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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister

welcome to today or tonight in bitcoin today is October 23rd 2017 or at least

this tool is on the east coast of the United States where I am NOT right now

I'm in tel-aviv strong huh strong hand people gold and hold long term thinking

point 20 hold and you'll get yourself some be gold I guess that's the latest

news all right this is not the 1 Bitcoin show we have a lot of topics to

cover because of all the interviews I've been doing lately there have been some

current events that haven't brought up so now it's time to review everything

that I have on my notepad or a lot of the stuff that I have on my notepad

first off speaking of the interviews check out yesterday's interview with

Simon Dixon it's linked to below always check out the links section below people

I link to everything that I talk about here and it takes me a while to create

that section so I'd love if you guys I mean I'm not doing it for the heck of it

I'm doing it for your informational purposes I know not everyone checks it

out but you can learn a lot of chaplains below anyway the Simon interviewed Syme

thick's and it was just it was a wonderful interview the be gold

interviewed I did recently the this weekend big coin that Andy Hoffman ties

and Daniel from Israel but that's all linked to below and also tomorrow 2:00

p.m. Eastern Standard Time I will be back on the air it's a very interesting

interview I'm doing different than anything I've done before it's with the

guy who been creating a crypto dividend but it's based around a business of his

I found this guy so in it overlaps with some topics that I've covered recently

so it's going to generate some reactionary comments from people but hey

say what you will it will be interesting two p.m. Eastern Standard Time

on Tuesday that's 9 p.m. in Tel Aviv 7 p.m. in London all right so let's all

remember that I mean earlier this year Bitcoin dominance on that dominance

chart on the coin market cap page when when it was at 85% okay when taking the

account total market cap of all the cryptocurrencies out there Bitcoin was

over 85% and it dropped everyone was going crazy when you drop

below 50% and they said aetherium was gonna overtake it yeah we're not gonna

the reason I bring this ID reason I'm bringing this up is because that I'm

just throwing off their second I hear it there's the hot side it's always

exciting here in history all what you can hear outside sometimes but but if

you add up beagle - 2 X and Bitcoin it's going to approach a very high dominance

again and we shouldn't be shocked at all we shouldn't be shocked that the

altcoins are going to be flowing back in the

things that start with the Bitcoin name because big point is the dominant

cryptocurrency now I'm gonna saying that be cash is

Bitcoin none of those coins beagle be cash to X

whatever all of these friendly for crypto dividends of Bitcoin they are all

all coins all right all right but we're in we're establishing a new tier of

altcoins here and that is the crypto dividend a big critical dividends a

Bitcoin tier of all coins then below that we're gonna have the elite tier of

all coins and you can say whatever's elite people are gonna say litecoin is

part of the leaf tier theorem you know what makes is gonna make an altcoin

elite if it has its own critical dividends if people start for K

all of that okay that's going to make them seem much more legitimate and put

them into an their own class so it's not shocking that you know we had all this

money flow into altcoins when king of the trolls and everyone was

talking down bitcoin but now that bitcoin is seen as so strong that it can

have these friendly Forks or unfriendly Forks crypto dividends and be stronger

than ever alone its dominance alone has gone up

but when you combine the dominance of all the things named Bitcoin or off of

it it makes sense the altcoin money is flowing back into these top tier so and

don't be surprised when some of these Bitcoin dividends crypto dividends have

their own crimp of dividends bitcoin has its own grandchildren and I mentioned

this stuff back in August and it's linked to below when I made that when I

came up with a term crypto dividend I mean I was the first one talking about

the group of dividends I was the first one talking about be gold and I said the

crypto they cryptic dividends when they have crypto dividends and again there's

still people out there placing huh I don't like these Forks I don't like this

free money yeah and if you don't like it send me send me your your be gold send

me your video I'll gladly take it off your hands so um and then I will uh of

course sell that for I mean know how anyone can not want three coins that you

could turn in Bitcoin I mean bitcoin is like six thousand dollars people if you

if you can get a piece of it it's pretty awesome

alright come out like button people so yeah all coins are so people are

wondering is Bitcoin gonna be hurt by these scriptum dividends no at the all

coins all those lousy all coin to God pumped up and I'm not talking at the top

to your once again the few that are top tier there's so few I'm talking about

all the dumb money they flew for that it went into the I cos and went into the

these is all coins that made the big point dominance go down it's going to

come back into all is is people who is going to buy me gold

who's going to buy be cat who's gonna buy 2x well to same people who just

wildly bought those all coins and stuff I mean again there's not there's I'm not

a logic behind a lot of people's the city percent of people's decision in the

space we all know that I'm trying to pre preach logic here I try to just get

people to get more Bitcoin and what I'm talking about here is I'm just

explaining what's going on I'm not telling you to join in all this

irrational stuff I'm telling you if you get free coins turn me into Bitcoin and

don't complain all right so I'd like to say that

Andy Hoffman on his crypto gold blog that is crypto gold

central calm and Andy was only this week in Bitcoin show um he reviewed this week

in Bitcoin show on his blog you can get a free membership trial membership it at

his blog crypto gold central comms check it out it's linked to below yet

something I noticed here in the Israel which is I actually noted I know this

for a while but when you see it it's it's crazy when you're used to growing

up in the United States or Europe Sunday is a work day in Israel everybody works

the traffic is back on the streets again and I mean they stay there you get a leg

up on everyone they start their business week before everyone else does so good

for them and good for and I visited the Tel Aviv a Bitcoin embassy I'm gonna

talk about that in a second I also obviously and also in Israel when

Shabbat starts on Friday night everything I mean and this is a very

secular country yet everything slows down or Friday night and then on

Saturday everything's so dead there's so a few

cars and again it's a very secular country but on this on the Sabbath

everyone is just chillin with the family and stuff it's it's really interesting

it's really something I just want to share with everyone

so I'm transparency and going back to the cryptocurrency world in Israel is a

very technologically advanced place and there

great with the cryptocurrency stuff we're gonna talk about that site but a

transparency in cryptocurrency I think that's the key here

people people keep mentioning different aspects of be gold like oh I don't like

that aspect I don't like this aspect or other aspects of other points - as long

as these coins are transparent as long as they put it all out there whether it

be a pre mine or some other innovation or whatever you want to call it if it's

all if they're totally transparent then you know everything and you have no

excuse I mean you can bog it or you can't buy it and you can get it for free

you can sell it you can whatever but and then you can I mean you can complain

about it but at least they're putting it out there people so transparency should

be what everyone cares about first when they're looking at anything from Bitcoin

to a crypto dividend or an all coin just if their trade if they're hiding

something that's bad that's real bad alright so just always go back to

transparency is what I'm saying is it's a key word you should remember so when I

was at the Tel Aviv Bitcoin Embassy I in their great guides there thank you

everyone there and great guys and girls this time there were more women than

last time because I'd be just more people there were more people this time

more and more people getting into Bitcoin because they're hearing about

it's great you know in I'm it was nice to see more women there I mean I'm like

us I mean I'm not I'm not going out I just want anyone who's interested in

Bitcoin be and I don't care what sex or color or religion you are but that there

were more women and actually in my overall numbers on YouTube they're more

women watching this now it's not 5% anymore it's like 7% so great but when I

was at the Tel Aviv embassy Bitcoin embassy your people are excited and Free

People well hello unless the suppose I guys and

they were very nice so kind so kind and Daniel was there who was on the show

other this weekend big weren't sure that all of you should watch this linked

below he was there and there was a Japanese

man there a man who travels around to curse goes different big point events

all over the world and he started talking about B - to me he this man

knows king of the trolls personally and he might know him real well I'm looking

for this guy and I used to remember the Japanese guy's name I can find it out

he's he's a he's an old-school Bitcoin er apparently in Japan but he says he's

in Asia and Japan and it's a little bit different the way they think of B - and

if he keeps on buying me - this guy and for a few Israelis that talk about be

cash and do two different problems that they've had but if some of the guys at

the Embassy they had to deal with some small transactions for various reasons

they had interest in P cash so in our little um bubble on the Internet

I guess the english-speaking North American based in European to an extent

based YouTube community that uses Twitter be cash is like persona non

grata I mean he catches Satan not me I mean it's amazing the dislike for be

cash and again I'm not a fan of be cash but what I'm witnessing yeah I mean and

again there's a guy in Australia who was a big B cash fan that I'm talking to who

was I wanted him to come on the show to talk about some things so um yeah it's

interesting it's interesting to see that the P cash is thought of in a different

way and we'll see so what trying to say is that there are

a lot of big talkers in our space and we gotta be careful not to talk too big and

they to bigger planes like be cash is dead it's not dead I mean I'm not van

it's not dead and people it's again they're gonna take advantage of this


the to Adsense that comes up on November 19 I mean this be cash things going to

pump and I'm not telling people to buy it either but I'm just saying this this

story isn't over yet and king of the trolls has a lot of money man he's a

billionaire come on how can we how can it be over if the guy have one of the

main guys behind it's a billionaire and then Rocketman Lu might be a billionaire

too from all for all we know so how can you say it's dead I mean it's something

that we're going to deal with it's gonna be in that top that's why there's going

to be this top tier of Bitcoin altcoins up there for a while for things like

this I mean we're in cat work we're coming into something very interesting

in 2018 with these friendly Forks unfriendly Forks crypto dividends all

right so found that like button people there's

a lot of you watching at this weird hour and someone just hang on I got to see

someone just sent a boris Flores is a really fun guy I guess an Australian he

always sends me five dollars in a super chat and if you guys want me to answer a

question I cannot see the chat I only see the colors jump up if you want me to

answer questions you a super chat I'll answer your question okay what else is

going on the M okay that talk about the embassy all right so all of these

organizations as we approach the be gold hard fork and again they're gonna hard

for only 25th you're not gonna be eating that you're you're be golden to like

November the first the area probably so I mean be patient people don't do

anything silly don't give in to any scams here but but everyone's making

their statements now you know but Phenix it tracks and i link to some of them

below traceur but but some people are saying that they're going to support be

gold once they publish their replay protection because apparently the replay

protection is not out there yet even though they're doing replay protection

it's not out there yet for these exchange

whatever to be fully confident with okay they're doing it but but the point of me

bringing this up is is that these organizations refuse they're like if the

not gonna do rethink connect protection we want anything to do with them well

you know what I agree if they're not going to do a replay protection you

shouldn't want anything to do with them that means when 2x when when this coin

comes out on November 19th that all of these organizations that said they want

nothing to do with a coin that doesn't have replay protection will will stay

with what they said and do the same thing for 2x and thus I said at the Tel

Aviv embassy last night you have nothing to worry about with 2x people okay you

have nothing to worry about either they're gonna do either they're gonna be

forced to do it or everyone to do the replay oppression Eric every

organization worth a lick of anything is just gonna ignore them and you're not

gonna be able to get your 2x anyways so we'll see what happens never just

remember they said with so thank you be gold for coming out and neutering 2x

like I said you would alright because this is this is not

helping 2x and we've discussed this on other shows so yeah he tracks I link to

their statement Bobi gold came out with an update to

their roadmap it explains the pre mine I link to it below so if you have any

questions just put a little link below read it use your reading comprehension

that you supposedly have I hope you have and um and you'll get your questions

answered with the new roadmap PDF that be gold has released and notice everyone

you know I think a lot of people like Adam just too into the vivo thing

because he broke the story if you notice that I don't call it by his name because

his name really isn't be gold I refuse to call anything Bitcoin but Bitcoin

there's only one big point and then you got this new unique way of forming all

coins through crypto dividends and I think I made myself pretty clear with in

the past but again they're just people who have no listening comprehension

skills at all I mean or maybe they're just trolls but

so I hope it's clear now for for those of you with the fashionable IQs all

right so why don't we have here all right

oh yeah all coin not IO they not all excuse me yeah awkward that io atomic

swap wallet coming soon trading cryptocurrencies securely without a

centralized exchange which have lost billions in user funds Alcorn guy died

so I saw that tweet I thought that was very interesting I don't know this

company at all but if they can do these they can do these Atomics I mean this

would be revolutionary and again they they talk about centralized exchanges

never keep your points there people I don't care if you want you know your

vacation don't do anything foolish with these Forks don't this is the time these

exchanges are gonna be targeted more than ever when they know people are

going to be sending their Bitcoin there to try to get the dividends before

anybody else gets them so this is the worst time to have your your coins on an

exchange alright don't trust the third party with your coins get a Tresor or

get whatever store your big coin there and so never want you to do it that's

what critical currencies about in grid of third parties are I think to the

Konami Konami statement also it says collecting your freebie gold coins with

Konami Konami whatever they're called I also linked and it seems like they've

got a good way of collecting your freebie gold if you trust them

if you trust Cornette me not though I have corn I don't use them I don't have

a phone I linked to be be gold correction they said false statements by

coinbase require a public retraction so remember I made that coin based video

they they also they didn't take too kindly to what coinbase said about them

and they request attraction very interesting and I also

linked to another andy hoffman article and it's crypto gold central calm and

about the point base issue so again it's big embassy org is the television the

big point embassy alright and it's interesting how all me

publication of Daenerys is that lean toward corporatism it like to focus on

the negative I mean they like to like scare people about 2x and they're not

talking about friendly fork-like like be gold and now I'm any maybe they think

that some of these might have financial stakes and 2x and they think be gold is

gonna hurt 2x I don't know I mean if you go over social media this beagle that's

all you hear about is this P gold I mean it's impressive

alright so a little bit of update to my my own schedule I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm

going to South Korea people November 29th to December 6th I'm gonna be in

Busan most of the time but I am coming up the soul also so I'll proceed first

hand what's going on with cryptocurrency in South Korea so if you're in South

Korea if you're in Busan especially but if you're in Seoul a mid will me table

because I'm gonna meet up with my legendary guy who sends me the South

Korea information I'm gonna meet him personally that will be awesome

so there is an Israeli group on Facebook called the Israel women of Bitcoin I'd

link to that Facebook group below I mean it's fascinating that and they have a

hundred fifty five members of the Israel Bitcoin women group on Facebook I would

assume they're all women and from Israel I mean that's that's pretty unique there

so they're into it here they're into it here again all the stuff I could talk

about i link to the blog the Tresor statement about be gold and again these

statements very they're they're kind of like we you your your bball will be safe

we will only support it if though it once they do the replay

protection so that's basically what a lot of these statements are saying you

got to click on yourself I mean it's great that all of these organizations

are making statements about people it just requires them to make sure that

that everything will be great once people makes it very clear you know puts

out that replay protection ok so this is this is you're going to be able to get

your V gold if you control your private key people so control your private key

but again everywhere all these links that I'd linked to below you don't

already know this by now if you follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CHP alte

CHP alt follow me there ok and if any of you a lot of people been contacting me

about trip them dividends how to get their crypt of dividends what to do with

her crypt of dividends I can do I can consult anyone on that we can schedule a

time Adam at Tresor help calm I print consultation I do put their dividend

consultation I can help you with your if you're down and Altec if you're

panicking too much because of cryptocurrency I can help you set up

your trays or atom actress or help calm we can talk about anything all right and

we'll talk about anything so I the one final thing here is that well first of

all link I've linked up below when I first started talking about be gold in

August it's a good video but also it appears that it's going to take a while

for people to extract their be gold there's gonna be delays so there's gonna

be a limited amount of be gold on the market at first I don't know it's gonna

be probably from risk takers who are able to extract their be gold from

methods that I would not recommend but either keeping their Bitcoin on the

exchange before the fork but so at first there is going to be a very limited

supply of B gold out there so make your own conclusions about what what's going

to be happening to the price at first and then there'll be many people trying

to dump it so then what will right so it should be interesting the

futures markets have it around the price of beat - now which is I mean it's

unexpected I mean I didn't think it would be that

high again it's all bonus it's all free for anyone who has Bitcoin if I mean go

little people this is the benefit of just thinking long term thinking about

the 2020 having we're getting these crypto dividends by just sitting on our

Bitcoin getting 5% 10% I mean it's it's mind-boggling and again I'm not telling

you to buy this stuff let the 80% make this wealthier that's all I have to say

I mean that people were just buying it kingi whatever they can do what they

want to do and I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do and that's just hold my Bitcoin

and get my cryptid dividends and turn them into more Bitcoin so alright yeah

it fit the next woman they changed split token for be gold a formal announcement

will follow shortly the amar my Tove already did that

alright so flashback of the day I have a link someone commented on this that's

why I discovered it the title of this video that I made on March the 15th 2016

that's the Ides of March and it's actually when a relative died or many

years ago of a blessed memory a pleasant memory that great relative of mine but

the title was 16 year-olds used Bitcoin as a store of value for future purchases

instead of buying a car today wow that was quite that was some advice back then

and March 15 2016 I told 16 year-olds don't try to buy a

car now buy Bitcoin imagine imagine if a 16 year old he would have spent his like

five four thousand dollars on instead of a cruddy used car it would have bought

ten Bitcoin back then wow that that that 16 year old could buy like a Mercedes

today but I still they still shouldn't do that they should

wait till 2020 when they can buy a house all right I'm Adam Meister maybe no I

don't know sir the big question of this Rob nice to remember subscribe this

channel like this video share this video pal Matt like button check out the notes

section below I will see all of you at 2 p.m. tomorrow with the very interesting

interview right here - Kevin Easter time talking about part of dividends with a

very interesting person but I also see in the chat

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