Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Reduce a PDF's File Size Using

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Hello everybody and welcome to our Aerbook tutorial on how to reduce the file size of

a PDF using Aerbook can handle any size PDF, but to ensure a time-efficient

and successful upload into our system the optimal PDF should be under 30mb.

On a Mac, if we secondary click the file and choose Get Info. We can see the file size

is over 50MB, and we really want to downsize it to a smaller file size.

In order to resize the PDF document, open Safari and go to

This will bring us to a handy, free site that will take any size PDF and fit it into a smaller

file size by reducing the pixels per square inch. All we'll need to do is drag the large

file into the browser and let the website do the work. Once the file is compressed,

all there is to do is to download the file.

The downsized PDF will now be available to upload into the Aerbook system.

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