Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Peppa Pig Read By British English Teachers: Vocabulary + Listening Lesson

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pronunciation pug.. you're so clever and cute give me a pronunciation hug .. all right stop hugging your toys!

oh no here comes daddy. You smell like vodka I've just had my after-dinner shot calm down right

stop playing get into bed and if you do it quickly we'll read you a bedtime

story how about that what's the point in reading

I don't like stories you love stories what are you talking about what's the

point how do they help me they're good for learning how to pronounce the words

correctly come on think about all the other people out there that you're gonna

help who? All the parents that want to know how to pronounce Peppa Pig and any

other story out there to their kids correctly Peppa Pig Peppa Pig yeah you

like that anything else just pronunciation no there's interesting

vocabulary all over these books what's vocabulary it's interesting new

words it's everything about the language you bloody idiot .. i'm sorry we'll read peppa pig. Really? Yeah after we've got through the

whole of this practical English usage book I don't want to read english usage

grammar I don't like grammar it's quite good for you

but to be fair learning in the real world is probably better so let's get

Peppa Pig meets the Queen in bed yeah he meets the Queen in bed? What is it an erotic novel? How

do you know that word that's advanced vocabulary mummy showed me. What else has mummy shown you? You don't wanna know daddy

go on do your teeth and then we'll get you into bed and read you Peppa Pig okay

off you go

she's a big kid all right darling before we get you into bed and we read

you Peppa Pig we're just going to tell the world about Cambly kids okay yeah

remember you had a trial lesson with Cambly kids yeah it's an online language

platform website yeah okay good and what did you notice good about this

well it was good because I just did it from home right so that means that the

parents don't have to go anywhere they can relax they can do what they like and

not spend money on travel brilliant the lesson was recorded as well so it's

all in video after oh wow so again parents can watch back and see what you

were doing in class what you were learning and then use it outside class

that's amazing yeah you can check my progress yeah and your homework make

sure that you're doing it all the teachers are professionals and they

follow the American syllabus so you're in safe hands and the parents don't need

to worry exactly and I'm kind of learning the same

way that an American kid learns English so if you like the sound of that

you can click the link in the description box and book your son or

daughter a lesson a trial lesson and they can meet one of the many teachers that

Cambly kids have available right let's get you to bed

meet Peppa Pig and read Peppa `pig! Let's do it! Yay.. do you wanna get off me?

there we go..all right

okay so pepper meets the Queen how exciting.. I want to meet the queen!

do you yeah how do you think you'll go about meeting the Queen if I behave

really well and if I turn 100 I'll get a letter from the Queen mmm

in 95 years yes yes because you're 5 years old now yeah yes you'll get a

telegram a telegram from the Queen mm-hmm do you think she'll still be

alive dead yeah do you know what death is no it's when people go to heaven

peppa pig's not dead though.. let's read about her okay so peppa and her family

are watching television suddenly there is a special announcement from the Queen

the Queen the Queen Peppa Cheers hello to all the Queen says

today I have decided to give an award to the hardest-working person in the

country is that you yeah it's me no it's mummy you do

nothing around the house daddy hasn't got a job daddy's currently between jobs

the hardest working person in the country is miss rabbit miss rabbit

miss rabbit at the supermarket miss rabbit is closing the shop when mr.

zebra the postman presents her with a golden letter mmm and it reads miss rabbit

please come to my palace to get a medal for all your hard work bring friends all

the best the Queen do you want to go with miss rabbit I'd

love to go with miss rabbit yeah because you're peppa pig aren't you? yeah yeah you

;like being Peppa pig yeah you look just like her.. yeah really attractive and pink and bearded and a grown man I can't visit the Queen

I've got too much work to do miss rabbit panics don't worry Peppa says the

Queen's made it a holiday it is the day miss rabbit visits the Queen peppa and

her friends are going too we're off to see the Queen we're off to see the Queen

eeayyyadeeyoo we're off to see the Queen here we are miss rabbit squeaks that's the queen .. so the Queen's on the..

bus as well? no I I tried to be Miss rabbit oh right.. but then `i realised that's the

Queen daddy's rubbish at reading it's a joy bringing up children it's the best

thing you can do look at all the fancy stuff woof daddy dog says don't touch

anything miss rabbit warns where is the Queen

Emily elephant asks she goes like this Queeeeen Suzy sheep calls where are you where are you? In

another fancy room there is a lady sitting on a throne knitting hmm who do

you think it could be grandma mm maybe yeah or somebody else's grandma yeah

not your grandma because she's dead hello pepper says hello have you seen

the Queen today have you see the Queen today I am The Queen the lady says

you've met the Queen the children are very excited to meet you your majesty

says miss rabbit I'm excited to meet all of you the Queen says standing up sorry

daddy I've just got a text..what do you think you're doing where did

you get that phone it's my phone I got it for my birthday you're five years old did mummy

give you that phone? yes I'm texting my friends.. I can't believe that .. right that's the last

straw give it here that is ridiculous absolutely ridiculous

Daddy I hate you I'm excited to meet all of you the Queen says standing up and

now for Miss rabbit's medal this is the Queen's Award for industry keep up the

good work the Queen puts a shiny gold medal over miss rabbits head Cheers

daddy are you going to drink your vodka cheers for Miss rabbit the queen says

hip-hip hooray hooray hip-hip hooray miss rabbit and the children wear their boots to go out

into the palace gardens with the Queen do you play in your garden all the time

your majesty Danny dog asks I don't have time for

playing no answers the Queen she suddenly stops oh dear a muddy puddle

pet pig loves puddles you're right very good yeah big ones big muddy

puddles yes but the Queen doesn't she says a muddy

puddle never mind we can walk around it what does Peppa

Pig say to that you can't walk around a muddy puddle says Peppa Pig you have to

jump in it yes Peppa shows the Queen how to jump up and down in the muddy puddle I

love jumping up and down in muddy puddles I hate cleaning your boots after you jump

up and down in muddy puddles I hate you daddy I love you you're the

worst daddy ever you're the best daughter ever I say that does look fun the

Queen says here one goes then.. stop! shouts Peppa

everyone gasps if you jump in muddy puddles

Peppa says you must wear your boots your majesty

you need your boots yeah of course stupid cow the Queen goes inside and

comes back with her boots on everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy

puddles including the Queen ..course she does..good night I love

you daddy even though you're an alcoholic you're

unemployed you're rubbish at reading and generally

all-round a rubbish father give me a cuddle daddy

finally asleep lovely moment when they are shame they

have to wake up well hope you enjoyed pepper meets the Queen I certainly did

and all of the pronunciation that came along with it and any vocabulary that

was slightly advanced so we hope to see you again here on real English with real

teachers don't forget to subscribe check our website out or even check out

another video of ours bye for now

you woke me up you idiot

The Description of Peppa Pig Read By British English Teachers: Vocabulary + Listening Lesson