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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reputation As a Theme in Pride and Prejudice

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hi guys I'm miss Guevara and today we're

going to talk about reputation as a

theme in Jane Austen's novel Pride and

Prejudice Pride and Prejudice depicts a

society in which a woman's reputation is

so important that it can affect

everything from her chances of being

married to how she's treated by other

people in society

any woman who dares to step outside the

social norm risks becoming an outcast we

get a glimpse of this concept when the

wealthy snobby Caroline Bingley reacts

with shock and disgust when Elizabeth

Bennet arrives at Netherfield with muddy

skirts we also see how mrs. Bennet's

ridiculous behavior tarnishes her

reputation with Darcy and the Bingley's

in these examples Jane Austen seems to

be making the snobs look foolish and

shallow but later when Lydia violates

the norms by running off with Wickham

the importance of reputation is treated

with the utmost seriousness

in fact Lydia's disgrace threatens her

entire family in light of this Darcy's

intervention on the Bennett's behalf

seems all the more generous but modern

readers might resent the fact that this

intervention was even necessary from our

perspective the idea that Lydia's

actions could result in her sisters

being deemed unmarriable by society

seems incredibly unfair why should

Elizabeth's reputation suffer along with

Lydia's and to that point

why should Lydia's reputation suffer

either while the happy ending of Pride

and Prejudice may seem emotionally

satisfying in many ways it leaves the

theme of reputation and the significance

placed on it unresolved you might be

left wondering to what extent does Pride

and Prejudice critique social structures

and to what extent does it simply accept

their inevitability


The Description of Reputation As a Theme in Pride and Prejudice