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I am Aiden Zhane, I am 29 years old,

and I am from the middle of nowhere...

(whispering) ...Georgia.


I chose the name Aiden Zhane because I wanted something

that felt very in line with my aesthetic,

and I also chose it for A to Z,

again, both ends of the spectrum.

Living in the middle of nowhere

doesn't do much to influence my drag.

It really does jack (bleep) for me.

You know, I come from a drag background

of doing everything myself, figuring it out,

and making things happen.

I like to describe my drag

as sort of the love child

of Judge Doom from "Roger Rabbit"

and the alien from the movie "Species."

I'm like equal parts cartoon, colorful,

dark, horror, all sort of mixed into one.

I definitely like to think that I paint in a unique way.

Um, I love to angle my makeup

sort of straight up, if you will.

For a lot of girls, it just depends on the face

that you sort of settle on

that really sort of represents who you are.

It's that first impression of when somebody sees you.

And I think my face is definitely something

that always brings a look together.


It's definitely pressure coming into a competition

where there's a lot of girls from big cities

with big personalities with a lot of experience,

but you know, I'm not gonna let it bother me.

It hasn't stopped me from getting this far.

Why should it stop me from getting any further?

There are a lot of big personalities

in this competition, and I do tend to be

more of the quiet girl.

I tend to sit back, you know?

I like to observe my surroundings.

I like to get to know who I'm dealing with

and how to deal with them.

You know, I don't always need to just be loud

and in your face, and I think my look

sort of helps accomplish that for me.

If anybody has beef with me or doesn't get my drag style

or what it is that I do,

I generally don't give a (bleep).

I might just hold it all in until I (bleep) explode.

I don't know.

I think a lot of girls

might underestimate my performance ability

because I don't have the same experience as a lot of them.

Just because I can't give you high kicks and death drops

does not mean that I will not go out there

and put on a damn show.

I don't think that there's really many queens

you can compare me to, and I think that's a good thing.

I think that, you know, having that uniqueness about myself

is what helps me get ahead and helps me stand out.

I definitely think I bring something unique

to the show just even in terms of my look.

I'm really the first girl to sort of represent

this sort of mixture of horror and, you know,

cartoon, but beauty and just all of that

sort of encompassed in one.

I am America's Next Drag Superstar

because I am (bleep) unique,

and I am giving you something

that has never been seen on this show, period.

Hi, my name is Brita. I am 34 years old,

and I live in New York City.


Well, my name is Brita 'cause I met this girl

named Brita, um, and I was like,

"Oh, it's like that, you know, water thing."

And so I decided to be anything but pure

and just be Brita. (laughing)

The New York City queens work the hardest.

I mean, we're working every day.

We are shuffling off. We're doing all the gigs.

Being a New York City drag queen,

you have to work hard, work consistently,

and you have entertain the masses.

These bitches get-- We got Broadway here, sis.

You gotta know how to entertain the chil-dren!

The reason why I moved to New York City

is because I need to perform every day.

There's something inside me.

She had a dream of being on Broadway,

but now she's off, off, off, off, off, off off-Broadway

at a gay bar. (chuckling)

I live for Jennifer Hudson.

I live for Jennifer Holliday. I love all the Jennifers.

Big, bold, beautiful, leading women of color.

People that reach my soul when they sing,

um, and I love putting that into my numbers.

I love picking and choosing from different things

to just make Brita happen.

I mean, they always say that performance queens

don't look that good, but, bitch, I look sickening.


There are so many people in New York City

that are rooting for me

and want me to do a great job,

and it adds so much pressure.

There's so many people that are

looking up to me and cheering me on,

and I don't wanna let anybody down.

And I'm not gonna let them down.

I'm gonna be 100% myself.

You know, I'm scared about the sewing, the sewing.

Like, I'm a-- I'm a good little seamstress.

I can make a little boop-boop dress,

but, like, I-- I ain't creating fashions like this, sis.

Give me-- I can stone a rhinestone on a dress,

but I can't make this glorious goodness.

(popping tongue softly)

I can't do it. I want to so bad.

People are incredibly intimidated by me.

I think it's 'cause I'm a very large woman.

Um, that's why.

People do-- do say that I'm very loud at times,

but, listen, I was trained in the theater.

She got that theater voice.

It's very piercing, uh, this voice.

It's like a stampede, if you will.

I'm 6-foot man. I put this on--

With this hair, honey, I'm a seven-foot woman.

Like, I'm a rhinoceros trying to be a giraffe right here.


100% I am entering this competition to win.

There's no other way.

This is my first year auditioning,

and I made it.

I've never auditioned before.

But I told myself I wasn't gonna audition

unless I knew I could win it, and this is the year.

Honey, she is here to slay and here to win. Ha!

Bitch, I look like a trophy.

I'm-- I'm America's Next Drag Superstar.

I feel like RuPaul, that RuPaul trophy, sis.

Look at me.

I think I contribute love

and passion and heart to the world of drag.

Like, that's my-- that's my thing.

I love it. I love people.

I love performing.

And I look good doing it.

There's no hair on that side. (laughing)

Hello, world. I'm Crystal Methyd.

I'm 28 years old from Springfield, Missouri.


I love Crystal-- Whenever I first started,

I was just gonna pick Crystal

'cause I liked the name. It was kind of, like, witchy.

And my friend was actually the one that gave me

the idea for Methyd. I was like, "Okay,

but I'll spell it with a 'Y' so it's more womanly."

Crystal is a different queen.

She's fun, she's nice, she's creative.

She's definitely thrifty.

I was an Eagle Scout, so...

for all my shows I would just like...

paint my backdrops and hang them up with ropes

that I, like, braided together with duct tape.

I could've bought a rope, but I didn't.

I think my style is really quirky,

and it doesn't matter-- like my looks really don't

matter if they look expensive.

Every necklace I have was under $3,

so... I'm a budget girl. (chuckles)

I gain a lot of inspiration from club kids.

I don't always like to look like a woman like I do today.

Um, I like to dress up as monsters and weird stuff.

I love to change my makeup up all the time, so...

When I saw "Party Monster" for the first time,

it, like, changed my life for sure.

My makeup kind of-- it definitely evolved over time,

um, and then I just loved the signature, like, lip,

'cause it kind of looks like I'm smiling all the time

even when I'm, like, not having the best time,

so I can just stand and be mad, but I look really happy.


I think what scares me the most about "Drag Race"

is how the fans are gonna, um,

take this all in.

I have no idea what people are gonna say

Um, I'm never, you know, been exposed to...

a huge group of people before.

I want everyone to see me

and start wearing more accessories,

because I don't think drag queens wear enough,

and there can always be more,

and I hope to spread that message to all of you.

More is more. And more is better.

I used to go into my mom's closet when I was a little kid,

so she had so many necklaces,

display cases for her heels.

Like, so glamorous.

And she buys everything from garage sales.

So it's kind of just I was born with it.


I just have really weird

and obscure references sometimes that like

doesn't really make sense to other people

or that they wouldn't pull inspiration from.

I always love it when people, like,

can recognize kind of what I'm doing.

Sometimes my style's a little kooky.

It doesn't always make sense.

Especially like... this is a little crazy,

but it's, like, also glamorous.

So, I don't really ever like to be...

fish, or, like, show body.

I like to have my body covered and be sweaty.

I am America's Next Drag Superstar

because I am so different from everyone else,

and I do it really, really well.

You never know what I'm gonna do next,

and, uh, I... I...

What else? I sing, too.

I'm a really good singer, probably.

Hi, I'm Dahlia Sin.

I am... How old am I?

I am 28 years old,

and I am from Los Angeles, California.


Dahlia Sin came from the Black Dahlia.

I was like, "Sin sounds cute. I'll add that to her.

'Cause I was more of a spooky girl back then,

so it's a little creepy girl. (laughing)

It's a little mess. Well, Aja's my drag mother.

She was the first person to every put me in drag.

She was the main one to teach me makeup.

She was the one that taught me about hair.

You know, fitting, everything.

So, she taught me basically everything from the ground up.

Dahlia's a look queen.

She's banjee, she's kawaii,

and she's realness, so, she's gonna give you

a whole lot of sexiness while she's performing,

but she's real cute, so gives a lot of...

a little posh, a little, you know.

She likes to take money, so, basically.

(laughing) So, I switch up my makeup a lot,

but it's usually a beauty mug,

um, 'cause I consider myself a pretty girl.

I love Rihanna, so a lot of my looks

are very Rihanna-esque.

I like to keep my silhouettes kind of like burlesque-looking,

but also a little... kind of more

in the now if that makes sense.

Like, there's a lot of girls that look

kind of similar to me, but I don't feel like

they give what I give, which is just... sickening.


I feel like if you are a drag queen,

you have to keep your look fresh.

If you're sticking to the same look all the time,

same silhouette all the time, same makeup all the time,

no one's gonna pay attention to you.

I'm super petty, so if someone comes for me

it's just gonna be super pettiness

and it's a wrap for you, 'cause I'm--

I'm not having it.

A lot of people just look at me and think I'm a bitch

just based off of how I look.

Um, which is kind of true.

But I'm super sweet to everyone.

Like, anybody can walk up to me.

I'm not gonna kill you.

I'm not gonna be a bitch to you,

unless you give me a reason to be a bitch.

But I'm super sweet.

People will probably think I'm the trade of the season,

but I would say Jaida is.

There's two co-trades, and that's me and Jaida.

I mean, I'm very crazy as a boy,

and I feel like I'm more, like, subdued as a drag queen.

Does that make sense?

Usually, it's the opposite way for other girls.

but for me it's, um... (smacks lips)

toning it down. (chuckles)

I don't have a, like, a persona or anything,

so I'm pretty much the same in drag,

but literally I feel like...

Okay, I'm crazy both ways. Let me stop playing.

I was trying to, uh, make me seem a little more, "Oh!"

But, no, I'm crazy both ways. (laughing)


I've been doing drag for seven years,

and I have fan base before I was even on the show,

so I l-- I love that people look at me

and take inspiration from what I do.

So I just being able to...

take what I do and bring it to the world.

Dahlia's the next drag superstar because

she's fierce, she's competitive.

She, uh, brings good TV. She's drama, and she's petty.

She gives the crowd what they need, girl.

Good morning. My name is Gigi Goode.

I'm 21 years old from Los Angeles, California.


So my drag name, Gigi Goode, comes from my last name,

which, um, I'm not gonna give that away,

but it's spelled with two G's in it.

Um, and then Goode comes from season three

of "American Horror Story."

Jessica Lange's character, Fiona Goode.

So that was coming out, like, right as I was kind of

starting drag, which is fierce.

I started drag when I was 15 years old

at substance-free venues that doubled as indoor rock walls.

So needless to say, there wasn't too much going on there,

so it was like half bedroom queen, half rock wall girl.

You know those, um, fashion illustrations

that are on, like, clothing patterns?

Um, Gigi Goode is that but with like no concept

of direction or basic math, and so that's probably

the best way I can describe my drag.

Pretty much 90% of the time, Gigi Goode is lost

and, you know, is completely delusional.

But the other 10% of the time she's all about fashion.

She loves to perform. Can't touch my toes,

so don't catch me doing any of that.

Um, but all my performance is in my mouth.


My favorite part of drag is wearing clothes.

Well, it's my favorite part of, um, living in the world.

I'm my own goddamn Barbie doll.

That's all I had to entertain myself

when I was, you know, age one to last year,

so I just have been treating myself

like a life-sized doll, and it's just a dream come true.

Like, I'm getting paid for this?

The biggest misconception about me

is that I'm just a look queen.

Everyone started drag once,

and I was most certainly not a look queen when I started.

I have so much more depth in me.

I can be funny. I can dance, I can sing.

I can, like, do all this crazy (bleep),

but I don't just want to be pigeonholed into a look queen,

which I am.

My biggest fashion influence is my mother.

Um, she's a costume designer.

She makes every single thing that I wear.

She made this today actually right before I got to set,

so, yeah, love that girl.

I am proudest mama's boy you're every gonna meet.

I can't wait for you to meet my mom.

You're gonna (bleep) love her.

I think I'm extremely competitive, but with myself.

So, you know, there could be a hundred people in a room--

I'm just kidding. I'm not gonna do that.

Internally, I'm extremely competitive.

I wanna one-up myself from the past week, the week before.

I have found so many different skills within myself

through drag that I think if drag as an art form

didn't exist, I would be, like, a brick.

Like, I would have like literally nothing to me.

There have been a lot of girls trudging through this--

this here camp, Camp RuPaul,

and, um, I can say with a lot of confidence

that you will never have seen a queen like me on the show.

This being my first time auditioning

is exactly why I got on.

I-- I have so much versatility.

I'm America's Next Drag Superstar

because I encompass every single thing

that America's Next Drag Superstar is.

I'm the look, I'm the performance,

I'm the humor, I am over 5'8",

and, you know, what else can you offer?

Hi, everyone. I'm Heidi N Closet,

and I am 24 years of age,

and I am from Ramseur, North Carolina,


My drag name came from a joke.

It started out as a lot of men from my hometown

are closeted, and they would always try and get

my goodies and what-notches.

I was like, "There's no need to be hiding in the closet."

Being from a small town,

there's not a lot of, like...

fashion-y things or moments that really influence my drag.

Most of it's about getting on that stage

and performing really fast

and making as much coin as you can,

so, you know, just greedy drag queens really.

I have been performing for five years,

but those first, um, three years are a little mysterious,

so we don't count those.

We always just go two.

I am, uh, a queen that loves to perform.

I'm a dancing queen.

I really love to just move my body all around

and just live my best fantasy while I'm on that stage.

Yes. Praise Him.

I'm heavenly and heavily a performance queen.

She's divine on that stage, yes.

I do have a pageant backdoor.

I started really taking drag serious

when I started doing pageants, because I like

shiny buckets to put my head.

Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist,

cross your heart and blow a kiss.



I am unique from all the other queens on past seasons

because none of them have a gap as big as mine.

Girl, hello, get in there.

I can fit three quarters in-between there.

Get into it.

(laughing through teeth)

My sense of humor is very different

'cause, um, I'm an oddball.

Um, but I like to think that I'm very demure

and ladylike, and... so delusional, yeah.


Meeting the other queens

is what really intimidates me the most

about doing "Drag Race," 'cause back home,

I wouldn't say I'm a big fish in a little pond,

but I am one of the up-and-coming girls,

so coming into where there's a lot of big names possibly,

that's kind of scary to me.

Being the good Christian woman that I am,

when drama occurs, I like to say,

"No! Get out of my face. I am not here for that.

"I'm here to show the world what I can do,

and (bleep) you, (bleep) you, and (bleep) you."



The power of drag is that you're...

whatever you want to be.

You can go on stage and do whatever you want.

It gives you that opportunity to be

what you dream of being.

That was-- that-- that touched me. Hello!

I want to be that shining beacon that

it doesn't matter where you're coming from,

you can be whoever you want to be.

I did not come from Ramseur to lose,

so I am fully 100% in this competition to win.

I want that crown.

And $100,000 because... poverty.

I am America's Next Drag Superstar because

she is (bleep)

charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

(choked up) Thank you.

I'm Jackie Cox, I'm 34,

and I live in New York City.


My drag name actually, uh, was created by

me and my best friend in college

as like this character that we made up

who is a musical theater diva, who thinks she is it.

And it wasn't 'til, like, much later

that I, "A," started to do drag and "B,"

realized that it's a little bit of a double-entendre.

My drag is very influenced by a lot of the amazing art

that happens in New York City.

And especially the musical theater

and cabaret scene, I love all of that.

We have a lot of fun. New York is a fun city.

I'm a fun girl!

Jackie is a campy, fun queen.

She's like, you know, your cool aunt,

always ready to have some fun,

but I usually am in bed by ten. No, I'm kidding.

Actually, that's not a joke.

I'm really usually in bed by ten.

There's a lot of New York nightlife.

I consider myself part of New York evening life,

'cause most of my shows are at like seven or eight.

My drag style is very much like "fourth ensemble member

from the left" in "Promises, Promises."

You know, I'm just literally sitting here

"Turkey Lurkey-ing" for my whole life.

I like to pull references from different periods

and kind of pull them together into my drag.

A lot of really specific story elements

I like to incorporate in my drag,

so I always try to think,

"What's the story I'm trying to tell with what I'm wearing?"


I'm the first queen of Iranian heritage

on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

I'm Iranian and Canadian,

so I'm the first "CanadIranian" on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

I don't know if there'll ever be another one,

but if there is, cool.

This is a very diverse cast,

and yet we're all very similar heights.

That is something I clocked.

We're not a very diverse height season.

We're all between like 5'8" and like 5'11". Watch.

We have a lot of really funny queens here,

queens that are like crackin' me up.

Um, and I'm excited for America to see us shine.

I'm a little scared about sewing.

I'm not the best sewer, uh, and I'm a little bit scared

about a lot of the, you know,

avant-garde kind of makeup.

I think I'm pretty good at what I do in drag.

I'm-- I'm scared to push myself too far past that,

but I'm willing to give it a good effort!

I'm America's Next Drag Superstar

because I have the charisma,

uniqueness, nerd, and talent. I'm a very nerdy queen.

I-I watched a lot of sci-fi growing up.

I'm like very nerdy.

I love being the voice for people

who are maybe too shy to speak up.

I love being the voice for queer Middle Eastern kids

who are scared to come out to their parents.

I want to be the voice to let them know that, like,

it's okay, you can be as fabulous as you want to be,

and the only person stopping you is you.

And I stopped myself

from being the full version of myself for so long.

And so now that I'm all of me, I'm ready to go!

Hey, everybody, it's Jaida Essence Hall.

I'm 32 years old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

and I am the essence of beauty.



The first time I was ever in semi-drag--

it wasn't really drag. I wore a wig, a black wig,

and my friend, my homegirl, she said, "Put the wig on"

and she called me "Jaida" for some reason.

Never made sense. I asked her why,

she had no answer but the name stuck.

Then I got "Essence" from my boyfriend

because one day he sent me the most sweetest text

and it was like, "To me, you're the essence of beauty."


I'm showing right now a side of Milwaukee

that you have not seen on the show,

but baby keep in tune, this is gonna be something

you're gonna love as well.

I describe myself in drag

as just, like, a fully realized,

hyper-feminine version of, like, a woman.

I have always been a feminine boy,

but in drag I embrace it and I amp it all the way up.

I have a pageant background. I've won a few pageants.

I consider myself a beautiful woman.

I can win a pageant because

regardless if I'm competing in the pageant

or if I'm competing in the competition,

I come to win.

Pageant queens are queens nonetheless

the same way anybody else can be a queen.

You can be a pageant queen,

but that does not make you less stunning.

It does not make you less fashionable.

It doesn't make you less wealthy.

I'm living proof.


What intimidates me about "Drag Race" is that

there's always this constant pressure to be better

than you were the last time.

And sometimes, honey, you can put your all into a look

and the next time you might not measure up,

but I'm here and I'm ready to conquer my fears, honey,

push forward, make it happen.

No matter what you throw at me, I will catch it...

I don't know if I'ma throw it back.

I might keep it. Depends on if it's pretty,

if it's expensive.

But whatever ya got, I got it.

Honey, let me tell you this. I'm living my fantasy,

and in my world there's no one else.

It's just a tight bubble.

I have just a simple phrase. Don't worry about me, okay?

Don't come for me, don't worry about me.

Worry about yourself, honey, 'cause this is what--

that's the problem in life,

too many people worry about others' stuff, yes.

Being in this competition is a dream that came true.

In drag, you get to live the fantasy

that you've always wanted.

You can be whoever you want to be, you can live--

Look, literally I eat ramen every day,

but right now I am the richest woman on the planet

and you cannot tell me I'm not.

I feel like my drag is beauty. It's like you almost look

like, "Oh, I don't want to touch it,"

but I'll touch-- ooh.

(off-screen laughter)

That could-- Ooh, child, you-- But y'all know what I meant.

Honey, I am America's Next Drag Superstar

because I embody everything that they are looking for.

I'm funny, I'm cute, I got some nice stuff,

you know, I'm living my best life,

and I have a personality. And to me,

sometimes you have to be able to make connections

with people and really care about people.

I am here to win this competition.

I would not have auditioned or tried out

or wanted to be in this competition

if I did not feel like I had what it takes to win.

And from the moment that I applied,

I knew in my mind,

"Girl, if you get there you're gonna get there,

all the way to the end of the finish line."

Hi! I'm Jan. I'm 26,

and I'm from New York City!


So, I came up with the name Jan because--

well, I used to be a longer name,

a backpack if you get what I'm sayin',

but we're not going to do that,

so I am just Jan now but it's okay

because I love Jan Brady from "The Brady Bunch."

So, I live in New York City now, but I grew up in New Jersey,

so if you can't tell from the harsh vocals

and the hair that's just teased and coiffed,

I grew up there.

I think New York City is the best city to do drag.

We do it all. We host. We turn looks.

We sing live. We dance. We have comedy mixes.

It's just the place to go

for whatever you want to see. It's the best.

Jan, I like to say, is the girl next door plus so much more.

I can give you this femme look and look absolutely stunning,

but when you come to see one of my shows

you'll realize I'm absolutely insane.

I definitely would say that the thing

that's most important to me is performance.

I'm a live singer.

I've been doing it my entire life

and I love to bring that to the forefront of my drag,

but also, I love looks.

I love being able to turn some fashion.

It's hard because in New York City

you're doing shows for two hours,

you don't have a break, and you want to be

able to move and be free with your body,

but mama, she can get up in all of this if she wants to!

And so she's here!

Looks, looks, looks, looks, looks.


I do have a "RuPaul's Drag Race" mother.

It's Alexis Michelle from season nine.

So, when I first started doing drag

I didn't even necessarily think

that it was going to be my full-time career.

I started doing drag as Kris Jenner.

And then I started to realize

that my character could develop beyond Kris Jenner,

and that's when Jan started to come into play.

Me and Alexis actually met

because I was doing a Kris Jenner number.

And unbeknownst to me, she did it on the show.

And so she, without me knowing, swooped me up

and was like I'm gonna take you under my wing.

I'm obsessed with Ariana Grande. I love Lady Gaga.

I am so inspired by music,

and that's the driving force behind my drag.

I think that because I'm a singer, I'm able to mimic

the shapes and the sounds with my mouth

when it comes to lip-syncing.

Nail vibrato, every single time.

(vocalizing) Yeah, you know, it happens.

Loose jaw over here.

That's what they called me in high school.


Went to an all-boys Christian school, so...

(gibberish) Yup.

The name of my book, which is in stores now,

is "I Went To An All-Boys Catholic School

And Now I'm A Drag Queen."

Jan is a one-stop shop for drag.

I'll give you looks. I'll give you live vocals.

I will dance.

I can host and give comedy.

I'm nice. I have great teeth.

I wear nails. I-I'm different.

And I'm not afraid to get messy,

I'm not afraid to be weird and different,

and I just like going for it.

I genuinely think-- Sorry, excuse me.

"Jan-uinely" think that I'm America's Next

Drag Superstar because I am talented,

I'm nice, I'm humble.

I want to change people's lives through music,

through art, through fashion.

I want to be able to do all those things,

and I know I'm capable of that, and that's why

I'm America's Next Drag Superstar.

I'm that girl.

Hello, my name is Nicky Doll.

I am 28 years old. Originally from Paris, France

but now currently living in New York City.


Nicky is a short term for Nicole,

and Doll is because she basically has

a different personality as the week evolve.

And so, I wanted to be-- a little bit of versatility.

I'm crazy, completely. From where I'm from,

the drag culture is very fashion forward.

We are mostly booked to be look queens

or visual performers, so I definitely

take a lot of inspiration from Fashion Week's runway,

mostly from the '90s

where the top models were at their peak.

Linda Evangelista, who is very known

in this culture of drag.

Anime and runways are what really excites me the most.

I would say that Nicky Doll is...

She looks like she's entitled

and very obnoxious and fashion forward.

That's just the way she paints

because she's really just a clown.

I like fashion. I like to perform.

I'm not just an editorial queen.

The visual is very interesting for me,

and also I like to add a little twist of humor and wit to it.

I think I'm a perfect mixture of anime,

like fantasy, and fashion. I'm not just a label whore.

I'm also a video game whore and nerd.

So, all of this together is kind of like Nicky Doll.


I had to put a lot of thought into auditioning to the show

because I felt like as a French person

taking a spot in an American show

put a lot of pressure on me.

But, at the end of the day, we all doing drag

and we all here to compete for drag

and that has no language, so just give me the crown.

After living for seven years in Morocco, I...

and growing up and discovering that I was gay,

I needed something that helped me to embrace who I was

and give the sense of pride.

So when I moved back to my country, in France,

I started doing drag just because

I wanted to explore that part of femininity that I had.

I think I really became a man

once I started to act like a woman.

What's so good about this show is that

it's not only just about female impersonation,

it's also about the way you're gonna live your life

and how-- what type of thoughts you're gonna put in your head,

and how to fight those dark thoughts.

So all of that was really useful for me,

uh, even to move to the U.S.

'cause everything is possible when you watch the show.

When I auditioned to the show, I was hoping that

it would be a pretty weaker cast.

This is a very, very strong season,

and you guys are gonna have fun watching us going forward.


I am definitely in this competition to win it.

I think it would be such an honor

to be crowned as an immigrant

America's Next Drag Superstar, but also to be able to

shed a light on the drag culture in France.

And so, I want to show that we are actually talented,

and we also have a voice in the drag community.

I mean, you know, if you don't win

you're not accepted at the airport when you land,

so it's just a bit scary for that.

I am America's Next Drag Superstar

because it took me a passport, a green card,

a lot of stuff to get here.

And I have done it all in another language.

But at the same time if you remove

the whole language thing, I bring you beauty,

I bring you fashion, I bring you humor.

I mean, what else do you need?

Hi! I'm Rock M. Sakura, I'm 28 years old,

and I'm from San Francisco, California,

and I'm your anime, J-pop, manga queen!


So, my drag name actually comes from my love of anime,

and toys, and anything that's really kitschy or campy.

The city that I come from,

we love everything that is weird,

that is different, that is expressive.

We love telling stories.

We have people of all different walks of life

and we always represent that in our drag.

I usually don't put myself into a box.

I conceptualize my looks head to toe,

but I'm also a good performer.

I can, like, jump split, I can do high kicks,

I can do drama.

Can I do fishy makeup?


Yeah, well... yeah. I-- I think so.

The biggest misconception about me

is that I'm nothing but a look queen.

They see the big eyes, they see the big silhouettes,

and they don't think I can turn the party,

or there's no depth to me

besides what they see on the surface.

I'm really here to show people

that there is a range of depth in Sakura.

And the other misconception, too, is that I tuck well.

'Cause that's not the case.

It's just smashed in there, yeah, like a burrito.

Whenever I have a conflict in my day-to-day life,

whether I'm having one with a queen or with another person,

I'm a very compassionate, calm person

so I will deflate a little bit,

and I will listen to your side of the story

and we'll have a good conversation.

And if we don't come to an agreement,

I'm gonna chop you in the throat.

Just a quick one. Just... (exclaims)

The main thing that scares me the most

about doing "Drag Race" is probably

getting critiqued on stage.

Sakura is my daughter. Are they gonna like my child?

Are they gonna judge my parenting?

Are they gonna send her home

with a note attached to her back?


No. Maybe.

What's unique about me besides my giant camel toe?

I'd say my personality and charisma.

I think I have an ability to really just connect with people

and just like-- I'm kinda like a lithium battery.

If I touch you, you will be energized and ready to go.

Oh, my God, this outfit sounds so good.

I had to show that I was excited.

We-- we do storytelling with our hands.


What I contribute to the world of drag

is like a big, bright energy and a light

to every dressing room or every club that I'm in.

Every time I come to a club,

I want to make sure that people are smiling and are happy,

are really enjoying themselves.

I want to be the catalyst for people to feel...

unashamedly happy and joyful.

Also money, yeah. That's a big part of it too.


Why am I America's Next Drag Superstar?

Because we need an anime, J-pop, K-pop girl

in that crown seat-- girl in that throne.

And a girl that can put sentences together "cohurently."

Do these shoulders look like I came here to

resolve things peacefully and not win the crown?


But also, I will win the crown.

At any cost.

Hi! I'm Sherry Pie.

I am 27 years old and I'm from New York City!



I got my drag name, Sherry Pie, by sitting in a costume shop

one very dark and lonely evening.

And I was, you know, throwing around drag names

and I wanted something a little bit punny

and a little bit funny,

something that was a little vintage.

And so, Sherry was the most popular name in the 1950s,

and so, Sherry. And then, I like food.

So pie, Sherry Pie.

Here we are today, kids! Whoo!

New York City is so important to my drag

because New York is literally like

the epicenter of drag.

You can have a little slice of everything.

New York City is the ultimate drag pie.

I would say that my drag style is like classic camp,

and a little glamour, and a tiny peppering of, like,

referential gay culture

just baked all together to create Sherry Pie.

I'm like a "glampy" queen.

You know, we're goin' glampin'. You know what I--

we're not gonna pitch a tent, we're gonna rent an RV.


I found drag because

it was the one thing that I was really good at.

I did everything when I was a kid.

I played-- I played-- uh, uh, uh, uh...

What is this game? Baseball!

I played baseball until they took the tee away.

I did karate.

But the first everybody was screaming,

so I-- I also ran out of the room

crying and screaming, a little child.

And, um, I just found-- drag is so magical.

And I love the idea that you can get all gussied up

and fill your fantasy and also give other people

a glimpse into their fantasy.

Like, I just love... I just love it.

I just love being like magical Disney queen...

Fantasies. Magic. Queens.

Fantasies? Sherry Pie?

Digestible? Asbestos.

I would say that drag has shifted a little bit

from playing and having more fun

and shifted a little bit into fashion.

And we're just like...

you know, we're gonna be, like, skinny,

and we're gonna eat a salad

and we're just gonna be pretty.

And I'm just like, that's fine,

but let's have fun doing it! Crazy! Ha-hoo!

I consider myself the-- the past of drag.

All of the fun and that campy style of drag,

but I'm also the future of drag.

I'm also take fashion,

and take influences of stuff that's happening today

and stuff that happened already

and I'm a little, like, mixed in to make

a lovely, yummy pie. Oh, yummy!

I am America's Next Drag Superstar,

I would have to say, because I am...

everything we love about drag from the past,

and honey... I am looking forward

to a nice future.

What up, world? How you doing?

I am the Widow Von'Du from Kansas City, Missouri,

and I am the dirty thirty years old.



So, I couldn't find the remote to my TV

and they were talking about black widow spiders,

how they're big, black, and dangerous.

And I was like, "Oh! That's me, bitch!"

Von'Du came from Kat Von D and Erykah Badu

'cause at the time I wanted a tattoo by Kat Von D,

and Erykah Badu was my alma mater, still is.

I love everything about her. I love all her music.

I want to meet her one day. (sighs)

Kansas City is the home of

Royals, Chiefs, barbecue, and jazz.

And my black ass. (laughing)

Widow is that girl.

She is the reason for the season.

She's the reason why you come to Kansas City.

If you lookin' for a good time, you come see me.

That is who I am. (chuckles)

My style, I like to call it, um,

a ratchet-ass queen with high-class fashion.

Basically, I'm that bitch that was raised

up in the nice areas but I like to hang out

with the hoes down the street.

Let's put it this way--

y'all better not blink this season,

'cause if you blink, bitch,

you gonna miss something real fun.


I really enjoy, basically, any plus-size entertainer

that is willing to go out,

wear whatever the (bleep) they want,

wear their body out, 'cause that's what I do.

Like, I like having my chest out, my stomach out,

you know, these thighs.

Like, I don't wanna wear a gown all the time.

I don't wanna be all covered up.

Like, no. I have 26 tattoos and...

look at-- look at this brown skin.

Need to show that (bleep) off. (laughing)

Don't let the size fool you. Mama gets down.

She does all types of things. Performing is my life.

It's the only thing that I do.

only thing I've ever wanted to do.

I feel that I contribute to drag-- is confidence,

because a lot of entertainers see me and are like,

"I wanna do that. I wanna be like you."

And I was like, "Well, (bleep) go and do it."

The biggest misconception about me,

which I'm sure people back home are gonna laugh,

that everyone thinks that I'm super intimidating

because I just have this look on my face like,

"Don't (bleep) talk to me."

But, you can come and talk to me,

it's just, I have that look like...

I'm not mean, I'm just painted that way.



Drag has the power to change everything.

Drag has the power to open up doors, shut doors.

It has the power to free you

from any chains and bonds that you are in.

And I mean, go all the way back to Stonewall.

Like, look at what drag has done for us.

Like, it's-- get into it, bitch.


Season 12 is about to be the mother(bleep) ticket.

Like, get your popcorn ready.

Sit your asses down. Fill up them cocktails...

'cause the show is about to (bleep) begin.

I'm America's Next Drag Superstar

'cause bitch, why not? (laughing)

I mean, it's time.

It's time for a big girl to reign, honey.

It's time!

I didn't come all the way from Kansas City

to (bleep) lose. (chuckles)


The Description of Meet The Queens Season 12: Composite