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[lighthearted country music] [Krysta] -One, two, three.

Oh, no! [energetic metal music]

[Kit] -Oh, no. There, there, there! -That's it!

-Right there, yes, oh, wow!

Uh-h-h. Kind of a C minus, [chuckles]

but I guess that's just how it goes for us.

-Wha-a-at do you mean?

[Nintendo Minute jingle]

[cheery synth music] [Krysta] -Hi, guys, welcome back to Nintendo Minute.

We are back in Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowser's Fury

to take on a little photo challenge.

Snapshot Mode challenge. -Yes.

Snapshot Mode. We showed this off

a couple times in our last couple videos.

-Yes. -It's so cool, we're doing something that's

all about it this time, but we're doing it in a fun way. -Yeah.

Yeah, we actually put out a little call on the community tab in YouTube,

and you guys had so many great ideas of what photos we should try to take

in Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowser's Fury.

[lighthearted country music] -We're gonna start with a very wholesome one,

which is from, uh, our good friend, Blue Falcon,

who said, "Get as many cats to hug Cat Mario as possible."

-OK. I have--

-So, we're, we're here right now.

-Yeah. -So, we're kinda, oh, it's kinda, happening.

-It's happening. -Oh.

-OK, here we go. The cats are being hu-

uh, cats are hugging, -Yeah. -Cat Mario.

So cute. I like how you can do all sorts of things, like, add--

-Yes. -different stamps, and do filters,

[cheery synth music returns] and this is, like, this is very like art--

-You're, you're playing, but I'm going to be the backseat photographer here.

-You are. You're the photography's assistant.

[chuckles] -I've got a lot of opinions.

-You have a lot of- -So, I, I like how the, the angle is low to the ground.

Like, can we zoom in a little bit?

-Not too much, though, or else we lose the-- -Not too much.

We want the-- -Oh, that's good. -Oh, oh, you can't lose a cat.

-OK. -Don't you dare lose a cat. -Careful.

[country music returns] -Maybe if you tilt it a little bit to the, oh.

OK, here we go. Yes. -Here's something. Here's, here's, something.

[cheery music returns] -There we go. Oh, that's good.

-How's that? -Get it a lil- uh, again, lower.

I want it to be the focal point, right?

[country music returns] -Oh, no. No! -[sigh]

[cheery synth music returns] -Kay, I like these cats. [Kit chuckles]

-How come my cat doesn't do this? [chuckles]

-Well. -Do you want to play [music pauses]

Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowser's Fury?

"OK." [cat meows] [cheery synth music returns]

[chuckles] I think these are pretty good shots.

I think, I think, -No. -I mean, no, no?

-Zoom that, uh, lower. Zoom in.

L-eh, eh, there we go. -That's good?

-And then, I'd like a little tilt, a little tilt on it.

-Like that? Wa-you really have a lot of, a little--

-With the shoulder button. -tilt like that? -There you go.

Ah, there we go. Yeah. -Like that? A little, or do you want--

-Be-because you can feel he's really putting the weight of his cute soft head into Mario.

You can really feel it now. -Oh, then should we tilt it the other way? Tilt it this way.

There. -There. -Now, do you like,

oh, not this one. -No. -Oh my!

[laughter] -No. No.

Was there anything that can reflect the wholesomeness of this moment?

I think it's pretty good as is. -Oh, this is cute.

There's so many-- -I, I've definitely got some ideas with, with filters

for some of these other ones. -Look how cute this is. -Yeah.

-OK, I think this is good. -That's good. -This is a good shot.

[Kit] -Yeah. All right. [Krysta] -Done, Blue Falcon.

[country music returns] -This is from our friend, Charles, and I'm,

I'm sorry if I can't do the, the pronunciation,

Charles Luetje. -Oh, boy.

-"Mario throwing the blue cat off the cliff just as he did to the baby penguin

in Super Mario 64." Now, I do appreciate the commitment to,

uh, authenticity with it has to be the blue cat,

ah, that's what I'll say about that.

-Oh, no. OK, let's see. -What?

-Do I need to do it now, mid throw?

-In, I mean, the cat needs to be in the air, headed,

[chuckles] into a hole.

-That's going to be hard to take a photo of. -No.

-What if I lose the cat? -You've got to, you, you get one shot at this.

So, so-- -OK. -so, let's see.

What is the background that we want or what do we want to show here?

-Yeah, is that good? -All right. Now, you got to be ready to hit the button

after you throw. Yeah, yeah, yeah. -OK, ready?

-Yes. -Let me just practice throwing real quick.

[chuckles] -Oh, boy. Perfectly good idea. -OK. Come back.

I need you. -Well, now it knows. -Now the cats are like,

"Wait, what's happening." -It's scared. -"What's happening here."

They're like, "Uh-oh. Are we next?" Bowser Jr. looking on.

-You have a complicated relationship with cats.

Your, your real cat seemed uncomfortable when you picked her up in our last video.

[music pauses] -Bye.


[country music returns] She loves me. -Eh.

[chuckles] OK, here we go. Ready, -Here we go.

-set. One, two, three.

Oh, no! I fell off the crate. -What?

-[sigh] -Oh! Oh! -Ah!

[cheery synth music] -Oh, no. -Oh!

[chuckles] -All right. Um,

so I'm going to say angle, yeah, angle the camera, oh, wow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -That's pretty good. [laughter]

-Mario's really got that follow-through going. -The follow-through is great.

I'm just going to take-- -Yeah. -this shot for now, because--

-Now-- -I mean, we don't know if it's gonna be,

like, once I let go of this, you know what I mean?

-I ha- I have to insist on this being a black and white filter

because this is really, kind of, a tragic moment. [chuckles]

-It's, OK, tragedy. Tragedy, yes.

Very tragic. -Uh. Yeah. All right. -You can see from this angle.

Bowser Jr., look at Bowser Jr. back here. -Bowser Jr. is like,

"I'm not part of this." [chuckles]

-This is a good angle, you can, kind of, see Mario's little nose.

-But you can't see the cat. -You can see the, OK, fine.

We want to see, we want to see-- -There we go. The cat is flipped upside down.

Uh, t-there. I like that, yeah.

[Krysta laughing] [Kit] -Great.

[country music returns] -What's next? What's next, photo assistant?

-Ah, so we have one more, from-- -What's on the shot list? -uh, The Starboy15,

and he or she asked, "Riding Plessie with Bowser raging

about to hit them with his fire behind them."

That's an action shot if I ever heard one.

-OK, well, Bowser needs to rage, though.

-Yeah, where's Bowser? Is Bowser on his way?

-Yeah, where is Bowser? -It looks like--

Uh, is that Bowser over there? -Plessie is here.

Let me just get on Plessie-- -All right. All right. -first of all.

And we can, maybe ride Plessie around a little bit -Get ready, yeah.

-and see what Bowser may or may not be up to.

-Now, are you thinking of a shot-- -Oh.

-Oh, here we go. Something's happening. [Krysta grunts]

Woah. -Something's happening.

-That's a good moment, too, actually. -Danger!

[cheery synth music returns] [laughter] -Plessie looks,

uh, not concerned at all. -Plessie looks conc- not concerned.

-Yeah. -Plessie looks like, "What?" The happy-go-lucky.

Um, oh, oh. The sharpening filter is nice because it makes the Bowser's--

-OK. -spikes stand out more.

Fully-- -This seems to be Bowser, you know,

-Oh, no, the rain has started, guys. -shooting th-

shooting fire directly, not the, not the little rainfall of fire.

-No, I think he, -We're going all the way with this one.

-I think he wants way action shot, like danger, -Yeah.

Uh-oh. -Here we go. -Oh, no.

-It's happening. -Uh-oh. -Get ready.

-Oh. -And action. [dark choir music]


Oh, no! Here he is.

This still scares me every single time, by the way. [intense metal music]


-Yeah, you don't, I don't, you want to stay close, right?

-Yeah, I do. -Oh, here we go. Oh, oh, get ready.

Oh, do it! Do it now!

[music pauses]

Now, I'm going to say, -I feel like Plessie needs to be,

-Ah, no! -Oh, no. -Oh, that was, I did it,

I did it, but I didn't also do it. [metal music returns]

-You didn't. Maybe a power-up is something you need?

-I think that-- -Maybe? Oh, my goodness.

Oh, no. There, there, there! Right there, yes, -That's it!

-oh, wow! [cheery synth music returns]

-Right there. -Oh, that's good. -I know!

-Wait, can you, can you, -I'm about to get this power-up, too.

-Where's Mario, though? -Mario's here hiding right behind Plessie.

-Is there an angle where we can see him a little bit better?

-Let's see if we tilt down. Oh, maybe not.

Does this angle look nice? -And, and, Oh, yeah.

-And then, -Or maybe this way?

-Well, this way you don't see Bowser anymore. -No, you need to see Bowser,

yeah. A little bit more, a little bit more.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, like that. Oh, like that. -That one, yeah.

-I like that. -OK.

[relaxing cheery tropical music] -We didn't get a chance to do a stamp and I think we need to,

so we're going to do one more that's just, kind of, our own, uh,

composition for funsies. -OK. -Yeah.

-What do you want to do, photo assistant?

-I think we need to get Bowser Jr.

-Into the photo. -Bowser Jr's been a little out of the picture,

-True. -uh, literally, in these. So, I think,

I think just maybe a heroic shot of, like, the two of them,

Mario and Bowser Jr., what do you think? -Yeah.

I think that's a good idea.

[cheery synth music returns] All right, how's that?

-Uh-h-h, kind of, a C minus, [chuckles]

but I guess that's just how it goes for us. [chuckles]

-Wha-a-at do you mean?

Why is it a C minus?

That's such a better composition, -OK.

-where you don't see the Bowser shell. -That's good.

He-Mario does look very heroic standing like that. -He does.

-Yeah. -All right, maybe, -Bowser Jr. looks very determined.

-maybe we'll, we'll do a audible here. -I mean, that's pretty good.

[Kit ] -OK. [Krysta] -I think we did a pretty good job.

[Kit] -Ah, well, it's not really up for us to decide, now, is it?

-Oh, I guess not.

-Blue Falcon, The Starboy15, and Charles Luetje will be informing us.

-Yes. Please let us know, specifically-- [Kit] -And everybody else.

[Krysta] -the, the three of you. [chuckling]

Let us know in the comments if we did a good job. [Kit] -Uh-oh.

[Krysta] -Don't forget to let us know. And everybody,

everyone else let us know, too. And, and tell us

if you have taken some fun photos using Snapshot Mode,

in Bowser's Fury, because it's pretty cool.

It's a lot you can do. -Yeah. -Yeah.

All right. We're going to wrap it up for today, and remember:

-Nintendo Minute's never a minute. -We'll see you next week.

Bye! -Bye!

[energetic rock music] [female rock VO singing]

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