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Hey guys, welcome to entertainment talk nation, This is Rob

This video I do my review for episode 6 of the flash, entitled, the flash is born

So Barry Faces one of his biggest challenges.., A Bully?

Well yes, but in such an awesome way that a bully story could ever go down.

So childhood bully Tommy, after an accident during the particle explosion, turns into

the latest meta human. And after their first ecounter Barry learned

really quick that it was going to take more than just speed to take this tough guy down.

We get a first real glimpse at the potential danger Iris is putting herself in while blogging

about the streak. Meanwhile Barry and his team try to figure

out a way to use Barrys speed to generate enough Force to take Tommy down.

During all this, Joe continues his investigation into the murder of Barrys mother.

An investigation that takes him Dr. Wells. In what seems like a nice drink and conversation,

Wells realizes that he is being somewhat interrogated and investigated.

After finally harnessing his speed to break the sound Barrier, Barry Takes down Tommy,

locks him up under star labs, and hence, the Flash is Born.

However, we see at the end that Joe has gotten to close and gets a warning from the man in

the yellow suit that if he continues.., Iris will die. This was a great episode, and the flash continues

to bring a smile to my face, it is rare that any show gets me to cheer while watching it..

But I could not help cheer out loud for Barry as he charged himself up, to get ready to

take out Tommy. A lot of things are beginning to build up

on the Flash, leading to the highly anticipated showdown against the arrow

And more than that, the eventual arrival of the man in the yellow suit, who is bound to

make his presence known at some point or another. It is only the 6th episode and there is so

much to look forward to that I wish I was binge watching the flash just like I am with

season two of the arrow currently. Barry still has much to learn about his powers,

but with each challenge unlocks new secrets and pushes Barry to raise the Bar which he

has. I look forward to the next episode and cant

wait to see how things play out, Anyway guys, thats it for this review, this

is Rob signing off for ETN, where we dont do news, we just talk entertainment.

Take it easy

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