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- You probably didn't say to yourself

when you woke up this morning, that a 24 year old

college dropout is gonna help you make some money online

and actually make some free Cash App money.

But yes, you're on this video, yes you're here

and yes, I'm gonna help you do that in this video today.

My name is Jaffry Ward, and before I go any further

in this video, I want you guys to know who I am.

I'm a 24 year old, like I said, college dropout.

That learned how to make a full time income

by leveraging money making apps.

I use money making apps to make an income online.

I started to refer people through Facebook, Pinterest,

YouTube, doing YouTube videos.

And started to make a full time income,

and I started to teach other people how to do it.

Matter of fact, if I've helped you make any money online,

you can comment that below.

And I actually respond to you,

I love to hear you guy's testimonials.

And I've helped a lot of people make money online,

but it was one app that I never could master,

that I never could actually put my mind

and actually figure out how to generate income on

and that was the Cash App.

And the closest I've heard about the Cash App

is basically another payment processor like PayPal,

of course on this channel we talk about extensively

on how to make free PayPal money.

But we never talked about Cash App,

because frankly I didn't know how

to make money with the Cash App.

So I've basically figured out how to do that

and I got it down to a science

and I'm actually gonna teach it to you in this video.

Before I go any further I like to giveaway

a little bit of free money from now and then,

I mean from time to time, excuse me,

I can't even talk today.

So if you're looking to get some of that free money,

type in your Cash App, 'cause I wanna know

how many of you guys are on Cash App.

Type in your Cash App in the comment section below

and who knows, you might get a free reward from me

just to say thank you for commenting.

And also guys if you wanna make free Cash App money,

type in, I wanna make free Cash App money.

Now let's go ahead and jump into the video.

So it's one website you need to note,

and that is

Okay, so that's something else that's popping up,


And it's going to take you right over

to what I'm talking about.

And it's the Automated Cash App System.

Now let me explain what this is and what this is not.

So basically what I just did, I just paid $27

in order to get resale rights of this system.

So basically, I now have a system

that I can resell to people.

And that's basically what this is.

So I'm gonna let Bones explain everything else

on this video when you actually go to the website.

But just for me, I paid somebody $27

to get resales rights to the system

and basically I went and created my own website,

and I basically, showed the website,

promoted it on social media.

I'll give you an example of it, I'll go to Pinterest.

Sorry about that, minimized the screen a little bit.

But I went to Pinterest and if you don't understand

what this is, basically I'll leave, like I said,

the link,,

will actually be in the description below,

where Bones will explain everything to you.

He's actually a really cool guy.

He's a former actor, well not former actor,

he's still acting right now.

And he learned how to make a full time income from home.

And basically, what this is, is I'm basically promoting

the system that I got resale rights to.

And basically they're paying me through Cash App.

So this is not rocket science, we don't use PayPal anymore.

PayPal of course you guys know on this channel,

I've talk about it a 100 different ways

to make free PayPal money, and of course,

PayPal has not shut down my account yet.

But it has happened to a lot of people

who were basically using PayPal

to get money into their account.

It really has kind of basically took the whole appeal

out of using PayPal anymore.

And so I've been thinking to myself,

like what if they shut my PayPal down,

then what am I gonna do?

So basically Cash App is a way that you can earn money

where you don't have to worry about you,

you don't have to worry about your Cash App being shut down.

So basically it's a direct,

it's a peer, not peer to peer,

but direct sales business opportunity.

Basically you're buying access to a course,

which is the Automated Cash App System.

And you're also gonna get access

to the Mobile Money 2019 course.

And also there's some more courses in there

that you guys, you have to see,

the YouTube Money Machine is one of them

and Three More Apps to Make Money with.

I mean, there's a lot, a lot more things

that you guys can use to continuously earn

some free Cash App money.

But basically, you're buying the rights to resell it.

So once you buy the rights, you'll create your own,

like I said, you'll learn all on this on the actual page.

But you'll create your own website

that looks identical to this.

And all you need to do is get it to people

who want to make money online.

So prime example, this is a actual Pinterest post

that I put on Pinterest.

And I'm sure it shows in the next couple of days

it's gonna go viral.

How to earn $100 dollars per day using

the Cash App and social media.

When somebody clicks on this photo

they are actually gonna see this

and they're actually going to want to setup

their Automatic Cash App System.

They're gonna wanna get resale rights to it.

Once they purchase that, they're gonna send money

directly to my Cash App, and once they send that money

directly to the Cash App.

Then they will receive their own website

and resale rights to this system.

And then they can go out there,

and basically take this same system

and sell it to how ever many people they want to

and continuously make $27 in free Cash App money

over and over again, that's basically what this is.

I'm not going to go all the way into what this system is

because like I said, Bones explains everything else.

I'll actually leave a link to this in the description

below where you can go check it out yourself.

But basically you're getting automatic Cash App money,

and you're not waiting for it.

So you're not waiting for somebody to pay you

like most of these apps use.

Like I'm big believer in Dosh, they call me Mr. Dosh.

And I love Dosh, I get a lot of referrals from Dosh.

But I have to wait one business day for them

to actually send the money to me.

And any other app that I promote

or any other apps that you guys promote

and I teach you how to promote,

You have to wait until they send the money to you.

With your own website, they basically,

once they get access to the Automated Cash App System,

they have to pay the $27, that $27 goes directly to you,

so you basically get that money directly

and then they get the Automated Cash App System

and then they can go and resell this

to other people as well.

Okay, so what you have to do to make a $100 per day.

So you basically need to sell this four times.

So 27 times four...

is $108, so you need to sell this four times.

Now in this whole course he teaches you

how to promote and different routes

and things of that nature.

And it's all in there and of course,

I've talked to you guys extensively

how to promote in Facebook groups.

So you just need to get four people to buy

this course through you, because you will have

resale rights once you purchase $27.

And if you haven't already, download the Cash App,

just when you go over to this website,

there'll be a link to download the Cash App.

And once you send that $27 to get access

to the Automated Cash System.

You will actually get a $5

if you've never joined Cash App before,

you actually get a $5 bonus and that's directly,

just dealing with the Cash App referral system.

So basically once you've sent somebody $5,

you get $5 in your Cash App, okay.

But you're gonna learn all about that on here.

But I just wanted to share this with you guys,

'cause I know a lot of you guys wanna make some

free Cash App money, and this a exact way to do that

and actually earn a legit income from home, okay.

So, I'll leave the link

in the description below and if you haven't

already joined any of my money making apps,

I actually leave my full list,

my full document of apps that I use

currently to make money online.

So just in case you don't want to use the Cash App

or you're not eligible to use this.

Matter of fact I didn't say this,

but this is only available in the U.S and the UK.

So if you're in the U.S and UK, you can definitely do this,

but if you're somewhere else,

you can actually come over here and actually

look at my full list of, excuse me,

of free apps that currently are paying me money.

But I want to teach you guys how to make

to some free Cash App money.

Go ahead and do that, it's not hard to get started,

it's $27 to get resale rights.

And like I said you can actually learn a lot more

about this on the actual page

So go ahead and go over there and check it out.

That's all I got for you guys,

if you guys enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up.

Also share this video with other people,

let everybody know that we're on,

we're going to start making some free Cash App money.

And basically we can do free PayPal money

and free Cash App money, so I don't see a reason

why we can't do both.

And let's go ahead and start making some money this year.

Okay, I'll talk to you guys on the next video, peace out.

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