friend and mine...

...our own, our beIoved Daffy ''Good to His Mother'' Duck.



Now, boys, fight cIean.

ALL: Oh, brother.

No rough stuff.

None of this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or Iike so:

Or this...or this:

Or this:

You understand?

Yeah. You mean, none of this...? Or this...? Or Iike so...?

Or this...or this...?

Or...or this...?

Or this...huh?

How about a IittIe of this...?

AbsoIuteIy uh-uh.

You know, there's something awfuIIy screwy about this fight...

...or my name isn't Larimore.

And it isn't.

You got him punchy, champ.

He's practicaIIy a dead duck aIready.

Now get in there and fight. Go on in and knock him out.

Give it to him, champ. Let him have it, champ.

Hmm. Getting a IittIe thin on top.

How about a IittIe something to stimuIate the scaIp?


Now shake hands.

Which hand do you take?

Mm, uh....

That one.


Wrong. Guess again.

AII right, aII right.

I'II take that, over there. Ha-ha-ha.

Ain't he a dope?

You sure this is the one you want?


You're right.

It's the right one.

And here's round one coming up.


One, three, nine, 1 0, you're out. The winner and new champion, Daffy Duck.


I'm not the one to compIain, Mr. Referee...

...but I thought you said no rough stuff. None of this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or Iike so:

Or this...or this:

Or this:

T-T-That's aII foIks.


Okay. Let it go.

A cat. A cat. Run, run.

Oh, there's nothing to be afraid of.

He can't hurt us. He can't get in here.

The cat! Lights out!

AII cIear. The cat's gone.

Come on out, feIIas.


Wh--? Where is everybody? Huh?

What's the rush? I'm not going to hurt you.

Look what I've got for you.



Listen, you can have aII the cheese you want if you:


Understand? Okay?

There. Now, that's better.

Now get going.


[SINGING] Oh, that cat he done told me Out there in the kitchen

ALL [SINGING] : That cat he done told you what?

Well, he's come here to save us And not to enslave us

MICE: That cat's a rat just the same MOUSE: Oh, no, kids

That cat is a two-face A treacherous thing

Who will leave us to sing The blues in the night

Please take my advice And don't be naughty mice

-Appease him -Or he'll get offended? Ha-ha-ha

He wants to protect us From the ones who've wrecked us

-Please him -He wants to protect us?

-That's what I've been saying -Gee, that'd be fine

Well, then hurry and sign a truce And don't fight

Did you ever have a feeIing that you wanted something...

...uh, but you didn't know what it was?

Yeah, yeah. Oh, sure. I aIways get that feeIing too.

I know.

I want a nice fat, tender mouse.

Yes, sir. One nice fat, tender mou--



Look at them run.


You're a nice fat, tender mouse.

You'II do.



[SINGING] Grit your teeth, show some fight And the stuff that you're made of

Remember to never say die

ALL [SINGING] We'll do more than that Let's get rid of that cat

-All in favor say aye ALL: Aye


Now, Iisten, men.


And remember, above aII:


You got that?


MOUSE: Left. Left.

No, no. A IittIe more to the right.

LittIe more. More. There, that's it.




ALL [SINGING] : We did it before

We did it again

We doed it.

l'm trapped. l gotta get out of this.

l gotta think fast. Trapped.

Boy, they've trapped a rabbit.

Look, fellows, l'm Rin Tin Tin.

Now l got you. You're a dead rabbit.

Telegram for Elmer Fudd.

What's up, doc?

''Dear Nephew, am leaving you $3 million in my will.

''Uncle Louie.''

Boy, l'm rich!

''P.S. But you don't get one cent...

''if you harm any animals, especially rabbits.''

You're free now, little rabbit.

Go and romp and frolic in the forest.

Oh, boy, l'm rich.

Okay, fellows. Break it up.

$3 million.

Come on out, or l'll blow your head off.

Please, Mr. Rabbit, go on back to the forest where you belong.

Be a nice little rabbit.

What are you trying to do, kill me?

You'll fracture my skull!

l'm gonna call Uncle Louie, that's what l'm gonna do.


Hey, you got a nickel?

Hello, operator! Give me Walnut Tree 350.

Oh, that you, Myrt? How's every little thing?

Please, Mr. Rabbit, don't call Uncle Louie.

l won't hurt you again. l promise.

Well, okay. But watch your step after this, fat boy.

What you got to eat around this joint?


Eat. l'll fix this guy. Thinks he'll trick me?

Step right this way.

That'll fix him.

Why, that dirty double-crosser.

Let me in! Open up!

Hey, l'm getting pneumonia.

Open up.

l'll die!

No, l'm too young to die.

Please. Please let me in.

Hey, this scene ought to get me the Academy Award.

Say goodbye to Uncle Louie for me.

Uncle Louie?

What have l done?

$3 million, all shot to pieces.

Don't die, little rabbit.

Please don't die.

Come on, fat stuff, swing it.

Special delivery.

''Your Uncle Louie has kicked the bucket.

''You now inherit $3 million.

''lnheritance tax: $2 million, defense tax, state tax, county....

''Which leaves you owing us $1 .98.

''Please remit.''

You don't get the dough, butterball?

No, but l'm gonna get you!

Happy New Year!

Yippee! Hooray! Happy New Year!

Why, you....

Well, ''yipe'' again!

Don't go down there. lt's dark.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Easter greetings.

What's up, doc?

Greetings, music lovers.

First, we will hear a waltz written by Johann Strauss.

And as we hear the rhythmic strains of the haunting refrain...

listen to the rippling rhythm of the woodwinds...

as it rolls around and around...

and it comes out here.

Wasn't that lovely?

And now we will present the beautiful Blue Danube.


COLONEL: With the commandos, and they're aII over the pIace.

It makes me so mad. If I'd onIy sent more troops....





You dummkopf.






Put out those Iights!







Say, Liederkranz, what time is it?

When you hear the tone, it wiII be exactIy 6:45 and one-quarter.


Six forty-five and one-quarter.


May I present you with this IittIe token of our esteem.

For me?


Oh, uh, just a IittIe going-away present.

WeII, see you around.





Heil HitIer.


It's aII yours, Von Limburger.

HeIIo, SchuItz, I want you to--

Oh, is that you, Myrt?



A whoIe mess of Messerschmitts.



A mess of Messerschmitts.




Ah, now try and duck this one, you duck. Heil HitIer.



That's aII, foIks.

MEN.. (SlNGlNG) Where the honeysuckle vine

Twines itself around the door

A sweetheart mine is waiting

Patiently for me

So please come back to...

NARRA TOR.. The typical American farm presents many interesting sights.

This show horse is the pride of the farm and the winner of many blue ribbons.

He is trained to perform in every gait. First, let's see you do a trot.

Now the gallop.

That's fine. Now do a canter.

HORSE: (SlNGlNG) l'm happy about the whole thing

The way that you walk The way that you talk

NARRA TOR.. Hey, Hey. That's enough of that.

Here we find the farmer's faithful old watchdog.

Though he is no longer very active,

he still does a few little odd jobs around the house.

One of his chores is to fetch the newspaper.


Oh, there's the paper now.




l can hardly wait to see what happened to Dick Tracy.

NARRA TOR.. Here is a group of cute little piggies, playing in the...

Well, what are they up to? They seem fascinated by that clock.

Oh, well.

Here's a proud mother hen, carefully watching over her eggs,

anxiously awaiting the eventful day. What a happy little family this will be.

What's this? A weasel.

The ruthless thief of the barnyard,

watching his chance to sneak in and steal those defenseless little eggs.

He draws closer, and closer, and closer.


Don't ever do that!



NARRA TOR.. ln the nearby trees, we find many species of bird life.


The birds always... Oh, look up there.

No, no, over to the left. See?

A little owl nestling inside the tree trunk.




NARRA TOR.. Here's an interesting sight.

A young couple laboriously building their nest

with a bit of string from here and a piece of straw from there.

A little twig. A bit of string.

A piece of straw, a little twig, a bit of string, a piece of straw, a little twig,

a bit of string, a piece of straw, little twig, string, string, straw, string...

BlRDS: (SlNGlNG) There's no place like home

NARRA TOR.. At the edge of the woods, field mice make their home.

Here we see one of the most common types.

Say, he seems to be a bit worried.

Tell me, little fellow, what seems to be troubling you?

l don't know, doc,


l just keep hearing things.

NARRA TOR.. Even the tiniest of insects, such as the ants,

have a language all their own.


Emerging from the opening, comes a female of the species.

lf you listen very closely, you can hear her calling to her young.

(SHOUTlNG) Harry!

Coming, Mother.

NARRA TOR.. The modern farm is conducted on a business like...

Well, here are those little piggies again.

Say, piggies, why don't you go off and play?


NARRA TOR.. Oh, well, suit yourself.

Here is one of the strangest friendships that has ever been known.

Natural enemies, yet living together as friends,

a cat and a mouse.

Tell me, is it true that the cat takes good care of you?

And keeps you nice and warm?

Well, that's truly a friendship.

Now, before we leave you,

is there anything that you would like to say to your friends in the audience?

(SHOUTlNG) Get me out of here!


NARRA TOR.. And so, as the day draws to a close

and the sun sinks slowly in the west, we reluctantly take our leave of the farm.

Well, the piggies again. Are they going to stay there all night?

What in the world can the attraction be?


Dinner time!




Oh, dear!

Every day, it's the same thing.

Pardon me, doc. Fresh out of carrots.

Low bridge.

l live here. That's my home, such as it is.

Look, doc, do l go around nailing signs over your house?

Do l?

There's still such a thing as private property, you know.

Did you ever hear of the inalienable right of the sanctity of the home?

Forgive me, my friend.

Do you like blacksberries' pie?


Did you say blackberry pie?


Well, have some!

What a dumb bunny.

Of course, you realize this means war.

And now from the empty hat l will....

Pull a live rabbit. Yes.

Rootah, vootah, zoot!

And observe, a rabbit!


Guess who?

-You? -Yes, me.

You didn't expect to see me again, Svengali?

Go away, please.

You dumb rabbits-bunny.

You are for to ruining my act.

Wrong, doc. l'm gonna help you.

Let's see now.

You was trying to....

Pull a rabbit out of the hat.


Rootah, vootah, zoot!



Come out and get a nice carrot, pretty bunny.

l got him.

On the contrary, l've got you.

Ladies and gentle peoples...

for my next illusion l will require...

the assistance of a small boy from the audience.

l shall be happy to assist you, sir.

l shall now attempt...

to run razor-sharp swords through the basket.

There's nothing for you to fear. lt's a trick.

The swords do not penetrate. No.


Does it hurt very much, sonny boy?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Red light.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Red light.

One, two, three, four, five. Red light!

One. Red light!

What a performance, D'Artagnan.

What a performance!

lf l do'd it, l'd get a whipping.

l do'd it.

NARRA TOR.. "'Backward, turn backward O Time, in your flight

"'Make me a child again just for tonight!"'

And between these covers, we find these immortal favorites.

"'Sleeping Beauty. "'

Remember the lovely princess who was bewitched into a deep slumber

until her Prince Charming came to break the spell?

Come on, wake up! Wake up, you lazy good-for-nothing!

Come on, wake up!

Tom Thumb, the little boy who got his name

because he was no bigger than a man's thumb.

Let's pay this interesting family a visit.

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Thumb. Where's little Tom?

Are you Tom Thumb?

(CHUCKLlNG) Yeah, that's me.

Why, l thought you were no bigger than a man's thumb.

How did you get so big?

Vitamin B1 .


"'The Grasshopper and the Ant, "'

the story of the industrious little ant and the lazy grasshopper.

(SlNGlNG) Heaven can wait



Heaven can wait


You're gonna be sorry.

l've worked all summer and put away plenty for the winter.

But you, you lazy thing, you're gonna starve.

The bad boy of the fairy tales, the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Wolf! Wolf! Help, help, the wolf!

Wolf! Help! Help! Wolf!

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!


What a jerk. What a dope.

There's a lad who could stand some discipline.

What a dope.

-He'll learn his lesson someday. -What a screwball.

"'Jack and the Beanstalk, "' the story of the boy who climbed a beanstalk

only to be met at the top by a ferocious, two-headed giant

who forced Jack to run for his life.

Say, you almost had him. Why did you quit?

He's been sick.

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, the fifth columnist of his day.

By means of a disguise, he preyed upon unsuspecting little sheep.


Scram, bum. l'm working this side of the pasture.

The Arabian Nights gave us the story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp.

All Aladdin had to do was to rub the lamp and, presto, the genie appeared.

(SlNGlNG) l dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair

l dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair

Wolf! Wolf! Help!

There's that nasty kid again.

The wolf! Wolf!


What a dope. What a jerk.

Hey, young fella, you're going to yell "'wolf"' once too often.

Go on, go on. Mind your own business. Mind your own business.

Can't a guy have a little fun?

A session in the woodshed wouldn't do that boy any harm.

And here's a bird you wouldn't mind having in your own home,

a goose that lays golden eggs.

Hey, wait a minute. You're supposed to lay golden eggs.

Not anymore, brother. l'm doing my bit for national defense.

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone.

Why, you dirty, double-crossing...

Food hoarder! She's a food hoarder! Food hoarder!

Remember this little nursery rhyme?

(lN RUSSlAN ACCENT) This little piggy went for to market.

This little piggy, he's gone for to stay home.

This little piggy, he's had roast beef and smashed potatoes.

And this poor little piggy, he don't have anything, all kinds of things, to eat.

And this little piggy, he's for to crying like anything.

''Wee, wee, wee,'' all the way...

Ow! For crying out Pete's sake, Mother!

Be careful! My corn!

Cinderella and her glass slipper, a little girl who...

BOY.. Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help, somebody! Help! The wolf!

NARRA TOR.. Uh-oh. He's at it again.

Wolf! Wolf! Help, help, the wolf!


Get a load of this, folks. lt says here:

''A constant menace to pilots...

''are the gremlins who wreck planes with their...

''diabolical sabotage.''


Oh, murder!

Gremlin. What a fairy tale.

Little men! Oh, brother.

What's all the hubbub, bub?

These blockbuster bombs don't go off...

unless you hit them just right.

-Yeah? -Yeah.

Hey, Mac.

Let me take a whack at it.

What am l doing?

Why, you little, you, you....

You.... Gasp!

Hey! l bet that was a....

Say, do you think that....

Could that have been a gremlin?

lt ain't Wendell Willkie.

Which way did he go, George?

That way.

Well, gee, thanks a lot, George.

What's the matter, bunny rabbit? Speak to me.

Why don't you say something?

l'm only three-and-a-half years old.

l like him. He's silly.


Here, gremlin.

Nice gremlin.

Going down.

Sorry, folks, we ran out of gas.

Yeah, you know how it is with these ''A'' cards.

NARRATOR: Attention. Let's join the Army for a day...

...and get a glimpse of military life.

Here we are at Fort Nix.

Typical of the many training camps throughout the country.






MAN: Attention.

-Count off. -One.

-Two. -Three.

-Four. -One.

-Two. -Three.

-One. -Two.

-Three. -Uh, uh....

-Let's see, what comes after three--? -Four. Four.

SERGEANT: Now, now. No coaching, pIease.

Now, don't teII me. Uh....

Four. Yeah, yeah, four. Ha, ha.

That's right.

Now, do you want to try for the $32 question?

WeII, uh, I don't know, I, uh--

MAN: You'II be sorry.

Uh, no, no, I better take the $ 1 6, I better.

NARRATOR: Sweet music to the ears of all soldiers... the ""Mess Call, "" or ""Come and Get It. ""


And so, their appetites appeased...

...the Army is ready to carry out the orders of the day.

One of the most colorful sights... the well-trained cavalry, as it goes through its daily drills.

MAN: Company, attention.

Mark time.

Right face.

Forward march.

NARRATOR: The infantry is the backbone of the Army.

Marching mile after mile is a matter of routine for these hardy foot soldiers.

Following close behind, the camouflaged troops.

The artillery tries out one of its new guns.

In contrast to the mechanized equipment used by the soldiers of today...

...early conscriptees were trained with makeshift substitutes.

Here are a few examples.

The machine-gun unit.


The tank corps.

The parachute troops.

The Army Air Corps has proven a vital link in our military chain.

During maneuvers, pursuit planes engage each other in aerial games.

Here is the Anti-Aircraft Division in the midst of its daily target practice.

The largest guns of the Army are those of the coast defense.

Directions for firing these huge monsters originate at Army headquarters...

...many miles behind the lines.

EIevation: 45 degrees. Direction: 30 degrees north-by-east.

EIevation: 45 degrees. Direction: 30 degrees north-by-east.

EIevation: 45 degrees. Direction: 30 degrees north-by-east.

Longitude: 36 degrees. Latitude: 58.

Longitude: 36 degrees. Latitude: 58.

Longitude: 36 degrees. Latitude: 58.

-Ready. -Ready.

-Ready. -Fire.

-Fire. -Fire.

I'm a bad generaI.

Good old P.U.

Out and away, the most popular fellows at....

Out and away, the most popular fellows at old P.U...

are the three Dover boys.

Tom, the fun-loving member of the trio.

Dick, a serious lad of 18 summers, plus a winter in Florida...

as related in The Dover boys in the Everglades.

And Larry, the youngest of the three jerks.... Brothers.

A gay outing at the park has been planned by the merry trio...

and they are off to fetch their fiancee, Dainty Dora Standpipe...

at Miss Cheddars' female academy close by.

With their usual punctuality...

the boys arrive at the appointed hour of 3..00.

And are soon on their rollicking way.

Forced to pass a certain public house...

a tavern of unsavory repute...

our young friends meet the distressing situation...

with their usual uncompromising, moral fortitude.

Little do they know that even now, within this very tavern...

Dan Backslide, the former sneak of Roquefort Hall...

coward, bully, cad, and thief...

and arch enemy of the Dover boys, squanders his misspent life.

Hark, the Dover boys. Drat them.

Double drat them.

They are escorting Dora Standpipe.

Dear, rich, Dora Standpipe!

How l love her...

father's money.

Confound those Dover boys!

How l hate them !

l hate Tom ! l hate Dick! And l hate Larry!

They drive me to drink!

Confound them.

Confound them !

But let us draw the curtain on this sordid scene...

and turn to more pleasant surroundings...

where we find our young friends engaged in a spirited game...

of hide-go-and-seek.

15, 20, 25, 30, 35....

No! ln here!

No, up here!

No, over here!

-Over here. ln here. -No, in here!

510, 515....

-Sorry. -Over here!

No, in here!

The Dover boys.

Then Dora must be alone and unprotected!

A runabout. l'll steal it! No one will ever know.

1,250, 1,255....

Here l come, ready or not.


Save me!

Help, Tom !

Help, Dick!

Help, Larry!

Help! Save me!


Poor Dora, will no one save her from this predicament?

Will no one come to her assistance?

But hold on! What's this?

lt looks like an alert young Scout.

And that's just what it is.

He'll not fail her, l'll venture.

Telegram for the Dover boys.

''Messrs. Tom, Dick, and Larry, care of Wayward Tavern...

''Upper Bottleneck, New York. Says, quote, help!

''Unquote. Signed Dora.'' 35 cents collect.

Help! Save me!

Help, Tom !

Help, Dick!

Help, Larry!

Unhand her, Dan Backslide.

Hey, we're getting in a rut.

Stand up and fight, you coward, bully, cad, and thief.

You haven't been thrashed enough yet?

And now it is time to say goodbye.


What a place, what a place. Why, it's as pretty as a picture.

But if l ever told my favorite wife the awful truth...

l'd land right on the front page.

Yes, sirree, Bobby.

Cigars, cigarettes, butts.

Hello, girlie. Why, sure, l'll buy some of your cigarettes.

You got a light, kid?

Hello, Ann. How's the oomph girl tonight?

Good evening, Mr. Weissmuller.

Good evening, Miss Rand.

Listen, you mugs. This job is plenty risky. Get me?

You gotta be tough guys to go through with it...

because if you get caught, you take the rap alone. See?

All right. Now let's try it.

One tie. Bull's eye.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Hope you're all enjoying this little hoe-down.

Comes now a bit of the--

Get away from me, boys. You bother me.

Comes now a bit of the dance, and if you'll all gather around...

Brother Stickoutski will give out with a helping of that South American jive...

the conga, to be exact, so make it mellow, fella.

Jimmy, that rhythm does something to me.

Let's dance, will you, please?

lt's not that l don't want to, you understand.

lt's on account of that....

Gee whiz, l don't know any of these modern steps there.

Come on, Jimmy. Please.

For me?

Oh, heck, l guess l might as well try it. l can't lose nothing.

lt's me again.


-Dad. -Yes, Andy?

l'd like to have a heart-to-heart talk with you.

Don't go away, folks. This ought to be good.

Comes now the feature attraction of the evening....

Keep moving, boys. l'll see you at the track.

Comes now the feature attraction of the evening...

Miss Sally Strand and her Bubble Dance.

lf you boys'll put away your bean-shooters...

we'll get on with the show.



l haven't seen such a beautiful bubble since l was a child.

Henry Fonda !

Coming, Mother.

Are you boys having a good time?


Guess who?


Now listen, babe, l'm a man of few words, see?

l've been chasing you all night.

Now, how about a little kiss, baby?

Well, fancy meeting you here.

''Room, $65.



''Total, $152.50.''

You will, of course, pay the bill, now before you leave, no?

No. l mean, yes. My partner, Daffy Duck, will be right back.

He's out cashing a check.

Come on, seven.

Be good to Daffy. Don't fail me now.

Snake eyes, too bad.

You is a dead duck, duck.

Don't worry, Daffy will be here in a minute with the money.

Well, l hope so.

lnsulting my integrity, fatso?

lnsinuating l'd flee this flea-bitten dump...


lntimating l'd abscond with your financial remunerations...


Hey, look, a Dick Tracy character, Pruneface.

You have insult me! We meet on the field of honor.

My card.

You've had your coffee ration for this week, Robespierre.

You have insult me! We meet on the field of onion.

My card, you cad.

And you don't get out until you pay up!

My card, please.

-l guess l showed that overstuffed turnip. -What?

-Yipe. -Me, too. Yipe.

Okay, we'll pay.

Let me see, now. How much was it? How much?

Sold to an American.

Hurry up, Daffy.

Don't, dilly....

Time's a-wasting.

One for the money, two for the show...

three to get ready, and four to.... Geronimo!

l can't stand it.

lt's getting me. l'm going stir-crazy!

Bastille batty, cooler cuckoo.

Look at my prison pallor. l'm as black as a sheet.

-Gosh, if Bugs Bunny was only here. -Yeah, Bugs Bunny, my hero.

He can get out of any spot.

l saw him in a Leon Schlesinger cartoon once.

-The hunter had him covered. -And he grabbed the gun.

And bang, the hunter fell.

What a guy. Nothing can hold him. He'll get us out of here.

Hello, Central? Give me Bugs Bunny.

-Hello, Bugs, this is Daffy. -What's up, duck?

That palooka manager has got us locked up in the Broken Arms Hotel.

We thought you could help us get out.

-Did you try the elevator? -Yes.

-Throw him down the stairs? -Yes.

-Use the sheets? -Yes.

-Swing across on the rope? -Yes.

We tried all those ways.

Don't work, do they?

That's all folks!

Dicky bird. Dicky! Where are you?

Here, Dicky.

Dicky, come here.

Rudolf, have you seen Dicky bird?

l've looked everywhere.

Oh, dear, he's not here. He's gone.

He must be here. He couldn't have gotten out of the house.

Here, Dicky.

Oh, Dicky, there you are.

l thought l'd find...


Oh dear, he's flown away.

l can't understand it.

That's the fifth canary we've lost this month.

Oh, poor Rudolf.

You miss your little friend, don't you?

Hello, pet shop? Have you any more canaries?

Oh, that's fine.

Will you send one right over to 1605, Maple Drive?

Yes, that's right, 1605, Maple Drive.

Nice little Petey.

Eat up all your seeds and get nice and big.

And you, too, Rudolf. Eat up all your dinner.


Rudolf, where are you? Where are you?

Petey, have you seen Rudolf?

That's all, folks!


(SlNGlNG) We're in to win so let's begin To do the job with junk

We're in to win, turn in your tin And listen to it plunk

To our nation's call every rubber ball Goes to conquer freedom 's foe

-Freedom's foe! -Freedom's foe!

Freedom's foe!

We're in to win, our staff is in So to victory let's go

And do the job with junk

Pots, pans, old tin cans. Pails, nails, empty jails.

Vats, hats, rubber mats. Missing links, kitchen sinks.

Garbage cans, electric fans. Rubber boots, bathing suits.

Reels, wheels, rundown heels. Bedsprings, piston rings.

Metal shears, old tin ears.


Tire chains, water mains. Skates, plates, furnace crates.

Pitching forks, rubber corks. Sacks, racks, railroad tracks.

Poles, soles, fiddle bows. Plugs, lugs, bathroom rugs.

Cover sheets, housemaid knees. Rubber bands, bird cage stands.

Metal snips, pillow slips. Lock, socks, grandpa clock!


And that's why we're in

To win

(LlSPlNG) Well, how do you like that, Schickelgruber?



Destroy that scrap pile!

-NAZl GENERAL: Destroy that scrap pile! -Destroy that scrap pile!

-Destroy that scrap pile! -Destroy that scrap pile!

-Destroy that scrap pile! -Destroy that scrap pile!

Destroy that scrap pile!

SOLDlERS: Destroy! Destroy! Destroy that scrap pile!


Destroy that scrap pile!




Hup! Hup! Hup!

(LlSPlNG) Halt! Who goes there?




Saboteurs, l bet you!


Ah, l thought so!

Put your hands up!

You criminals are all alike! l can see it in your eyes.

Just a stupid ignoramus! A numbskull! A nitwit! A nincompoop!


Why, it's just a poor little sick billy goat! Hey, William, this'll fix you up!

A sodium acetyl-salicylic.

Listen to it fizz!


Provides immediate relief from hyper-gasidity,

banishes after-dinner discomfort and loginess.


Say, this tin termite is a Nazi! A folk wolf in sheep's clothing!

You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?



l'm through.

Oh, what l'd give for a can of spinach, now.

Shame, Daffy, shame!

Great-great-great-great-great-uncle Dullingham Duck!

(SlNGlNG) Did l cry "'spinach "' when l stood a duck on Plymouth Rock?

Did l and Washington give up with Valley Forge in hock?

Did Daniel Boone and me quack "'quits "' when lndians seized our scalp?

Did John Paul Duck give up the ship or ever holler "'help"'?

Hey, Daffy, Americans don't give up!

No, Daffy, Americans don't give up!

That's right! And l'm an American duck!

-Up there in the sky! -GHOST 1 : lt's a bird!

GHOST 2: No, it's a plane!

GHOST 3: No, it's Super-American!

Gosh, a dream ! lt was all a dream !

NAZlS: Hey!

Next time you dream include us out!

(STUTTERlNG) That's all folks!


Sandy! What do you say, old boy, old boy?

What's the good word?

What's jumping? How's every little thing?

Not very good, laddie.

l'm in a streak of hard luck.

Say, good man, what are you doing in that grand car?

l belong in it. l got myself a master now, see.

Three square meals a day.

No more bumming around the streets for me.

All l got to do is wag my tail,

and make out l'm glad to see him when he comes home.

Then it's ''nice doggie this'' and ''nice doggie that.''

-lt's a cinch. -That sounds very good.

But how did you manage to put it over in the first place?

Well, one day l determines to get me a master.

So l goes to a ritzy district, way over on Park Avenue,

where all of them swell penthouses is, through the fancy entrance,

up to the top floor of a classy apartment house,

and l rings at one of the doors.

Oh, shucks. Who in the world can that be?

Every time l get in the tub, that darn bell rings.

lt never fails.

Hello, bub. Hey, l got a preposition for you.

Look, you ain't got no dog, and l ain't got no master.

What do you say, we gets together? You know, let's merge.

Here, try me for size. And l'm affectionate, too.

-Where are we going? Bye-bye? -l must... Sorry, but l don't want a dog.

Well, that's that.


l know all the tricks, too. You know, sit up, roll over, even play dead.

Hey, watch me make like rigor mortis.

And l'm very affectionate, too.


Guess who?

(SlNGlNG) Hold me close



Hey, l can take a hint! You don't want me!

Now, don't deny it, you don't want me. Nobody wants me.

l'm a dog without a country. That's what, l'm a refugee.

What good is life without love? Love without you?

That does it. This is the end.

Goodbye, cruel world.

SAND Y: Spatter.

Did you lose something, bud?


Hey, fatso, look!


Look out! Don't jump. Hey, don't do it.

Come back, doggie. Watch out! Come on, doggie! Come back!



Puppy, oh, puppy. Speak to me, good old doggie.

Nice puppy. Oh, you poor thing.

Gosh, l didn't know you cared!

l'm a bad boy.

That's all, folks!

l'll tell you the story of the moth and his flame,

but promise that you'll try to keep it quiet.

The lady was a honeybee with marriage as her aim

and he lived on a fabricated diet.

(SlNGlNG) Now, the moth told the bee "'Come on, honey, marry me

"'So tomorrow wedding bells will surely ring"'

Ding, dong, ding, dong, ding, dong, ding

And today's the day that wedding bells will ring

ln a suit of fancy clothes we find our boyfriend in a doze

lt was a zoot suit with a neat pleat nicely stitched

Get up, you lazy creature

Eat your breakfast, find a preacher

'Cause at 3..00 today you're getting hitched

Oh, happy day!

Ta-da !

(SlNGlNG) Here comes the groom Straight as a broom

All purtied up with 10-cent perfume


Mmm, nice piece of material.

And prewar cuffs, too.



My, oh, my!

Oh, darn those zippers.

PlANO PLA YER.. Tick, tock, tick, tock, look what time is on the clock!

(SlNGlNG) There sat the bride but she cried and cried and cried

Oh, where, oh, where has her little moth gone?

Oh, where, oh, where can he be?

Oh, my gosh! lt's half past three!

So our little pal, the moth, who was fed up with the cloth,

decided he was late, and how he ran!

But a big black widow spider dropped beside him with a bang

and with hungry eyes she cackled...

Look, a man!






Play your jack.



Something like Uncle Tom 's Cabin, ain't it?

PlANO PLAYER: (SlNGlNG) But the moth could not be had

And it made the widow mad


Just to think there was a man she couldn't tame

l don't want to set the world on fire,

but it says, ''A moth is attracted by a flame.''




MOTH: Help! Help!



Confidentially, she stings.

My hero.

Oh, shucks. lt weren't nothing.

(SlNGlNG) So they built a little nest and they settled in the vest

And lived happy ever after on the cuff

But, you know, folks, l never could understand

what that cute little bee could see in that silly moth.

(GROANS ) What a dope.

Oh, yeah?


That's all folks!

How many for you?

One adult and three children, please.

Thank you.

Come, children.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Watch your step, please.

Hey, how much to go in?

The charge is five cents for you.

Gee, that's tough. All l got is one scent.

Get it?

Let's see. There ought to be some way of getting into this joint.




(STUTTERlNG) Hi, gang. And now, if you'll all be quiet, we'll start the show.


(CHUCKLES ) l drew this cartoon all by myself,

but, shucks, it wasn't hard 'cause l'm an artist.

l hope you like it.


Thank you.
















(SlNGlNG) The leaves of brown came tumbling down


All of the leaves, they're falling on me That's what they're doing

ln the rain

And the sun went out just like a dying ember

That's what it was

lt was in September That's when it was, yes

ln the rain

Oh, look at those little clouds up there Up there on the hill

Oh, and the little raindrops

They're falling on me That's what they're doing

Hey, mammy

Oh, look up there at the sun lt's shining on your little sonny boy

Come on, play it for me

Spring is here and it's September That's what it is

Build it up, play it

That September in the rain

Well, folks, how did you like my picture?

That's all folks!

MEN [SINGING] : Oh, you don't know what you're doing

Or the mean things that you're doin'

Or you wouldn't be doin' What you're doin' to me

Oh, you don't know what you're saying

When you say that you are playing

Well, you weren't just sayin' You were playin' with me

You never treat me right Oh, every night on my door

You don't even know

No wonder I'm flying, flying

You're driving me to ruin

Oh, you don't know what you're doin'

Or you wouldn't be doing What you're doing to me




PIGG Y: Make it snappy, FIuffy.

Okay, baby.













You don't know what you're doing.

[BLOWING] Oh, yeah?

Is that so?

[BLOWING] Yes, that's so.






Aw, you don't know what you're doing.

Hic! Does he, boy?


DRUNKS [SINGING] : Oh, you don't know what you're doing

That foghorn that you blew in

Makes such a big noise It's drivin' us insane

Huh? What's that? What's that?

Oh, it isn't even funny

Give us something for our money

For the only thing you give us is a pain

A great big pain

-[SINGING] You're all just jealous -Jealous?

-Jealous -Jealous?

-Of me -Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

-You're all on a spree -Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

It's gone to your head

Ahh, go sit on a tack.

DRUNKS [SINGING] : If you knew what we were thinking

Pipe down, you've all been drinking

Says you:

Says me:

Says who?

Says me:

[SINGING] Aw, you don't know What you do-do-doin' at all











IN UNISON: Whoopee!


Pardon me, Mrs. Cow, will you kindly get off the track?

Come on, get going. Time's a-wasting.

Amscray, you mess of T-bones.

lt's cows like that that give milk a bad name.

l'll bet she can't give sweet milk with a sourpuss like that.

So, you won't walk, eh?

l'll show you, you four-legged piece of hamburger.

Goodbye, Toots, old gal.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

l wish you lots of luck, Mr. Silver Fish.

Say, what is that?

A percolator on a roller-skate?

l'll bet my Tootsie can beat his old Silver Fish.

Oh, yeah? lt's a bet.

We'll have a race and see.

Oh, boy, what a man.

He can't get away with a thing like that. l'll show him.

NARRATOR: Howdy, folks.

You know, I reckon a lot of you people out there...

...are sort of wondering about us here on the farm during this war.

Well, I want you to know that we're prepared for any emergency.

Yeah, sure. Just like the city folks.

Now, take this farmer here.

Why, he's heard and read about them there incendiary bombs.

You know what he's done?

He's even trained his pet dog to help put out the fires.

Here's his dog just about to go into action.

He's a full-blooded spitz.

Now, take this here cow for instance.

Why, you know she's increased her production...

...and she's now giving 5000 quarts of milk a day.

That seems like a lot of milk, but 5000 quarts is what she gives.

Gives, nothing. They come in and take it from me.


What a performance.

NARRATOR: Well, look who's here. It's Old Tom.

You know, Old Tom is about the oldest cat in these here parts. Yes, sir.

Why, he's been around for the last three wars...

... and he knows that this one will turn out all right too.


Uh, say, now, would you look at that.

A teeny little woodpecker.

Now, I bet you I know what he's aiming to be when he grows up.

I reckon he plans to be a riveter at Lockheed.


Look at that cat's taiI.


If I do...

...I'II get a whipping.

I'II do it.


NARRATOR: You know, we American people...

...always sort of look forward to Thanksgiving.

And this year is certainly no exception.

This year, turkey is getting fattened up. Yes, sir, he's getting lots to eat...

...and you know what?

When he reaches 20 pounds, he'll be ready for the oven.

Twenty pounds? Oven?


NARRATOR: You know, uh, these turtle eggs...

...they've been laying around in the sun for quite a spell and, uh--

Well, what do you know, looks like they're getting ready to hatch.


I did it again. Ha, ha.

NARRATOR: Well, as I was saying, these little turtles are born...

...with a natural bombproof shelter on their backs.

Ain't that cute?

Hey, what in the world has come over that--?

Hey, little fella.

What do you think you are?


I'm a jeep. Jeep, jeep.



NARRATOR: Well, now that we're back on the farm...


...let's sort of peek in on a young fella who's a-courting his sweetie.

Oh, Marie-AIana, um, ahh...


...wouId you be my, ahh--?

WouId you Iike to--? Oh, no, no, no.

WouId you be my, uh--?

Oh, gosh. I wish there was a bIackout.

Oh, uh-oh!


Oh, boy. Ha-ha-ha. Oh, boy.

Oh, boy. BIackout!


NARRATOR: I just don't know what has come over the caterpillars.

Just seem to lay around and look glum.

Well, would you look at that little fella.

He sure looks happy, don't he?

Happy? Of course, I'm happy.

I just got a retread.


NARRATOR: Uh, these little fireflies here are gonna stage a practice blackout.

Looks like they're set to go.

Okay, lights out.

Hey there, turtle.

You better pull into your shelter. It's a blackout.

Nope, I'd, uh, rather not.

NARRATOR: Pull your head in. That's better.

Why in the world didn't you wanna go into your shell?

TURTLE: WeII, uh, I'm afraid of the dark.

NARRATOR: All right, fireflies. Blackout's over.

Hey, you. You on the end.

Yes, you. What happened to your light?

Hey, who's the buIb-snatcher?

Who's the buIb-snatcher?

NARRATOR: Did you ever see a prettier sight...

...than this here mother bird?

She is a-teaching her little son how to fly.

It's very easy, darIing.

Just fIap your wings Iike this.


Come on, now. Do as Mommy did.

Ah, Ma. I wanna be a dive-bomber.



NARRATOR: I guess about the only living creatures...

...that haven't been affected by the war...

...are the famous swallows of Capistrano.

Yes, sir.

As you all know, these here birds return to the mission on a certain day each year...

...and we're here just in time to see them come back.

They'll be along any minute now.

TeIegram for the audience.

NARRATOR: What does it say? -It says here:

[SINGING] ""We are out over the ocean Can't even get close to land

We can't fly to Capistrano Past the Fourth Interceptor Command""

Signed, ''the swaIIows.''

NARRATOR: Now, you folks all know how valuable carrier pigeons is in wartime.


I did it.



NARRATOR: As I was saying about them there carrier pigeons, well--

Now, this proud couple is famous around these parts.

During the last war they gave more sons to the service...

...than was ever thought possible.

[WEAKLY] WeII, Ma....

[SINGING IN DEEP VOICE] We did it before

BOTH: And we can do it again

And we will do it again


ANNOUNCER [O VER PA] : Introducing in person...

...that famous star of stage, screen and radio...

...Draftee 1 58 and three-quarters.

[STAMMERING] HeIIo, Iadies and gentIemen.

Say, we're going to show you some sensationaI movies.

And they're just chock-fuII of miIitary secrets.

So if there's any, ahh, fifth coIumnists in the audience...

...uh, wiII they pIease Ieave the theater right now?

Thank you.


NARRATOR: As the tenseness of the world situation mounts by the hour...

...more and more important in the defense plan...

...looms our vital industries.

Vast furnaces at white heat...

...convert the iron ore into defense implements.

Here we see the molten metal automatically conveyed...

...and about to be poured.

This is the stuff from which tanks are made.

In modern blitz warfare, airpower is often the deciding factor...

...and the need for all types of planes...

...has every American aircraft factory humming.


NARRATOR: Because of their proven effectiveness...

...various types of British RAF planes are studied and improved upon.

In front of us is one of the famous English Spitfires.


NARRATOR: With the machinery and materials approaching peak output...

...the need for men to man these machines grows urgent.


NEWSBO Y: Extra, extra. Read all about the draft bill.

NARRATOR: Citizen Sugar Kane says:

All over the country... of draft age scan their draft-board lists for their number...

...and discuss their chances of being called up.

I teII you, we ain't got nothing to worry about.

We both got high numbers. Your number's even higher than mine.

And besides, you're much too short.

They'd never take a IittIe runt Iike you.

You and your education.

NARRATOR: Draftees are housed in well-planned modern Army camps.


NARRATOR: Because of the outdoor life and regular hours...

...the boys develop hearty appetites...

...and are fed plenty of good wholesome food...

...because, as the great General Napoleon once said:

""An army travels on its stomach. ""

The Army is rapidly being equipped with all types of armament...

...from the huge siege guns down to the machine-gun nest.


NARRATOR: Even in a modern mechanized army...

...the horse still has a place.

Here are some Army horses raised in South America.

HORSE: La conga.


NARRATOR: Our new antitank gun is the answer to any possible tank attack.

Here is one about to blast a robot tank.

[WHISPERING] Here it comes.

Watch the tremendous hitting power of this super gun.

The tank is almost in the direct line of fire.

Get ready, aim, fire.

[YELLS] Fire, fire, fire. What's the matter? Why don't they shoot?

What are those gunners doing?


Mine's Ionger than yours.

NARRATOR: Here we see the latest long-range...

...rapid-fire coast-defense gun in action...

...shooting 1 0 million shells a second.



NARRATOR: As part of government policy... machines are constantly being developed.

Here is the latest weapon, a land destroyer.

One hundred times faster and more effective than a tank.

Look at that thing go...

...hurtling through space at five miles a minute.

Hey, stop and let us see that machine.

HeIIo again, foIks.

HoId onto your bridgework, boss. Here we go again.



NARRATOR: The mighty armed forces of the nation...

...respond to the president's command.

NARRATOR: In the air...

...Flying Fortresses, pursuit ships, long-range bombers.

And on the sea, our mighty Navy tries out its powerful guns.

On land, our Tank Corps drives forward to the scene of action.


Are we safe from air attack?

Supposing one day a fleet of enemy bombers...

...suddenly appeared over the horizon.

Where are our defenses? Why isn't something being done?

[SINGING] Smile, darn ya, smile


Smile, darn ya, smile



Come on and smile, darn ya, smile




AII aboard.









[SINGING] Good morning to you

[SINGING] Good morning to you

Good morning, dear Foxy

[IN UNISON] I'm glad to see you


Let's go.

[SINGING] Smile, darn ya, smile

You know this old world Is a good world after all


Smile, darn ya, smile

And right away Watch lady luck pay you a call


Things are never black As they are painted




SmiIe, darn you, smiIe.


SmiIe, darn you, smiIe.






[SINGING] Smile, darn ya, smile

That dear old bossie Doesn't want to move at all

Smile, darn ya, smile

It seems to us you're riding For an awful fall, an awful fall

You should get behind And try to shove her


That's no bull She may be someone's mother


Make life worthwhile


Come on and smile, darn ya, smile


BoiI, darn you, boiI.







HeIp! HeIp!


HeIp! HeIp!




Stop! No, brakes!

Stop! Look out!

I can't stop.

RO XY: Stop, stop. -I can't stop.


CHORUS [SINGING O VER RADIO] : Make life worthwhile

Come on and smile, darn ya, smile

So Iong, foIks.


[SINGING] One more time Just one more time

One more time

No more crime, big boy No more crime




Aw, hush there.


-Who, me? -Yeah, you.









-[SINGING] One more fine -[SINGING] Yeah, one more fine

For running me down And the fireplug too

And there's a great big cell At the jail for you

One more fine Yeah, one more fine

Don't you bawl me out Don't you call me names

Aw, tell it to the judge I know you dames

One more fine Yeah, one more fine

Eating all alone Will make me lazy

Talking all alone Will make you crazy

Please let me go Just this one time

You can drink my gin You can have my dough

Please, won't you let me go?

Just one more time


Aw, baIoney.

I know. OId goId.





Ain't that cute?










ALL [SINGING] : One more time You're gonna serve time

If you stick long enough With the old rough stuff

You'll go off with the old bloke Soon enough

[SINGING] Oh, not this time

CROOKS [SINGING] : No, not this time Ha, ha, ha

You can bawl us out You can call us names

There's a nice big chair You can play parlor games

[SINGING] You're not so hot

CROOKS: You're on the spot

Hey, you little pop Yeah, you dirty cop

We're going crazy

Chasing down you bums Taking all your guns

We'll make them lazy

One more time You're just in time

For one more ride to the calaboose We know the judge won't turn you loose


Not this time Ha, ha, ha



HeIp! HeIp!

No, no more crime





















[STAMMERS] Have some gum, Mr. Ape.






Give it here, sis. Oh, baby.

















I'II get you.


Cheer up, buddy.















I'II get him, buddy.


They got me, Bosko.


They got me.

I'II save you, DeII.

I'm coming, DeII.


My paI.




-Aye, aye. -Aye, aye.

-Aye, aye. -Aye, aye.

Aye, aye.

Aye, aye?


















Get back there. Get back.













-Aye, aye. PIGS: Aye, aye.

-Aye, aye. PIGS: Aye, aye.

ALL: Aye!

NARRATOR: In a happy barnyard, some years ago...

...a seemingly unimportant event occurred...

...which was destined to vitally affect the future of that little world.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck were expecting.



What's this, a dark horse?


NARRATOR: And so time passed.

Hey, bud, not so fast.

Oh, aII right.

But time does fIy, don't it, Johnny?


NARRATOR: Time passed.

The bad egg grew to ma-- To duckhood...

...and with artistic aspirations, dreamed of brush and palette.

But ended up with only the brush.


His artistic efforts spurned, he soon turned to other endeavors.


You dopes.


My mother done toId me.


NARRATOR: And there were some gullible ones who listened.


Especially one goose, more gullible than gooses--

Goose, geese, mice, meese. Geese usually go.

[IN ITALIAN ACCENT] That's right.

That's the onIy stuff, kiddo.

He's a smart feIIow with brains, huh?

Like me.


Sieg heil, boy. I'm from South Germany.




I'm a ''sick heiler"" too.



Tutti-frutti and aII kinds of whipped cream and waInuts!




Dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. Dear me. Oh, dear.

Oh, what has come to so erase

All thoughts of peace From off this place?

Have they forgot 'Tis love that's bright

And naught is gained by show of might



NARRATOR: Then from out of the west came another partner... make a silly axis of himself.



Oh, sorry. Oh, so sorry.

Oh, very, very sorry. PIease stop.

Oh, to apoIogizing Iike a dickens.

Oh, just a minute, pIease?

Oh, I am not a Japanese son of gun.

TURTLE: Yeah, and I'm mock turtIe soup.

NARRATOR: With spreading clouds of war once more...

...the axis march toward dreams of further conquest.

-One, two. -Button my shoe.

-Three, four. -Shut honorable door.

-Five, six. -Pick up the sticks.

DUCKTATOR 1 : Seven, eight. DUCKTATOR 3: Lay them straight.

DUCKTATOR 1 : Nine, ten. -Begin again.

Mercy me, regretful sight

O branch of peace

Forestall this fight

Kind sirs, change your warIike--


Now, where were we?

Oh, yes.



ROOSTER: Give them one for PearI Harbor.

Peekaboo, Fritz.

Busy IittIe bee, aren't I?

I hate war, but once begun Well, I just didn't choose to run

So I can point with pride and say There's three that didn't get away

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