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Hi Vogue, it's Yseult and I'm going to tell you about my icons.

Cline Dion because she is a woman who is super strong,

both in her life, in her career, in her music and in her voice.

When I was maybe six or seven years old, I lived in Picardy

and my mother had a lot of French song albums,

including one by Celine Dion,

and I sang at the top of my head throughout the Celine Dion house.

I have never met Celine Dion, but why not a featuring?

I would say my mentors,

Adle Haenel,

Assa Maga,

Nadge Beausson-Diagne.

They are really people who support me on a daily basis,

who even give me the keys to be the woman I am today.

We have this outspokenness, we have this commitment on a daily basis

and we have decided to all get together so that we can be involved, but together.

There are also several, but I would say FKA Twigs

because it's super contemporary, it's super versatile

and I feel like it's depending on how she feels in her body and in her head

on the 'T moment

and I'm pretty much the same,

I'm a different kind of modern day chameleon.

I would say a corset.

I love corsets, I love to emphasize my waist.

For me, having a shape is really important.

In fact, it emphasizes a size, it even sublimates a size.

A few years ago,

the corset was not something liberating for women

and I like to make it my own and do what I want with it.

2020 because on the one hand there are a lot of questions,

and on the other there is a liberation on subjects that were previously taboo,

such as gender, sexuality, racism, discrimination, and politics too.

I think young people want things to move, for things to change.

It is important and suddenly I allow myself to use my privileges

to be able to speak to all those and all those who do not have the chance to be in the light.

An iconic male singer, I would say Brel.

I really like his way of interpreting the songs,

of living, of embodying the songs.

And a woman artist, I hesitate between Barbara and dith Piaf.

Barbara, because I recognize myself a lot in her.

She is an artist who, on stage, is very dark via her music,

via her texts, via her experience, etc.,

but who, from the moment she is no longer on stage,

is really moving. everywhere, to laugh with all his teams, etc.

And then, as soon as she is on stage, it's like

And Edith Piaf, what impresses me is her vulnerability,

because it's also something that sticks to my skin

and I sing my song. vulnerability every day.

Le Courage des Oiseaux by Dominique A.

He begins his song, he already gives you the tone of the song.

"God this story ends badly. You can never imagine very well ..."

It's too strong.

Olivier Rousteing,

because it is a soul who opened his arms to me in sewing

and it also gave me pleasure that he took me into his world

and that he put me forward,

not only as a black and fat woman,

but he put me forward in "this is France" mode.

I would say Mylne Farmer.

I would dream of having the same career as her,

that is to say that you make no artistic concessions,

you have a vision, you have a path, you go there, and at the same time you retain an army.

It's more than a community what it has,

it's more than an audience, it's more than fans.

And today, she can fill you up I don't know how many Stade de France

and she's there.

She's still there.

Thanks Vogue, I give you big kisses and don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

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