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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 25 Saudi Amazing Things Korean Think of

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I've been to Saudi Arabia about two times,

and there's a lot of amazing things

Saudi Arabia amazing things 25

1 You should take off one's shoes indoors.

I saw it for the first time except Korea, Japan, and China

It was very comfortable to me

2 You are Darling.

The Saudis call each other..

So, I could feel friendly

3 You don't have to go directly when you pay.

In Korea, you have to go there in person to pay

And you have to clean the plates and cups by yourself

So I loved it in Saudi Arabia

I know I am lazy

It was so comfortable

4 Few people walk on the street

I've rarely seen anyone walking on the street outside

This was amazing


There are so many people walking on the streets in Korea

5 There is little public transportation.

I barely saw the bus or the subway

By the way,

Riyadh is building a subway now

I saw

I saw

I don't think I've ever seen a city bus..

6 There are various skin colors

They are Saudi

But People had various skin colors!

Is it because the land is wide?

There is only one race in Korea,

so I felt this is more amazing

7 There are few convenience stores

There was a 24-hour mart,

but there was no small convenience store

For your information,

there is a convenience store every 100m in Korea

You will be surprised

If you come Korea..

but the 24-hour mart was really big

I was surprised!

Korea doesn't have such a big 24-hour mart!

8 There are not many Chinese

This is awesome!

Really Awesome!

There are many Chinese in any country

Almost countries..

But I've never seen a Chinese in Saudi Arabia

No... No..

9 The oil is cheap

I expected the oil to be cheap

Because Saudi Arabia is an oil-producing country


But.. It is really really cheap


It was 3 times cheaper than Korea!

10 Cigarettes are expensive

Actually, the price was the same as Korea.

But the price of cigarettes doubled when I traveled

The scene of history...

I saw it myself...

11 There was a second wife

I was talking to some people

and I knew there were people who had two wives

I had a lot of questions...

But I couldn't ask


"Do you live with first wife and second wife together?"


"Do you have a date with first wife on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

and with second wife on Monday,Wednesday,Firday? "

like this..

I know this is low level question

Don't worry.. I didn't ask them..

12 Each city has a distinct character

I'll tell you what I felt

There were sophisticated buildings,

and it felt very neat

The little building was so cute,

so, it felt like a very affectionate city

There were many nice buildings,

so, I want to travel again

It was really magnificent...

13 Uber

I hope Korea has Uber, too

There were many Ubers in Saudi,

so it was very comfortable..

I am expecting... Uber korea..


14 goodwill toward Korea

that was really surprised

Young people like Korea. because,

K Pop and K drama?

I knew this


Old people like Korea

because Because 30 years ago,

Koreans helped build buildings in Saudi

I heard

15 They greet each other when they make eye contact

The Saudis greet each other when they make eye contact

Even though They don't know each other!

I love.. I loved it..

It is not like this in Korea...

This is what Korea should learn...

16 The weather is cold

The temperature is not very low,

but it felt cold

Actually, I didn't expect Saudi Arabia to be this cold..

It was my prejudice...

17 There are many Hyundai cars

Oh, I was surprised

I thought I came to Korea

There were so many...

Thank you

As Korean

18 There is an old car


It is hard to see cars 15 years old in Korea

But I have seen cars that are 20 years old and 25 years old in Saudi

Frugal Saudis..

19 They eat up the all of sheep


The Saudis eat sheep's tongue,

Sheep's brain,

Sheep's eyes

Actually, I ate it, too...

The tongue of the sheep was unexpectedly delicious..

Soft and delicious..

but.. brain.. I couldn't eat all brain..

It is hard...

20 They like to talk

It is for real...

They love conversation..

I had this experience

I went at 10 a.m. with an invitation from someone,

and I came back to the hotel at 10 p.m

We kept talking..

We ate and talked..

We drank coffee and talked..

I like to talk, too

I also liked to talk with my friends at a cafe from long ago

However, I cannot win them...

But, I loved it..

21 They do a lot of snapchats

I think Almost all Saudis use Snapchat


I think..

There are less than 1,000 people who use Snapchat in Korea

So it was amazing to me

22 hand gesture

I loved it...

I wanna learn this..

The conversation was more interesting..

23 The fruit is delicious

I ate a lot of fruits at this time

There was a fruit that I saw for the first time

It was so sweet..


I should have eaten more

24 Saudi man all have beards

All the men in Saudi Arabia grew beards

Of course, I've had a beard..

Most Koreans prefer shaved faces

Because Koreans think beard is not neat

So I was surprised



I wanna have..

like this..

Saudi Arabia has a large monetary unit

The largest unit of currency in Korea is about $50

But Saudi is 150$..

So..I was afraid that I would lose a 500Riyal bill..

It was the Saudi wonder that I felt

I just said my opinion,

so I hope you don't feel bad..

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