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Deep Breathing Techniques | 7 Positive Health Effects Of Deep Breathing


Aiding Relaxation

Deep breathing exercises can help your mind and body relax, enabling you

to loosen up and put your body at rest.

Often you might not even notice how tense and stiff you are, but taking a

deep breath in through the nose and exhaling out of your mouth can help

you relax your shoulders and release the tightness throughout your

arms and abdomen.

While youre taking a bath, listening to classical music or are resting

in bed, try some relaxing abdominal breathing exercises in order to

optimize your comfort.


Reducing Stress

Focusing on your breath is a great destressor that can be done anytime,


If youre on a plane flying over the ocean, if youre waiting

at the doctors office for some lab results to come in or if youre in

the middle of a tense work meeting, you can silently take a deep breath

and gently let it go.

Because we all breathe anyway, you can seamlessly integrate abdominal

breathing patterns regardless of where youre at.

As long as you dont toss in any unnecessary sighs and noises,

choosing to implement your stress-relieving trick can be your little



Improving Your Respiratory System

Your respiratory system can suffer when shallow breaths are all that you

ever take.

Particularly for people with respiratory problems including

asthma and bronchitis, consciously taking deep breaths during a moment

of panic can help your lungs receive the oxygen they need to function


If you have serious respiratory problems, make sure youre

working with a medical professional to address your situation.


Reducing Pain

Because deep breathing can help relax your body and help you cope with

anxiety, the act of breathing in deeply can actually help take the edge

off of certain kinds of medical conditions including tension headaches

and chronic pain.

In fact, one of the first steps taught in managing

chronic pain is often how to incorporate abdominal breathing and

meditation techniques into a patients daily life.


Enhancing Meditation and Mindfulness

Helping you to stay in the moment and not overwhelmed by the cares of

the world, breathing exercises can play a huge role in the effectiveness

of meditation and mindfulness practices.

As a therapeutic technique, managing your breathing is formally a part

of physical training programs like yoga and informally a part of various

other activities designed to help you connect with your inner strength

or with an external higher power.


Enhancing Your Exercise Routine

A focus on your breath can help you in endurance sports like

running, assist you in strength training activities like lifting weights

and even improve your experience when participating in low-intensity

picks like walking.

Expanding your diaphragm, relaxing your muscles and keeping your body on

course are all benefits of breathing deeply.

When youre trying to figure out how to increase your stamina and

physical potential, dont forget about diaphragmatic breathing.


Releasing Toxins

Through exhaling, youre able to release toxins from your body.

With deep breathing, you can actually improve this

detoxifying process by letting out a big dose of carbon dioxide all at once.

When shallow breathing is all you do, not enough toxins are allowed to

escape so these irritants can end up plaguing you internally throughout

your body.

Breathing also helps improve cellular regeneration for an

added bonus.

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