Practice English Speaking&Listening with: شاهد قنوات القمر ياه سات الرياضية مباشرة على جوالك|Yah Sat

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In the name of God the Merciful Peace, mercy and blessings of God The focus of our lesson in this day My friends will be about the satellite Yahsat 52.5 East

The satellite that most of the working class in the Arab World and North Africa has moved to move their dish in the direction of this YahSat to watch the European leagues and continental and international cups free because of the monopoly of some Arab channels of different world championships will offer you channels this satellite free today and can run on your mobile This wonderful application which I will put you download link in the description below the video

A wonderful and distinctive application contains many channels of the moon Astra, Hot Bird, Eutelsat, Hspasat and Asia Sat as well as Yahsat

This is the channels of the satellite Yahsat This is the channel Arezo Tv Frequency 12014 is broadcasting games such as the Spanish league and other continental cups can run on your mobile directly

These are other channels such as the Mitra channel, Limar channel, Al-Najah channel and other channels of this satellite

Of course, the Beinsport channels are very strong in this application and there are also Arab channels that can play any of these channels

Here are German channels and here you will definitely find a ZDF channel that will transport the Confederations Cup on 17/6/2017

In this application is a nice feature of the search feature where you can search for any channel by writing the name of the channel as a channel of zdf like that will transfer the Confederations Cup as reported from the sources

French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Bengal and Indian channels from the satellite Asia Sat as the Sony 6 channel, whichwill also transport the Confederations Cup, as well as English and Pakistani channels.

Download the app from the link below the video

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