Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Phrase of the Day – Be into Something

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Hello. I'm Britlicious, an example of the innovative English teaching that we're all

in to here at Britlish. And I'm Albion, and I'm really into bringing

you the best in English language teaching. We're here to bring you today's phrase of

the day. What's today's phrase, Albion? Well, if you're into phrases, Britlicious,

you'll love today's phrase of the day. It's to be into something.

Yes, here at Britlish, we are into making the most innovative and engaging English language

teaching material available anywhere. If you're into improving your English skills,

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If you're not into improving your English skills yet, you'll soon get into it once you

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get yourself a Britlish membership or a seven-day Britlish Library pass.

A membership or a seven-day library pass gives you full and unrestricted access to the entire

Britlish library of English lessons. I'm also into hip-hop, Britlicious. Watch

me! That's pretty cool, Albion. Do you think I

can get into hip-hop, too? Sure! Come on, get into it right now.

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