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I'm professor Sharma after all again in

front of you with a new video at this


oh very unfortunate topic that is

cultural studies it has been recently

added in the NTA EDC met grf English

literature exam so we will be discussing

cultural studies today see it is a very

big branch of anthropology it is not

just a topic it is a very big friend and

you need a very sound background reading

to understand this but then I have tried

to simplify this subject for you this

topic field we will be doing we will be

taking it as a literary theory although

it is not a literary today but we will

be talking about it as the critical

literally take it is a complete studies

I know that but we have to relate it to

literature also I try to understand what

culture is now let me ask you some

questions what kind of food do you eat

typically subji or Italy or pizza burger

or any kind of food which you consume

daily on the daily basis then let me

know what kind of trees do you with

water bodies again what is your dressing

style usual dressing style according to

your environment I should say what

political ideology

you know so many different political

parties they have different ideologies

so rich ideology to you for what is your

religion which religion so many religion

in this country in the words of which

religion next what kind of lifestyle to

live a simple one which completes a

basic meets a day to day life or a

luxurious life ultra-modern life where

you have all the things in abundance

you have no requirement to earn you have

plenty of money and you wear the

designer dresses you have all big

private things with you so there is a

difference in lifestyle also when you

answer these questions you reveal a kind

of life you live the way of life the

kind of dress the kind of food the

political ideology religion all your

thoughts are bounded by all these things

and you live a kind of life so this life

when it is lived by a group of people it

becomes a culture then the people in the

same group they try to follow the same

culture it is branded as a particular

culture so how how this country respond

if this culture is formed when you

choose one thing over the earth you have

chosen this particular dress of this

particular food over the others this

ideology over the others that means this

is a complete culture and there are many

different cultures followed by human

beings when there they follow this in a

group that means more than one person

more than one if that means baby people


following some particular thing that

means it is a culture so to study

different kinds of culture becomes

cultural studies so this is choosing one

thing what makes you choose one thing

what makes you think that you should

choose one thing would be why not all

the things you can choose I'm not

talking about the vocational dresses or

the occasional food I'm talking about

the staple diet understand this or

whatever you have chosen and which group

do you follow which ideology so many

chose one thing so how do you choose one

see input the subconscious mind is that

and it gathers images through the senses

it takes everything inside

subconsciously without your knowing it

so there are things which you take in

subconsciously and there are events and

images you take and consciously by your

senses whatever you see whatever you

hear whatever you find interested in you

take so you start judging it

you start choosing it and you start

following it following a particular

culture or a particular trend all these

things they help you to form emotion

towards something at this notion if many

people share it becomes a country who is

behind this culture what is there see

there are things with you and your

senses they perceive them okay you

perceive a thing you make a perception a

phenomenal price and then you follow it

it becomes a way of life

these phenomena if followed by many

people it becomes a culture so right

from an image which is perceived

perception is formed then perspective

which is which becomes a phenomena of

life and then culture your perception

may be different than the perception of

the balance it is it is only got into

the environmental situation

it depends on the senses it depends on

your prior preconceived notions there

are so many things here in this world

you have to judge it according to

yourself you cannot judge in isolation

you always work with the environment

into it would be prior images which you

have got in your mind they will be make

a judgment or you form a choice you form

a perception this is their so when this

perception is followed by many people

the phenomena of wave length is done

with many people then it becomes a no

how does this who makes this environment

the environment is usually dictated by

the elite classes the celebrities the

lifestyle they promote it because they

have the power they need classes the

power promotion this helps the

environment to change the culture or to

make a particular culture you always

look forward to your idol Islam heroes

the actors the writers the leaders of

the country and you try to follow them

they have the power to promote it the

investments you see on television

television and social media today are

the biggest promoters and then run by


they are run by the elite classes the

daily life of the celebrities is

promoted through the leaders through

social media

and the common public tried to imitate

imitation is also a human instinct you

want to do whatever you see right from

your childhood the child tries to

imitate so when you are in a culture so

many things are motivated influenced you

and guided you to do a particular order

follow a particular train so the culture

is dictated by the people who have the

power who have to money who are in a

position to later trends so the culture

is always changing it is never constant

so all these images which are they're

taken by your mind are thrown by the

environment and you are influenced you

are motivated you're inspired to adopt

that particular image and thus making

your culture work many times what your

eyes see and your ears hear you feel

that this is right and you start forming

a culture which is very different which

is and the Vimanas to be the same values

so your animals your traditions they are

all dependent on the culture you follow

you values may get lost because of the

change in culture because of the videos

you become the target of the benefit of

someone you are a puppet the promotion

of the power or the economic benefit now

get you to adopt a particular culture

therefore the dynamics of culture our

culture image

culture and society the split between

the higher class and the Lord was

therefore Raymondville oops in 1958 in

with the studies of culture and society

of British writer novelist critic of

Marxist writer he was so he studied the

frame of working class in Britain and

came up with the very important studies

of culture and society according to

Raymond Williams there are three kinds

of culture the first one is idea culture

idle culture is the culture which is

totally there which is believed in which

has a value which is the most primitive

kind or set up by the intellectuals the

second is the documentary culture

documenting culture you have different

generations the people of the general

the intellectual people of the

particular generations their thoughts

are recorded the best which was ever

thought in the century or at that

particular time of period is recorded in

the documentary culture and the third

one is social culture which is displayed

in the society which is promoted in the

society which is according to the

benefit of the elite or the poverty us s

so there are three kinds of cultures

which have been said by William blim ins

I will culture documentary culture and

the social culture the main program is

of the cultural studies our Raymond

Williams as I already told you that he

would culture and society in 1958 and

then he wrote the long revolution in

1961 an EP Thompson wrote the making of

an English working class in 1963 William

said that it is a forward way of life of

British people and Compson said that the

life is harder

culture so in the studies both of them

lay open the proposition of culture and

society so the interplay of race

intensity this nationality religion the

social split of the classes they offer

form the basis of cultural theory so the

other theorists who contributed to the

cultural studies are Michel Foucault's

who talked about power and

representation and red cent

talks about Orientalism and paul ciliary

he talks about the fascination of

Englishness English Society has

fascinated the world that's why people

try to follow this very Englishness in

the world budgetary focuses on cultural

contract creating the culture sustaining

competing through organizations through

science through the different

environment happenings like traffic like

discoveries like crime so many things

they influence and they produce the

conflict in culture it is also called

new Turtles David Emily Turkey a French

sociologist I don't know the correct

pronunciation of this French name but

then he was a sociologist who studies in

integrity and currents of the modern

society he talked about the division of

labor and then he said that sociology is

also a kind of science he called it a

legitimate science and he redefined

almost comte's positivism so as i

already told you you need a solid

background to understand cultural theory

it cannot be read in isolation there are

so many things around it which you need

to understand first

it also takes in feminism because as

rise of feminism of the culture has

changed suffered to change to a very

LGBT community gender equality

post carbonization imperialism slavery

race identity religion so many things

have come and combined so the integrity

and the governance of these studies are

the basis of cultural studies so all

these things cannot be and not in one

video you need several classes and this

cannot be one-way communication the

teacher needs the equal participation of

the listeners because you people are

scholars you can contribute your views

in the class to understand this theory

so it is like a discussion it is not

just the teachers responsibility to

convey the ideas because your background

your prior knowledge your senses will

also contribute to the complete

understanding of the cultural studies so

I would request you to find time and

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