Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tarantella Napoletana | Paola Hermosín

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Good afternoon!

Today I want to perform for you

an arrangement I've made for guitar

over the Tarantella Napoletana

Tarantella is a dance in 6 by 8

I mean, it's a binary measure, of 2 times

but with a ternary subdivision

each time divided in 3

it's danced very fast

and it was danced around the South of Italy

believing that when you danced Tarantella,

you expelled the madness

you had when a tarantula bit you

It's also said that it can come from

Tarento region, in Apulia, Italy

There are other theories that defend

that the drawing which the tarantula has in its belly

seems a guitar

and that's why it's very common

to play it with a guitar

Although Tarantella comes from Italy,

my grandfather told me that

when he was a child, here in Alcalá de Guadaíra,

where I'm from, a city from Seville,

he could see how one of his neighbors

when he was bitten by a tarantula,

he passed dancing more than 24 hours

next to a guitarist

who played a very fast rhythm so that he

could dance

and expel through sweat

the poison of that bite

which was so dangerous

and in that time, as there weren't many medical advances,

they used this method

to expel that poison

This Tarantella Napoletana

will be very familiar to you because

apart from appearing in many ads,

it's also the melody

of the song Lucky, lucky, lucky me

which is a song made after this popular melody

by American people

based in this Italian popular melody

the Tarantella Napoletana

hope you love my arrangement,

it's in 6 by 8 too

in E minor

I added my own introduction

and many special passages

If you want to learn how to play it,

you can find the sheetmusic and tabs on my website

and I let you here the link to the sheetmusic and tabs

hope you love it

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Hugs from Seville!

The Description of Tarantella Napoletana | Paola Hermosín