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So, as you're aware basically as I said I'm doing some quick smarts tag videos

of every kind and as I said some of these tag videos are for future

reference so that we can go back and reflect on it later on and see if any of

the questions may have changed up enough of the certain topics that may

have come with some of these tag questions. So, some of the tag questions

that you may have seen floating about obviously are also based for maybe

some people for fun just get to know me tag and whatever else it may be. But

this one I'm going to do right now is called strength in numbers tag which is

all about bullying and confidence and in saying this also basically that I will link

in the description as well as hopefully maybe in the video somewhere the name of

the person where I found this video that actually did this tag so that maybe you

can look back on it and maybe do it too and if you want to join in to do this

also, feel free to also just tag me in the description box with the link of the

video afterward and then hopefully we can encourage and uplift each other

As I said, that we need to build each other up. So, the questions also will be listed

below as always.So, the very first section of this tag right now I'm going

to bring out is all about confidence basically. So, let's begin this So, the

the very first question on it is * Did you ever feel unconfident and why?* Okay, as we know basically for me many people have known

me now as I've grown up into a young mature woman, I am starting to feel more confident

with people you know I am like you know not confrontational but I'm more willing

to give you guys advice and support regardless

what it would be. But... there was a time obviously, as we know as we sometimes

growth through the stages in our life transitioning probably from a young

child to a teen especially for most of us that we do tend to have that

sensation that we feel unconfident and that we just feel like at that time that

eek...! You know whatever it may be and the

reason for this is for me I when I was a younger like when I was coming into my

early teens, I felt uncomfortable because I must admit early to young

teens, I always factuated about how to look you know and how to dress and you

know speak to people before you know getting to know about what was going on

about my diagnoses which I'll link in the description below as well as in the

i-card above me about my diagnosis and how this came about it if need be.

As there are some other videos for future references you can get back to later on

after the video. But, in saying this, I knew there's something wasn't quite

right with me even though me feeling unconfident especially because obviously

like I was one of the ones that tend to fantasize over all these other girls

in school thinking like during mufti- days especially in high school that oh

they look pretty and all this but then I realized some of the ones that are

pretty with the pretty face that I became a victim to them and it was

really ugly. You know I feel some people that are pretty can be really

brutal and really nasty you know that's just from my experience anyway from what

2. I what I've been through just briefly. I have looked now despite it all that I

mean trying to pull myself up from day one after being knocked down time and

time again in my preteens and especially when I started dating with

one of my exes that knocked my confidence over and at this point of

time I'm starting to feel confident in my own skin yes. And, I'm believing in

myself that you know you don't need make-up it's all what inside of us that

makes us and then I believe also in saying this

is that um I have out have my bad days and good days like anyone else and that

in saying this that' it's what we make of our life of the good days and bad days. Are we

going to just sit around and mope around and argh and say I don't I don't want this? you

know and all this nonsense you know sometimes have that self- negativity up there and

whatnot and however. 3. What makes me comfortable in myself is the compliments

I get from people sometimes if I meet them out on the street or even if and

when I do some videos that I am trying to you know send a message to you guys

of hope or whatever that builds me up thinking oh thank goodness I'm not alone

as well! Because obviously in saying this basically, I'm feeling confident now

about myself also that yes I'm starting to strive more into

trying to take you out of my comfort zone a little bit more further with my

you know social anxiety, my traveling anxiety and some of my other anxieties that you've seen in some of

my past videos with FireTheLier based on trying to get out of my comfort zone and

actually facing certain fears and stuff so I am feeling comfortable in my own

skin but it doesn't mean that I'm fully fully confident even if people think I'm

outright confident because every day is a working progress for every one of us

based on our confidence or whatever we're building upon ourself to actually

be a better person. Okay next section is all about bullying

for this section- so the questions here is have you ever been bullied and maybe

tell us a story of when you were bullied? I guess basically again this will go for

number like one basically for many of us will be victims of bullies or whatever it

is; victims of being not confident or whatever it maybe. I have shared some story

about myself being bullied which I'll link in the description and I-card above

me. But some short stories short, sure I feel to myself like when when I been in high

school especially in those years was a real difficult time for me making

friends. I kept to myself most days in intermediate and high school especially

because obviously, like I didn't want to get into trouble, I didn't want to fit into

some of these cliques that you see you know you're too cool, you're too nerdy

whatever other clicks that you may have heard and seen that are still common

today. But I guess in a way do do you think that answer this if you want to

quietly to yourself when I was thinking I was getting bullied you know was was I

in the wrong or right when I got called in twice in high school when I was

standing up for myself from a couple of guys that I took no

crap from basically because at one point I accidentally like slammed the locker

door on one occurrence and then the other occurrence of me standing up for myself

towards the bully or even two more times basically when one day after

school a guy wolf-whistled at me or cat-called me and everything else and that

he rode past on a bike little did he know even though he thought I was a

little weakling he was being sexist and everything else as most young guys would

be you know about females and then what I ended up doing I grabbed his

handlebars and I actually swung his bike around while he was still intact on a

bike and throw them onto some grass on the field which he actually got shocked

and amazed and a bit terrified of me afterwards. So he stopped bullying me and

then the third time obviously of another story basically when I was

getting bullied was like a group of Mean Girls I'm not gonna name names of the

the head leader and that as well as not the name of the school just to protect

other people's privacy in this quick story is basically a couple of times she

she really bullied me to the point of no return like she was the head leader of the

group like one time she subbatoged our work that we were supposed to be

working together as a team for one of our science projects hearsay and another

time when I got bullied was basically with the same group of people of these

girls was when they put my head in the toilet and stuff after PE and that after

one of the girls were getting so nasty during PE thinking that I couldn't do

any sports because of you know the way I dressed in a way and the way I looked like at that

time so to speak. I must admit after this story took three

or four stories that I've shared briefly about it,

I may have been labeled as a bully but then again I might have given my right

to be that bully just to stand up for myself because I don't tolerate people

bullying me or disrespecting me as you know basically or many people may know

me now that I'm trying to stand on my own two feet and actually say enough is enough I

do not wish to tolerate it anymore. Okay number six is Whether being bullied or

you bullied someone how did it make you feel? How did it make me feel was a whole

mix of emotions basically just to be honest. I was emotional. I was

full of anger, full of self hate on myself basically if I was at fault for

some of the ones that I actually self- defended myself you know I told myself

time and time again with that self-negativity that I should have maybe

done something of the opposites scale from that bullying maybe turning it out to a

positive you know and actually looking into basically thinking hmmm what can I

do better? Okay-number seven: how do you deal with

bullying? any form of advice! Well okay as you know basically like again as I said

you all go through stages in life no matter how young or old you are you'll

get bullied.My advice is if you can depending on where you are, ignore them

is maybe the first step if you can- if not try to see it from their perspective

why they are bullying you because of some bullies I noticed in the past that they're

insecure of themselves and they tend to just basically, knockdown ourselves seeing us

happy or whatever we've got so they may not have got what we've got maybe a

loving home or whatever because I realized in my time when I've been

bullied basically that some of the bullies- kids come from an insecure home

broken down marriages and the parents may be a drug, a drug addictions with the

you know alcohol addictions and it's an unsafe environment so they're trying to

create in another unsafe environment. if you're in school if there's any young

ones out there maybe teens or whoever are watching find someone who you could

trust to talk about it basically because you know it's never

right to actually deal with this on your own with the bullying and you would see things up

you ever think it's your fault when you're handing the bullying as well because

that's what I've learned because obviously it is something going on in

their life and regardless what it would be that you know just gonna accept

okay he or she is bullying me for whatever reason you know and also last

but not least is what I've learned now is if you were angry towards that

bully learn to maybe forgive them and move on from it and just maybe write a

letter to them or something you know of a little forgiveness to them do

such-and-such you know I know you may be having a hard time you know or just

trying to be their confidant and actually remain calm with them and actually maybe

talk it out with the bully you know you never know they might be able to calm

down and actually talk to you sort of thing see if you can just be the

reasoning behind it by just being there you know support person even if you

don't want to be friends with that bully here say. Okay last but not least in this

section of the strength in numbers tag is all about inner beauty.

Number eight- do nicer people look better to you? Again this goes back to

what I said before about my storytime or what have you about a

group of people that looks good and stuff. I believe that sometimes some

people that looks better basically and sound nicer doesn't always guarantee

to work because you know everybody is different as we know people change in

the way of things be it in how they dress, speak, think and act

as we transition through life of what we go through in our life too can

actually affect us in a way of our mental, spiritual and physical well-being

and that in saying this basically, I believe that in saying that to me people that

are nicer doesn't always come back the outer appearance as well though it'a

what maybe is made of them inside here but then like I said we need to

question to why some people are nasty to us. Number nine- does makeup ever make you

feel prettier? To me, as you know I'm more again in the flesh with no makeup on,

some days I do feel prettier than others because this just goes back to the

self-confidence thing like some days I might feel I want to wear makeup

some days I may not so therefore basically sometimes makeup

I don't mean to be rude about it it can be okay for some girls that don't want

to cover up certain scarring and that but to me

no, we are all beautiful in our own unique skin. We should be able to be proud of

our scars and that and this is a form of us and I want to give you guys some advice right now if

now if any of yous have got scars- don't hide them - if you want to be proud and show

them out and what not it's up to you though. Number ten is- what do you think

of or about the expression of beauty comes from the inside? I believe this is

a true statement because obviously beauty does come from the inside because

everything is guaranteed in life not going to last of the materialistic

things that we like be it our cellphones, be it our technological devices

of a PC or our car or whatever because obviously beauty comes from the

inside to me of this expression on how I feel about it is basically you know at

the end the day it's what the inside matters and it will last longer no

matter how old we are and that basically it's us as an individual how we see

ourselves and whatever else that comes with it. So, this quickly ends hopefully

a real quick short video of another tag video, I hope you like this of the

strength in numbers tag, smash the like as I said before feel free to follow me on

doing this tag if you want to tag some of you guys anyone of you that are

watching that are interested in doing this feel free to do so and tag @aspie

answers and your video link either via through YouTube or Instagram wherever

you're posting videos so then I can ever look at it maybe support you guys and

hopefully we can support one another and uplift each other because I'm all

about it. So, I want to question to you guys too about some of these okay - what is

your advice about people being confident today basically, how do you feel about

yourself being confident if you are confident, what were you like before you

weren't confident so on and so forth and um another one would-be bully in the

bullying section is you know if you want to share your story about being

bullied- how did you overcome it you know why do you think you were bullied and

how do you deal with bullying as a form of it and to sum it up in the last but not

least for another question to throw at yas to open this discussion board is basically

the last question what I shared what do you think of or about the comment

section about beauty comes from the inside? So, in all further ado guys, thanks

for your support. Thanks for watching do what you love love. Until next time Aspie

signing out and I'll see you all again soon END>.

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