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Crater Lake one of the most beautiful places Oregon has to offer

located in Crater Lake National Park it is one of the top five oldest national

parks in the United States and the only one in Oregon therefore it is one of the

most popular destinations when it comes to my beloved state many Oregonians have

been taken there by either their parents or their school when I first visited the

place when I was 7 years old I went with my grandparents and two of my cousins we

had an amazing time and the next time I visited the place was with my parents

when I was 10 and my school also took us there when I was 14 years old

and well this year at 21 years old I decided to go there with a couple of

friends my friends had never been there before and since two of them were from

the south and the other was from California I thought it'd be a cool

place to visit my friends and I loved a lot of things like hiking and climbing

trekking through the woods and swimming a Crater Lake National Park was a great

destination my friends Harley Scott and Melissa went to the same University in

Southern California as me Harley and Scott and I knew each other since the

beginning of our studies and Melissa started dating Scott a couple of months

before the trip and all of us were young and active people who studied the same

things and had a lot of hobbies in common Harley Scott and I had previously

done different trips the Death Valley Yosemite the Channel Islands amongst

many many others so when it was time to choose a new destination for our trip

being a good or go naeun I suggested we should go to crater lake my friends

immediately googled the place and had no doubts at all this is where we wanted to

go so we started packing our things and as

soon as vacation let out we traveled there we wanted to stay on

budget but Scot who had a lot of money decided to book two rooms at a fancy

hotel that was very close one of the rooms was of course for Scott and

Melissa so the other room was for myself and Harley to share no I love Harley

she's kind of like my best friend but it felt very awkward to sleep in the same

room as her funding the place was very easy and once we got there and my

friends are very happy because it was such a different place compared to the

ones we went to before it was the end of June which means the weather was perfect

and we were able to access all the trails and facilities around one of the

reasons why we decided to travel during this time was because we were able to

swim in a certain part of the lake if we took a certain trail no unfortunately

the first day was too late to do anything by the time we arrived it was

evening already so we decided to chill by having a meal and a few drinks at the

bar of our hotel and the next day we were not as lucky as we thought we would

be and although it's unusual for a beautiful summer day and it started

raining my friends and I woke up early so that we could go explore around

Crater Lake sadly the rain didn't stop until late in

the evening it was a very unfortunate but we still had hopes that the rest of

our vacation wouldn't be ruined and wouldn't you know it the following day

was just as bad heavy rain again it was particularly odd since according to

weather calm and every other tool we used to check the weather it was not

likely to rain at all and once again we had the person that was going to take us

swimming to the lake cancel due to the bad weather the man said he would take

us the next day of the weather improved and I say this because crater lake is

actually very difficult to swim in there's actually only one place where it

is safe and legal to do so however my friends and I were starting to feel a

bit impatient all we wanted to do was to explore and have a good time we had

spent quite some money coming here and we only had a few days left to enjoy it

it had been there for three days and still did nothing aside from spending

time at the hotel and maybe walking a small portion of the park but it was not

good enough around 5:00 p.m. that day Scott had a risky yet good idea he asked

me if I still knew the place well and I told him yeah sir so I thought and then

he suggested for all of us to do the trail ourselves and go to the lake

and at first I was a little hesitant but since the rain had pretty much stopped

and the day seemed to clear up we decided to make it go for it we had

everything we needed with us Google Maps some old fashioned map our swimwear

music and beer we wandered around the National Park now first there were some

people around but the more we walked the emptier the place became and even though

the weather was nice because it was late we knew people wouldn't be around and

that was actually very convenient for us we were having a lot of fun being loud

and obnoxious while listening to Melissa's Spotify favorites and the view

was amazing but when we finally got to the lake it got even better the Sun was

shining and we put our bags and towels on the ground and decided to go into the

lake we knew that we were supposed to swim only in a certain part but we

decided to do with things our way scott tested the water first and it seemed

safe so we followed him our time at the lake was great we were only there for

around three hours completely on our own and nothing bad had happened however

towards the end of our stay my eyes started feeling very weird I felt

extremely I earn I started feeling so dizzy to a

point that we had to wait a little bit until we could go back to the hotel my

headache was so strong I started having visions yeah I know it sounds pretty

scary but images I've never seen before we're playing in my head my mind was

warped but as I looked up I could see a couple a man and a woman off in the

distance staring at me Harley started speaking to me and gave me some snacks

and I asked her she saw them she didn't after eating arresting I felt better so

we headed back to the hotel no I wanted to talk at least to Harley about the

people I had seen earlier so confused because I never experienced anything

like this but during the way back Melissa and Scott were right there and I

knew they would just make fun of me especially since they were completely

wasted when we got to the hotel we went to the bar there was only a few people

aside from us so Scott and Melissa got quite loud I'm so glad we went to the

lake today was awesome you know what screw the tour guide let's just go back

to Marv around the same time Scott screamed as he and Melissa kept making

plans now that moment I knew the bartender had heard what we did today

and what we wanted to do tomorrow and because I was the most sober one my

friend sent me to the bar to order more drinks but I felt intimidated I didn't

want to deal with a bartender but I had no choice so I went to the bar and

ordered the drinks while trying to have as little eye contact as possible you

probably think this is none of my business

but what you did today was highly irresponsible

I hope you don't do it again tomorrow the old man said this is the one time

thing sir I nervously answered we won't do it again

I added as I grabbed the drinks and tried to leave but the man held my arm

that's the same thing that beautiful young couple sinned and it's been two

years and nothing and you know what it wasn't just them which couple I asked

him and at that moment the man was going to tell me something but my friends are

being very intense so I excused myself and headed to where they were

nevertheless before I left the bartender he gave me a newspaper handed back to me

tomorrow please he said I gave my friends their drinks and sat to read the

newspaper without knowing that as soon as I opened it I would find a surprise

there was a headline that read missing couple and Oregon's

Crater Lake National Park below the title there was a picture of the couple

it was the same couple that I thought I had seen in the distance I told my

friends I needed some rest and headed to the room and once there I read the

newspaper apparently young couple of newlyweds were missing and the last

place they were seen was crater lake national park more than 2 years ago

their bodies were never found now like every other normal person I decided to

go online to corroborate this information and not only that I find out

this information was true I also found out they were not the only people who

had gone missing at Crater Lake if you look for the right information you're

going to come across different information regarding disappearances and

even deaths but at that moment I understood what the man at the bar meant

that night I couldn't speak to my friends about not going on our own and

just stick with the tour the Scott and Melissa went straight to their room and

Harley didn't understand anything either so I decided to wait until the next

morning when I woke the next morning had a text message from Scott Melissa and

him had gone somewhere else it read I'll meet you at Crater Lake at 4 p.m. he

said same places yesterday and all my attempts to respond failed we also tried

calling them from the hotel's landline but weren't successful we had no other

choice than to meet them at 4 o'clock as the day passed I decided to show Harley

the newspaper it told her what I read about online and just as I expected

this made Harley feel even more excited she kept repeating that we totally

needed to go there and when the time came Harley and I went to crater lake

this time I kept having thoughts of the young couple however not tell that to

Harley when we finally got to lake scott and melissa were already there they had

gone for a different tour around a nearby town apparently was old and

historic and Harley told them about the disappearances they of course it didn't

take these things seriously they even joked around saying the place must be

haunted when it was time to swim I wasn't too excited about it and even

told them not to go into the lake because I had a bad feeling they didn't

hear man they didn't care I sat on the ground looking at them the whole time

and all of a sudden started raining the rain however was not strong but since I

used glasses it was getting difficult to see I decided to turn around for a

second when I saw a woman looking at me and I don't know why but I couldn't even

speak at the time I stared at her for a second and noticed that something

off her facial expression didn't seem real then I got up and started following

her as I heard my friends scream my name and asked me where I was going the woman

kept walking fast but as I got closer I noticed her jeans were ripped off and

she had some scratches on her legs I ran as fast as I could but she was even

faster at some point I got irritated and managed to tell her to stop and she did

I then asked her to turn around and when she did it I noticed she had a familiar

face but I couldn't tell where from her face was pretty but her forehead was

covered in blood there was something unnatural about the way she looked at me

like she was trying to imitate my facial expressions I asked her if she was okay

and she shook her head saying no I asked her if she needed help she said no again

the only thing she said was I'm sorry about them I just wanted to help you I

could only help you after saying that she freakishly ran off into the woods on

her hands and knees I got so scared I decided to run back to my friends

while screaming for help but I couldn't hear that man stirring back when I

finally got back to where my friends were they were no longer there they were

no longer swimming in the lake they were not anywhere around that I knew they

didn't just leave me there since all their clothes including their shoes were

still on the ground I screamed their names but nothing and

all of a sudden someone touched my shoulder you need to leave

said I turned around and noticed that it was the same woman I saw earlier who are

you and why why do I need to leave and where are my friends screamed at her you

need to leave before the rest come for you

she answered back to me I didn't know what else to do

so I listened to her and ran back to the hotel the trip was exhausting I didn't

think I was going to make it but I guess adrenaline helped me when I got back to

the hotel I ran into the bar and desperately told the bartender what had

happened and I could tell everybody around me looked at me as if I were

going crazy except for the bartender he calmly listened to me while having a

blank face and then he called the police I knew this was going to happen stupid

kids he told me and as we waited for the police to come the old man took me to

her room in the back of the bar there he told me something very important do not

tell the police about these things whatever they may be even if it's true

they will think you're crazy your friends are missing and you don't

want to be a suspect so you have to say that your friends were drinking while

swimming you need to say you left to explore the place because you didn't

want to swim and when you came back they were no longer there

understand if you answer this I'll help you figuring out what happened the man

seemed so sincere he looked like he wanted to help me

in fact he already tried to help me the day before so I figured I would trust

him I told the police exactly what the man said I remember a police officer

telling me it's not the first time this happens to toxicated people around the

area the police looked everywhere for my friends but never never found dead or

alive before I left the place I decided to ask

the bartender some questions and he told me there was this local legend and the

legend said that there were plenty of spirits from different people around the

area trying to get a body he said some people who visited crater lake sometimes

claim they hear or see things and some of them claimed to have seen strange

people in the forest but something was always off about them their faces didn't

look right they would have drooping skin where they wouldn't be able to walk

normally the man told me that he believed that my friends along with some

other missing people have gone missing but they're not completely dead he

claimed their bodies had been taken and their minds had changed and then they

remain around the lake looking for new bodies to take I didn't believe this I

thought what he said was just absolutely crazy

but I did see something and the person that I talked to on the trail that day

it seemed very strange and off anyway the bartender warned me to be careful

these creatures can easily snatch up unsuspecting victims whatever I needed

to get some fresh air so I walked to a nearby town that was close to the hotel

it was probably the same town that Scott and Melissa went to that one day and as

I was walking to random things happened the first one is that I remembered where

I had seen the woman who helped me the day before she was one of the girls who

had gone missing and a quick internet search confirmed it the second thing was

even worse I saw a man with sunglasses and a cap walking very fast I knew the

man the tattoo on his forearm gave away who he was Scott I screamed but he

didn't turn I kept calling for him nothing so I ran towards him and grabbed

his arm Scott where are you going where have you been

I asked him and he just looked at me he said what do you mean but instead of an

answer he punched me in my face everything went dark and I remember

falling and feeling weak for a couple of seconds and I tried to look where he was

going and I saw him meeting a girl who looked

like Harley but I couldn't be sure she looked at me and didn't even seem to

recognize me her face was all distorted and then they both dropped on their

hands and knees and quickly bolted away into the forest now I know I saw my

friends bodies but I'm convinced they were not my friends I believe they were

somebody or something else


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