Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NEW YEARS EVE FIREWORK NAIL ART TUTORIAL

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hi YouTubes! welcome to a new video and of course before I start I wanted to

say Happy New Year I know it's officially not allowed

anymore because I think you're only allowed to say it the first week of

January but I wanted to say anyways because due to my medical problems I

wasn't able to upload anything in the last couple of weeks but right now I'm

back and I of course I'm going to start with a nail art tutorial that you guys

requested because I uploaded a picture on my Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

and all that stuff with a tutorial that I did for the Deborah Milano Beauty Club and

it's the firework nail art tutorial and I got so many questions if I please

please PLEASE wanted to do a video tutorial so today I'm going to show you

how you can create the fireworks on your nails

first I'm going to apply gel

effect number 29 apply the polish all over your nail and let it dry

now I'm using number 133 because it's a silver holographic glitter it will look

like stars when you're done give the Polish a little bit of time to dry

before starting with nail art now I'm using gel effect number 24 and a

thin nail art brush

I'm using white first because this will make the colors

of the firework really pop if you apply the color directly on the black polish

you will hardly see it but when you start with a white base it will look

really good

this is just a base so it doesn't have to look perfect and if you

want you can apply a second layer to make the white fully opaque

now I'm using number 99 I'm starting with a dark blue and I really like this

one because it has micro glitter in it which is perfect for firework

as the second color I'm using number 96 and this is a really light blue color

the last star I'm using is number 130 because of the bright light on my hands

it's hard to see the difference between the colors but in the final picture you

will definitely see it and of course to finish my manicure I'm using the

Deborah Milano speed right topcoat here's how everything looks once it

dried so let me know what you think of the result and if you think it's a

little bit too hard don't worry you still have like eleven months till New

Year's Eve because of course I'm not two weeks too late with New Year's Eve I'm

11 months early for next New Year's Eve

so I'm going to try to install my new

microphone so let's hope my new video will have a much better sound quality

and I will see you then thank you so much for watching please hit the

subscribe button and see you in my next video bye bye